Angel Grove Youth Center Gym And Juice Bar

Angel Grove Youth Center Gym and Juice Bar is where a lot of the teenagers of Angel Grove like to hang out.  The Youth Center provided a place for teens to work out.  A karate class is offered at the Youth Center, taught by Jason.  There is also an area to sit at tables, or at the counter, and have a smoothie.  Ernie is the owner of the Youth Center.

The Youth Center has exercise equipment, a punching bag, and a climbing rope.  There is a hall just outside the main area, where the lockers are located.

At the Youth Center, Jason was attempting to break the bench pressing record, which had been set by Bulk.  The Youth Center had several weight sets for the kids to work out on.  Jason failed at his first and second attempt.  Later, Jason would try again and beat the record, which gave Angel Grove High a new champion.

The Youth Center also had an aerobics/dance class that was taught by Kimberly.  The class was attend by lots of young girls, including a deaf girl named Melissa.  Billy also attended the class in hopes that he could learn how to dance.

The Youth Center was the site where the Cultural Food Festival was held.  The festival was to raise money for new playground equipment for Angel Grove's daycare/preschool centers.  Several booths were set up.  There were booths for food from different countries, including Asian, American, and Italian.  Hawaiian dancers entertained the people.  The place was trashed when a food fight broke out and made even worse when Pudgy Pig entered to devour the food.  Later, the Rangers would destroy Pudgy Pig.  In the end, enough money was made for the new playground equipment.

The Youth Center also had shower area for the teens.  Several teenage boys came running out of the shower room when the hot water was turned off by Maria.  The boys had towels wrapped around their waists and some even still had shampoo in their hair.  Everyone at the Youth Center laughed at the boys.  Ernie had also placed a small TV on the counter so patrons could watch the news cast.  The patrons heard of the Power Rangers destroying another of Rita's monsters and the rescue of Maria.  Besides shakes and large ice cream dishes, Ernie also served chili at the Youth Center.

The Youth Center hosted Angel Grove's Junior Science Fair.  There were several tables set up with various science fair exhibits.  Several of the inventions were quite impressive.  One entry was a gadget that made items vanish.  Skull yanked the gadget away from the young boy.  Bulk instructed Skull to spray something.  Skull spray Bulk's pants, which made them vanished.  Bulk was furious to be standing in his underwear.  Billy and Willy, another of the entrants, walked up to Bulk.  Billy asked Bulk why he was here - after all an IQ was required.  Bulk formed a fist and told Billy it was all the IQ he needed.  Skull repeated the gesture.  Jason and Zack walked up.  Jason told Bulk all he needed was a club, he would make a perfect caveman.  A fight broke out between Jason and Bulk and Zack and Skull.  Bulk and Skull ended up being tossed into another invention - the fashion machine.  After several minutes, the doors open to reveal Bulk & Skull dressed in girls' clothing.  Everyone laughed as Bulk & Skull made a hasty exit.  Unfortunately a judge thought all the chaos was Willy's fault and disqualified him.  Willy left the science fair upset.  Later, after Willy was rescued from Eye Guy, Willy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy returned to the Youth Center.  The judge and Ernie were playing with Willy's invention.  A holo game that made you feel as if you were on a roller coaster.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Willy, and Jason walked over.  The judge apologized to Willy and awarded him first prize in the science fair.

Trini had a dream in which Rita wanted to steal her doll, Mr. Ticklesneezer.  Squatt teleported to Trini's bedroom with a device. The device made Mr. Ticklesneezer life size and come to life as well.  Squatt and Mr. Ticklesneezer teleported to the Moon Palace.  The following morning, Trini became alarmed when she couldn't find Mr. Ticklesneezer.  She enlisted Billy's help in searching for Mr. Ticklesneezer.  Trini parked her car outside the Youth Center.  Trini and Billy searched the Youth Center, but could not find the doll.  They left in Trini's car to retrace Trini's steps at Angel Grove High School.  Also in the dream, Zack and Jason were sparring.  Kimberly watched them holding a stack of boards.  After the sparring, Jason broke a few boards.  Bulk & Skull were watching from the counter.  Bulk told Skull that anyone wimp could do what Jason had done.  Skull agreed.  Ernie placed a chocolate cake onto the display and walked away.  Bulk demonstrated his skill by breaking the cake and in the process hurt his hand on the display stand.  This was the conclusion of the Youth Center being in Trini's dream.

It was night and the Youth Center was closed, but there was a lot of activity inside.  Ernie went to check on the cake-o-matic that Billy had invented and brought over.  Kimberly and Trini sat at a table together.  Trini was working on a banner and Kimberly was blowing up balloons.  Billy had a headset on and was listening to the music.  Ernie was trying to get Billy's attention, but Billy didn't hear him.  Kimberly and Trini yelled at Billy, but still Billy didn't hear.  Kimberly walked up to Billy and flipped off the headphones.  Kimberly was glad that Billy was enjoying the group, but Ernie needed his help.  Ernie had opened the door to the cake-o-matic and cake batter poured out.  Ernie had slid down to the floor, covered in cake batter.  Billy had ran over and tried to fix the machine.  Billy kneel down and told Ernie he guess he still had a few glitches to work on.  Ernie replied that he hated machines as more cake batter poured on him.  Ernie left to clean himself off and then returned.  Billy worked on the cake-o-matic.  Kimberly commented on Trini's banner and Trini joking told Kimberly to get back to work.  Kimberly hopped onto the counter.  Billy couldn't figure out what was wrong with the cake-o-matic.  Jason walked in and asked them what was going on.  Ernie told Jason that the cake-o-matic went on the war path.  He thought he was going to be buried in cake batter.  Jason thanked Ernie for letting them stay after hours to set up the party.  Ernie was very happy to help out with Zack's surprise birthday party.  Ernie told Jason and Billy he had heard another surprise as well - about the Power Rangers.  Billy and Jason pretended that it took them a few minutes to realize who Ernie was talking about.  Ernie told them he had heard the Power Rangers were just like them.  Jason told Ernie that he had heard differently - that the Power Rangers were space aliens.  Ernie was blown away.  Jason asked him to keep it under his hat.  They didn't want to alarm anyone.  Still blown away by the idea that the Power Rangers were aliens, Ernie walked away.  A few moments later, Bulk walked in, dragging Skull along.  Bulk quickly piece together that they were planning a party.  Billy walked up to Bulk and told him the place was close.  Bulk pick up Billy and placed him on the counter, telling him the place was closed to nerds like him.  Skull had walked over to where Trini stood and grabbed her banner.  Skull pointed out the banner to Bulk and Bulk walked over.  Kimberly told them they would have invited them, but no animals were allowed.  Bulk took the banner and blew his nose in it.  Trini was outrage.  She had worked long time on the banner.  Skull was willing to make it up to Trini, by going out on a date.  Skull was walking backwards, dragging Trini along.  Skull tripped and fell.  Kimberly laughed.  Bulk walked over to Kimberly, took her balloon, and let the air out into her face.  Jason told Bulk that someone should let the air out of him.  Bulk furiously charged at Jason.  Jason walked away and Bulk bumped into the pole and fell into a box of balloons.  Skull got up and went to charge and bump into a pole as well.  Skull was very dizzy and Billy laughed.  Skull went charging after Billy.  Billy opened the door to the cake-o-matic and Skull landed inside it.  Kimberly told Trini that she hated party crashers, as Skull wiped the cake batter from his face.  The following day, the place was packed and decoration for Zack's birthday party.  Zack was thrilled at the surprise and the party was a great success.

It was a Saturday and the Youth Center was busy.  Trini and Kimberly were working on their handstands.  Jason was working out with weights.  Billy and Zack were there as well.  Bulk & Skull walked in.  Skull was dressed up in a nice dress jacket, vest, and bow tie.  Skull was even carrying black flowers.  Bulk & Skull walked over to Kimberly and Trini.  Skull grabbed Kimberly and asked her if she was ready to tear up the town.  Kimberly pulled away.  Skull was confused as he thought they had a date.  (They did, but Kimberly was under the influence of Baboo's punk potion.  Once she swallowed the anti-dote, she had no memory of what she did when she was a punk.)  Bulk used some mouth spray and suggested a double date.  Billy walked up and told them Trini and Kimberly did not date Neanderthals.   Bulk told him he wasn't so tough now - Billy had also been under the influence of Baboo's punk potion and had threaten Bulk.  The challenge became a volleyball game.  The Youth Center had a net set up for a volleyball game.  Bulk & Skull went on one side, while Billy and Zack went on the other.  The game began.  It didn't take soon for Bulk & Skull to get tangle up in the nets and fall to the floor.  Bulk stated he hated volleyball, which Skull repeated.  Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly laughed.

The Youth Center was busy.  Several teens were decorating the place for the dance later.  A band was setting up their instruments.  Kimberly was working on her gymnastics.  Jason was helping Trini with her kick.  Billy and Zack came in carrying a banner for the dance.  A few moments later, Skull walked in and shoved a few teens out of the way.  Skull announced Bulk's arrival.  Bulk came in on a skateboard.  Bulk ran into the banner Zack and Billy were carrying.  The banner covered Bulk's eyes as he continued on the skateboard.  Trini was unaware of the commotion and accidentally kicked Bulk.  Trini called out a sorry as Bulk continued on the skateboard, this time towards Kimberly.  Kimberly jumped out of the way and yelled at Bulk to watch it.  Bulk yelled back that he goes where he wants to.  Ernie was walking with a cake.  Bulk was headed straight towards him and unable to stop.  Bulk crashed into Ernie and landed, face first, into the cake and on Ernie.  Skull asked Bulk if he was sure this was where he wanted to go.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason laughed.  Ernie was not happy.  Ernie told Bulk & Skull if they had to follow the rules and had to reimburse him for the cake.  Until then, Bulk & Skull were not allowed in.  Ernie escorted them out.  Zack laughed and commented those two never learn.  Zack offered to teach Billy some dance lessons, but Billy decline.  Billy wasn't interested in dancing to attract female attention.  Jason asked Billy who he was taking to the dance.  Billy wasn't going, preferring to work on his weather device.  As Billy was leaving he bumped into Marge.  There was an instant attraction between the two.  Marge's necklace had fallen off and they bump heads trying to retrieve it.  Billy picked up the necklace and placed it back around Marge's neck.  Kimberly, Trini, Jason, and Zack were watching the exchange.  Jason asked Zack if Billy really needed lessons from him on meeting girls.  Zack replied, good naturally, that it looked like a match made in heaven.  They all chuckle.  Instead of leaving, Billy stayed and sat at a table with Marge.  Trini, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly stood close by at the counter with Ernie.  They watched Billy and Marge with much amusement.  Marge told Billy that she never went anywhere without the necklace.  Marge's mother had gotten it for her after she had graduated from the accelerated baby genius program.  Billy was thrilled as he revealed he had graduated from the same program.  Billy noticed his friends watching and they quickly averted their faces.  Marge asked Billy if he was going to the dance.  Billy replied not at this precise moment.  Billy then asked Marge if she was going to the dance.  Marge replied not yet.  They both were smiling at each other when Trini called Billy's name.  Jason pointed to his communicator and said it was an emergency.  Billy walked over.  Jason asked Billy if he was going to Marge to the dance.  Billy was outrage that was what the emergency was.  Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly all encourage Billy to ask Marge out.  But Billy couldn't.  Marge got up, it was time for her to go.  Marge then asked Billy if he would escort her to the dance.  Billy told her yes.  Billy then suggested they meet a little earlier to get to know each other better.  Billy suggested the lake at the park at four o'clock - they could discuss his weather device.  Marge thought it was a capital idea and a perfect place to discuss the weather.  That evening the dance was a huge success.  Zack did some solo dancing as the crowd clapped along.  Bulk & Skull were there as well, in disguises.  Billy and Marge sat at a table, where Billy told Marge that he was worried about Marge.  Marge thought it was sweet and was relieved the Rangers had showed up.  Marge told Billy how much she liked the Blue Ranger and how gallant he was.  Blue was also Marge's favorite color.  Billy returned Marge's necklace (it was dropped earlier at the park) and Marge gave Billy a kiss on the cheek.  Ernie walked up to Bulk & Skull, he wasn't fooled by their disguises.  Ernie insisted they pay for the cake or leave.  Bulk told out money from his bank, which was inside his sock.  The smell from the sock made Ernie feel woozy and he fell into the cake.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Marge, Kimberly, and Trini hurried over to make sure he was okay.  Jason joked that it wasn't time for cake, they still had to serve the sandwiches.  Ernie decided he needed to work up an appetite first and started dancing on the dance floor.  Ernie was followed onto the dance floor by Kimberly, Trini, Marge, Billy, Jason, and Zack.

Another regular of the Youth Center is Angela.  Zack is very smitten with Angela, but she doesn't feel the same way.  The place was packed when Bulk & Skull entered.  Zack and Jason had been sitting at the counter and Angela was at the counter as well.  Zack accidentally bumps into Angela.  Angela had been carrying a tray of smoothies and the tray goes flying.  The smoothies land on Bulk & Skull.  The place erupts in laughter.

The Youth Center was busy with several teens gathered around the counter and tables.  Jason was also leading a karate class. Bulk was playing a video game as Skull wiped his forehead.  Trini had been following along with Jason's karate class, but she walked away.  Trini walks over to where Billy is sitting at the counter.  Billy has been watching the class and wishes that he had Jason's moves.  Ernie overhears this comment about moves and asks Billy if he would move the containers to the recycling bin.  Billy tells him yes and gathers up the empty containers.  Bulk has finished his game and is out of quarters.  Bulk spots Billy walking over.  Billy is putting the containers in the recycling bin when Bulk & Skull walk up and stand on either side of Billy.  Bulk demands money.  Billy tells them he doesn't have any to spare.  Bulk & Skull pick him up and turn him upside down.  Bulk & Skull shake Billy and several coins fall out.  Bulk & Skull then place Billy in the recycling bin.  Trini walks over as Bulk & Skull reach for the coins.  Bulk & Skull bump their heads, become dizzy, and stagger away.  Trini picks up the coins and then helps Billy out of the bin.  Billy is tired of being picked on.  Trini tries to cheer him up by telling him her Uncle Howard, the famous scientist is coming for a visit.  But this does not cheer up Billy.  Billy walks towards Jason's class and decides he is going to rejoins Jason's karate class.  A few moments later, Trini's uncle, Uncle Howard, walks into the Youth Center.  Uncle Howard has just invented an invisibility formula and it is in the glass jar he is carrying.  Uncle Howard places his jar on the counter and puts on his glasses, trying to find Trini.  Jason finishes up his karate class, which includes Billy.  The class is dismissed.  Trini and Kimberly race up to Billy and tell him what a great job he did.  Jason and Zack joins them.  Trini is very excited for her friends to meet her uncle - he had just invented a secret formula.  Jason asks Trini isn't he also a world famous martial artist?  Kimberly is surprised Jason knows this.  Jason tells her the guy is a living legend.  Billy finds some inspiration - a karate scientist.  Trini thinks her uncle would be a perfect tutor for Billy.  Ernie finds the jar on the counter.  Ernie has no idea what it is, but polishes it up.  Trini spots her uncle at the same time as he spots her.  Trini runs up and gives her uncle a big hug.  Trini tells her uncle these are her friends.  Trini goes and pulls Billy up and introduces Billy to Uncle Howard.  Uncle Howard tells Billy with karate training, he can sharpen his body and his mind.  Billy thinks this is great.  Uncle Howard tells him he has a few other things he would like to teach him.  Uncle Howard walks up to Billy and leads him out of the Youth Center.  Jason tells Trini, Zack, and Kimberly that he thinks Billy is in good hands.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason remain at the Youth Center.  Jason and Trini are practicing their karate moves, as Kimberly and Zack sit close by.  Billy races in.  Billy tells them the Putties have captured Uncle Howard.  Billy couldn't stop them.  Trini doesn't know what the Putties would want with her uncle, he is a harmless old man.  Ernie delivers a group of black balloons to Trini.  The balloons pop suddenly and there is a note on the floor.  Kimberly picks up the note.  It is from Dark Warrior.  Dark Warrior wants them to deliver the formula in the park or Uncle Howard will be destroyed.  Zack concludes Dark Warrior is one of Rita's monsters.  Trini tells her friends she doesn't have the secret formula.  Knowing her uncle, he probably forgot where he put it.  Jason tells Trini not to worry, they will find her uncle.  Jason tells them they need to teleport to the Command Center.  The teens hurry out of the Youth Center.  Ernie is at the counter and he is still trying to figure out what the jar is for.   The teens rescued Uncle Howard.  The Rangers destroyed Dark Warrior with the Megazord's Power Sword.  Later that day, Uncle Howard is sitting at the counter at the Youth Center.  Uncle Howard is still trying to figure out what happen to his formula.  Billy is taking his yellow belt test.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and the karate class watch.  Billy does really well and passes the test.  Kimberly, Trini, and Zack run up to Billy, very happy for him.  Jason tells Billy he earned it.  Billy remarks that he just had to prove to himself that he could do it.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini start to walk away.  Bulk & Skull yank Billy away from his friends and start giving him a hard time.  Zack wants to step in and help, but Jason stops him.  Jason tells Zack Billy's okay.  Ernie places the formula onto the counter where Uncle Howard finds it.  Uncle Howard takes the formula and walks up to Trini, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly.  Trini is very happy to see him.  Uncle Howard sees Bulk & Skull hassling Billy and remarks those bad boys need to be taught a lesson.  Uncle Howard drinks some of his formula and passes the jar to Trini.  Uncle Howard then vanishes.  Trini, Jason, and Zack look around for him.  Bulk & Skull are stunned when they are suddenly knocked around by an unseen force.  Kimberly turns her friends around so they can see.  Bulk & Skull get knocked to the ground.  Billy leans over and tells them to remember to keep your mental energy tightly centered, like the nucleus of an atom.  Frighten, Bulk & Skull get up and run away.  Uncle Howard reappears next to Billy.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason run over to Billy and Uncle Howard.  Kimberly tells Uncle Howard that was great.  They all laugh together.

Another of the Youth Center's dishes is the Spaghetti/Meatball sandwich made in a large sub sandwich.  Bulk really enjoys them.  Bulk & Skull had their brains switched.  After school, they ate at the Youth Center.  None of the customers or Ernie noticed the difference in Bulk & Skull.  Later, they would be switch back to normal.

The Youth Center was hosting  the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo.  There were several accomplished competitors.  Ernie stood on the sidelines and watched all the exhibits.  A judge's table was set and an announcer stood in the middle of the mats and surprised the competition and announced the points.  Jason was up against a new kid, Tommy.  Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy watched from the sidelines.  The karate competition between Jason and Tommy was close as each one gave it their all.  In the end, there was a tie and no winner.  Jason told Tommy it was a good match, he kept him coming.  Tommy replied same here.  Jason went over and joined his friends.  Jason was bummed about not winning.  Trini told him in karate, it is the integrity of the battle that matters.  Jason told his friends he was going to hit the showers and would meet them at the Juice Bar.  They all started to walk away, except Kimberly who linger.   Trini noticed Kimberly wasn't with them and walked back.  Trini noticed that Kimberly was staring at Tommy.  Trini commented that he was gorgeous.  Kimberly agreed.  Trini suggested that maybe she would see him at school.  Kimberly agreed and left with Trini.

Jason and Zack are at the Youth Center.  Zack is holding the punching bag as Jason pounds on it.  Jason is very angry.  Jason stops for a moment.  Jason wishes he knew who the Green guy was.  Jason can't get him off his mind.  Jason takes another swing at the punching bag.  Zack tells him to lighten up.  Jason stops and tires to figure out who the Green guy is.  Jason points out that he wears a costume like ours, but Zordon had never mention anything about a Green Ranger.  A person walks by and Jason and Zack lower their voices.  Zack asks Jason if he thinks Green Ranger is the one who totaled the Command Center?  Jason thinks it's too much of a coincidence.  Green Ranger shows up and Zordon is suddenly missing.  Zack suggests that maybe Green Ranger is working for Rita.  Jason thinks its possible.  Jason tells Zack all he knows for sure, is he would like to get his hands on Green Ranger.

Kimberly is standing at the counter of the Youth Center, asking Ernie if he had seen Jason.  Ernie tells Kimberly he hasn't seen Jason for awhile.  Ernie asks Kimberly if she thinks Jason is in trouble or something?  Kimberly doesn't know.  Bulk & Skull enter and walk up to the counter.  Bulk & Skull are standing on either side of Kimberly.  They had overheard Kimberly's conversation with Ernie and offer to help.  Skull adds that missing persons are their specialty.  Kimberly replies thanks, but no thanks.  Bulk tells her they work cheap.  Ernie pipes in and asks what is cheap?  Skull replies they take payment in kisses and blows a kiss toward Kimberly.  Ernie is repulse by the idea.  Kimberly surprises them by agreeing.  Kimberly instructs Skull to close his eyes, which Skull does.  Ernie tells Kimberly not to do it, but Kimberly knows what she is doing.  Skull leans in for a kiss just as Kimberly steps back.  Bulk is laughing and unaware that Skull is heading straight for him.  Skull gives Bulk a kiss on the cheek.  Bulk is no longer amuse.  Skull opens his eyes and is horrified that he just gave Bulk a kiss.  Bulk wipes his cheek off as Skull wipes his lips off.  They are both disgusted.  Bulk chases Skull out of the Youth Center.  Kimberly asks Ernie if he sees Jason, to tell him that they are looking for him.  Ernie is more than happy to do so.  Kimberly is walking backwards, heading towards the door, when she bumps into someone, who happens to be Tommy.  Tommy gives her a look and starts to head out, but Kimberly calls him back.  Kimberly asks Tommy if he had seen Jason around?  Tommy tells her that he waited for him after school, but he never showed.  Kimberly thinks that is weird and tells Tommy that is not like Jason.  Being very sarcastic, Tommy guesses that Kimberly is worried about Jason - after all, it is what you do best.  Kimberly looks at Tommy like she doesn't understand where all this hate is coming from.  Tommy turns away, just as Zack enters.  Zack tells him hi, but Tommy only looks at him with contempt and then leaves.  Zack asks Kimberly what's with him?  Kimberly only wishes she knew.  Kimberly asks Zack if he has found out anything?  Zack has checked all over the place, no one has seen Jason.  Kimberly tells Zack that Tommy told her, Jason was suppose to meet him after school, but he never showed.  Zack tells Kimberly that's bogus, he knows Jason was there.  Kimberly asks Zack to talk to Tommy.  Kimberly doesn't want Tommy to think she is making this all up, so she has something to say to him.  Zack and Kimberly head out.  

Giant Goldar is attacking Angel Grove.  The attack can be felt at the Youth Center as the building starts to shake.  Ernie instructs his patrons to calm down and get out of the building before it collapses.  Ernie and his customers quickly leave the building.  Several pieces of the building fall onto the counter and floor.  The Youth Center also has a bus.  Bulk & Skull jump into the bus in an attempt to get away from Goldar.  Unfortunately Goldar grabbed the bus.  Rita instructed Goldar to take the bus to the beach.  The bus was placed on an cliff, where Squatt, Baboo, and several Putties tried to push the bus over.  Rita and Scorpina stood close by and watch.  The Power Rangers arrived.  The zords arrived and the Megazord was formed.  The bus was pushed over, but the Megazord caught it and placed it safely down.

The Youth Center survived the attack and remained in good condition.  Soon the place was packed.  Ernie, Bulk & Skull, and several other patrons are watching the TV.  the TV shows giant Goldar's attack on the city.  Kimberly enters and walks up to the counter.  Ernie can't believe the attack is happening.  Kimberly agrees that it is terrible.  Ernie is grateful they have the Power Rangers.  Bulk tells Ernie he should be thanking them.  Bulk adds that they were the ones who helped the Power Ranger scare off that big, ugly, gold guy.  Kimberly, who knows better, replies right.  Skull tells them they are  the ones who should be on TV.  The thought of being on TV makes Bulk daydream for a moment.  Kimberly catches Bulk daydreaming and tells him to dream on.  Bulk is a little let down.  Kimberly asks Ernie if he has seen Tommy?  Ernie points out where Tommy is working out.  Kimberly tanks Ernie and walks over to Tommy.  Kimberly tries to talk to Tommy and he ignores her for a moment.  Kimberly whispers to him that she knows he is the Green Ranger.  Tommy finally acknowledges her.  His face is full of hate as he refers to her as the Pink Ranger.  Kimberly is surprised that he knows she is the Pink Ranger.  Tommy tells her that she should know that you and the rest of the Power Rangers will soon be destroyed.  Kimberly pleads with Tommy to let them help him.  We can break Rita's spell.  Tommy gets up from the exercise equipment.  He states that Rita is his empress.  She will soon rule the world.  Kimberly tries once more to convince Tommy to let them help him.  Tommy yanks away from her touch and tells her that she has been warned.  His eyes flash green and he storms away.  Kimberly stares after him, feeling at a loss at not being able to help him.  Later, Red Ranger destroyed the Sword of Darkness and broke the spell.  Tommy joined them in their battle against Rita.

Tommy is working out with his bo staff.  A couple of girls are watching Tommy.  The place is busy with several people working out.  Ernie walks over to the girls and hands them a couple of towels.  Ernie is impressed with Tommy's workout and talks to the girls about it before leaving.  Tommy finish his workout and places the bot staff against a wall.  Tommy is drying off when he hears his communicator in his gym bag, go off.  Tommy reaches in and grabs his communicator.  he takes a cautious look around and then walks over to a small room of lockers.  Red Ranger's voice comes over the communicator and he tells Tommy they need his help.  Tommy tells Jason he will be right there and morphs.  Later, Green Ranger and Red Ranger destroy Shellshock.

Kimberly and Tommy enter the Youth Center with their arms full of supplies.  The place is empty except for Ernie.  Ernie walks over to them.  Ernie tells them he has to step out for about an hour and pick up some supplies.  But you can work on your float while I'm gone.  Kimberly thanks Ernie.  Ernie walks out as Kimberly and Tommy walk over to Kimberly's model of her float.  Kimberly still can't believe that a float she designed is going to be in the big parade.  Tommy tells her it deserves to be, it's awesome.  Kimberly thinks it is so cool to be a part of a parade that promotes world peace.  Bulk & Skull stand in the doorway.  Kimberly asks them what are they doing here?  Bulk & Skull walk over as Bulk has spotted the float.  Bulk notes it's a cute, little model float.  Skull mimics Bulk's words in a baby voice.  Bulk gives him a look and Skull shuts up.  Bulk puts his head into the flowers as he takes a sniff.  Tommy tells him to back off.  Bulk's allergies kick in.  Bulk goes over to Skull and sneezes into Skull's bandana, which Kimberly finds gross.  Bulk drags Skull out of the Youth Center.  Kimberly and Tommy laugh at the two.  Soon after, Kimberly and Tommy go back to working on the model.  Kimberly and Tommy are putting the finishing touches on the model float.  Tommy thinks the flowers Kimberly is working on are cool.  Kimberly tells him the best part is they are going to recycle all the flowers from the parade this year.  Tommy asks her how do they do that?  Kimberly replies that it's very simple.  They collect them all and turn them into potpourri.  Suddenly, several Putties arrives.  Kimberly is working so hard, she doesn't notice them, but Tommy does.  Tommy gets Kimberly's attention by telling her there's trouble.  Kimberly turns around and is very frighten to see the Putties.  A Putty grabs her arm and Kimberly tries to yank herself free.  Kimberly frees herself.  Kimberly and Tommy battle the Putties, except for one.  One Putty is wrecking the model float.  After a few minutes, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack enter the Youth Center.  They immediately see the Putties and leap into the battle.  As the six teens battle the Putties, the Putties suddenly vanish.  Jason shouts out don't come back clay brains!  Kimberly is sitting on the floor, among the wreckage of her float model.  She is in tears.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Tommy, and Trini walk over to her.  Kimberly looks up and tells them look at my model.  They all feel really bad for her.  Zack kneels down and softy remarks they really demolished it.  Kimberly tells them without the model, they can't build the full size float.  Trini sits down next to Kimberly.  Kimberly tells them now it won't be able to be in the parade.  Tommy sits on the other side of Kimberly.  Trini tries to cheer up Kimberly by telling her there will be other parades you can design floats for.  Kimberly replies that Rita will probably wreck them too.  Billy suggests they simply reconstruct it.  Kimberly tells them all that time and effort for nothing.  Tommy tells her they can help her build a new one.  Kimberly tells them there is no way they can get more flowers in time.  The model is due today.  Kimberly gets up and walks away from her friends to sit at the counter.  Jason comments that Rita is a real witch.  Zack, Trini, Jason, Tommy, and Billy are cleaning up the mess.  As they are cleaning, Trini suggests taking Kimberly out to lunch to cheer her up.  Billy thinks it's a good idea.  Zack thinks what happen to Kimberly's model float is a real bummer.  Jason adds Kimberly really had her heart set on having a float in the parade.  Trini wishes there was something they could do.  Tommy's got an idea, but we'll deal with it later.  Tommy tells them he's got to go.  Tommy takes the full trash bag over to the counter, where Kimberly is sitting.  Tommy asks her if she is going to be okay?  Kimberly tells him she will be fine.  Tommy tells her the guys want to take her to lunch, but I got to go and take care of something.  Tommy asks her if she wants him to drop off the stuff at her house.  Kimberly glances down at the trash bag and then looks at Tommy.  Kimberly adamantly tells him no, just toss it.  I don't need it around to remind me of the parade.  Tommy tells her he will catch her later and walks out.  Jason tells Trini, Zack, and Billy they will show Rita that it's not that easy to defeat the Power Rangers.  Just then Jason's communicator goes off.  Zordon tells them I need you in the Command Center immediately.  Jason looks over to where Kimberly is sitting and tells her Zordon needs us in the Command Center, right away.  Kimberly gets up and joins her friends.  Jason tells his friends to prepare to teleport and the five teens teleport away.  Later the Power Rangers will battle Spit Flower and destroy it.  The following day, the place is packed.  Ernie is behind the counter working.  Billy, Trini, Jason, Zack, and Tommy are sitting at the counter.  The TV is on and it is showing the parade.  Kimberly walks in and walks over to her friends.  She is not happy to see the parade on the TV and tells her friends she told them she didn't want to watch the parade.  Tommy tells her she has to.  The TV then shows Kimberly's float in the parade as the announcer comments on Kimberly's float.  Kimberly is very surprised and thrilled and asks her friends how?  Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack point to Tommy.  Kimberly gives Tommy a hug and thanks him.  Tommy is very happy to get a hug.  Just then Bulk & Skull walk in.  Skull asks if he can get a hug as well.  Bulk & Skull are covered in various bandages.  Jason, Zack, and Tommy get up.  Zack starts to perform a magic trick.  He pulls out a bouquet of flowers.  Spotting the flowers, Bulk & Skull back away and then run out of the Youth Center.  Everyone laughs.

The Youth Center is packed as several teens are decorating the place for an upcoming costume party.  Ernie walks in and tells the teens to get a move on, there is a lot of work to do to get ready for the costume party.  Bulk & Skull are there and when they hear the word work, they decide it is time to leave.  Kimberly is standing on a ladder close by.  Kimberly tells them hello and comments on their nice "costumes".  Skull is flattered.  Kimberly tells them it looks like they put a lot of thought into it.  Ernie notices Bulk & Skull and tosses them garland to hang.  Bulk sarcastically tells Kimberly thanks a lot.  Kimberly gives an evil grin.  Angela is carrying a decoration and walks past Zack.  Zack notices her immediately and asks if he can be of assistance?  Zack follows Angela, paying no attention to the roll of crepe paper trailing behind him.  Jason has the other end of the crepe paper.  Jason chuckles and yells out to Zack.  Tommy walks up to Kimberly and asks her if she needs some help?  Kimberly tells him sure and steps down to get him a paint brush.  At the doorway, Skull is having troubles with the stapler.  He bangs it against his head as he calls it stupid.  Bulk is tugging on the garland and it won't move.  Bulk wonders what is wrong with it and gives the garland a harder tug.  The garland had been caught around a chair and the tug knocks the chairs against it each other, which hits a broom, which hits a bucket of white paint.  The bucket of paint goes flying through the air and lands on top of Bulk's head.  Skull laughs as Bulk removes the bucket from his head.  Skull tells Bulk he looks like a ghost.  Billy, Trini, Tommy, and Kimberly had gathered together and Trini tells them that is a scary thought.  Seeing that Bulk is not amused, Skull goes back to work.  Later, the Youth Center is packed with teens dancing and enjoying the costume party.  Jason, Zack, and Angela are by the refreshment table.  Zack does some "Egyptian" dance moves to impress Angela.  Zack asks Angela to dance.  Angela replies go back to your tomb, Tut and walks away.  Jason walks over to Zack.  Zack can't believe it - not even a king is good enough for that girl!  Jason chuckles.  Bulk & Skull arrive at the party.  They are dressed like themselves.  Skull tells Bulk great idea to come to the party dressed as punks.  Ernie is behind a table that is set up for music.  Ernie is dressed like Count Dracula and tells Trini and Kimberly he wants to suck their blood.  Kimberly replies I'll take a pass, Ernie.  Ernie is surprised that they knew it was him.  Alpha 5 enters the Youth Center.  Trini spots him immediately and points him out to Kimberly, who is stunned.  Billy has spotted Alpha 5 as well and quickly walks over to him.  Billy asks him what is he doing here?  Alpha 5 wanted to party with them and figured this would be the perfect opportunity.  Frankenstein arrives at the party.  Ernie is impressed with the "Frankenstein" costume.  Three girls surround Alpha 5, telling him he is so cute.  Alpha 5 is delighted with all the attention.  Jason and Zack are watching the scene.  Zack thinks it's not fair, Alpha 5 comes to the party and the girls are all over him.  Billy walks over to Jason and Zack.  Jason notices Frankenstein and asks who is that?  Zack doesn't know, but thinks he is going to ace the costume party for sure.  Billy tells them he will have to search for more clues, but could that Frankenstein monster be Tommy?  Billy leaves to investigate.  Two guys walk up to Trini and Kimberly and ask them to dance.  The girls walk away with the guys just as Frankenstein approaches.  Frankenstein just misses them.  Bulk & Skull are enjoying the party, bopping to the tunes.  Frankenstein lumbers over to where Jason and Zack are standing.  Before Frankenstein can make his move, a girl, dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein walks up.  She grabs a hold of Frankenstein and tells him they are playing our song.  Bridge of Frankenstein drags Frankenstein to the dance floor and starts dancing.  Much to the amusement of Zack and Jason.  Bride of Frankenstein is unaware that Frankenstein's dance moves are really him trying to fight her.  A crowd has formed a circle around them.  Frankenstein tries to walk away, but Bride of Frankenstein yanks him back.  They dance for a little bit, but then Bride of Frankenstein accidentally steps on his feet.  Frankenstein becomes very angry, grabs her, and holds her up into the air.  Bride of Frankenstein starts screaming as Frankenstein tosses her into the crowd.  Bulk catches her.  Zack, Billy, and Trini are puzzled by Frankenstein's behavior.  Bulk tells Skull to get him.  Skull uses his dart gun and the dart lands in the middle of Frankenstein's forehead.  Frankenstein becomes more angry as he yanks the dart off.  Skull laughs.  Frankenstein angrily starts to walk over to Bulk & Skull.  The Bride of Frankenstein runs away.  Bulk tells Skull to give him that and tries to use the dart gun.  Frankenstein picks up Skull and holds him up in the air.  Skull tells him it's just a joke man.  After growling at him a little bit, Frankenstein tosses Skull aside.  Bulk catches him.  Skull tells him some people just can't take a joke.  Frankenstein tries to take a swipe at them, but Bulk & Skull duck out of the way.  Jason and Zack become concern as Bulk & Skull race out of the Youth Center and Frankenstein goes after them.  Billy follows the trio outside.  Bulk & Skull are screaming as they make it outside.    They pause for a moment on the sidewalk, see that Frankenstein is still after them and take off in opposite directions.    Frankenstein has no idea which way to go and lumbers away.  Billy leaves the Youth Center to follow Frankenstein.  Later the Youth Center's building starts to shake.  The teens panic, and Ernie tries to keep them calm as he tells them it's just a small tremor.  Billy races in and tells his friends there is trouble.  Kimberly thinks it's about the earthquake.  Billy tells them Frankenstein is one of Rita's monsters.  The teens leave. Later, the Power Rangers destroy Frankenstein.  After the battle, the costume party at the Youth Center is in full swing again.  Tommy enters, still not dressed in a costume.  Tommy tells them he has a few adjustments and takes off for the locker room.  "Frankenstein" goes over to Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack and they freak out.  "Frankenstein" removes part of his costume to reveal that it is Tommy.  The teens laugh and Kimberly tells him he looks great in gray.  Ernie is ready to announce the winner of the costume prize.  Ernie walks over to Alpha 5 and awards him the prize - whoever he is.

Jason and Tommy are at the Youth Center, training for the upcoming Team Ninja competition.  Instead of working together, Tommy and Jason keep trying to outdo each other.  As a result, they are not doing well with their training.  Billy and Zack are there, trying to help them train.  When Jason and Tommy start arguing with each other.  Zack calls a halt and points out they have a lot of work to do before the Team Ninja finals.  Billy adds that this computer training program will have them ready in no time, if they would learn how to cooperate.  Jason thanks them for managing them, but he is confident he's got a lock on this team ninja thing.  Jason then gives a demonstration.  Jason and Tommy train once more and soon they end up on their backs on the floor mats.  Zack walks over to two.  Zack tells them this is suppose to be a team competition.  Zack walks back over to Billy, hoping Tommy and Jason understand.  Jason and Tommy get up and start training once more.  In spite of themselves, they keep trying to upstage the other one.  Billy and Zack get very frustrated.  Trini and Kimberly walk in and join Zack and Billy.  Kimberly asks how's it going?  Billy replies they are having a little trouble developing their team work.  Once more, Jason and Tommy land on the floor mats.  Trini tells them they need to learn how to gung ho.  Jason and Tommy have no idea what Trini is talking about.  Trini tells them it's Chinese for working together.  You have to learn to work together if you want to win the Team Ninja finals.  Tommy and Jason don't listen as they get back up to train once more.  Jason and Tommy continue to train for the Team Ninja finals.  They soon end up arguing with each other.  Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Trini have been watching them.  Zack tells them to stop.  Billy adds they lasted 7.8 seconds that time.  Bulk & Skull enter the Youth Center.  Bulk is laughing.  Bulk tells them their boys need some work.  Skull adds a lot of work.  Zack replies don't worry about it Bulk.  Tommy and Jason are ready for the finals.  Bulk tells them they better be.  My ninjas are the best.  Two young men leap into the Youth Center, covered from head to toe in black ninja gear.  Skull laughs.  Trini comments that is some heavy competition.  Bulk states you are looking at the team who is going to win the ninja finals.  I only manage the best.  Gentlemen, time for your workout.  Skull repeats that it is time for their workout.  The ninjas walk over to the floor mat as Tommy and Jason leave.  The four guys stare each other down as they pass each other.  Bulk tells them to look at them, that is what losers look like.  The two ninjas begin their workout and they are very good.  Kimberly is impressed and tells her friends they look like pros to me.  Billy states they are extremely proficient as he glances at his stop watch.  Zack adds yeah, and they are good.  Jason claims he can take them on by himself.  Tommy states he can as well.  After awhile, Bulk has the ninjas stop and tells them now, a power kick.  The two ninjas take a flying leap towards the punching bag and kick it.  Bulk brags I told you they were super ninjas.  The punching bag swings back and knocks Bulk down.  Everyone in the Youth Center laughs.  Trini and Kimberly leave the Youth Center.  Later,   Jason is working out on the punching bag.  When Jason is finished he leans onto the punching bag.  Tommy tells him he blew that last combination.  Jason replies hey, I was tired, okay.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Tommy, Zack, and Billy gather around Jason.  It is Zordon.  Kimberly and Trini have been attacked by Putties in Angel Grove park.  Hurry!  Zack, Billy, Jason, and Tommy hurry out of the Youth Center.  The following day, the Ninja Team finals is held.  Jason and Tommy are up against Bulk's ninjas.  Tommy and Jason do very well against the ninjas, having learned their lesson about teamwork.  Jason and Tommy win the Ninja Team finals.

Kimberly dejectedly enters the Youth Center and walks up to the counter.  Ernie immediately notices something is wrong.  Ernie asks her what is with the long face?  This is not like you.  Kimberly explains that she feels bad about her grandmother's antique spinning wheel.  Ernie asks what happened?  Kimberly doesn't know - it's stuck or something.  Not only is this going to ruin the play, but I'll never be able to face my grandmother again.  Ernie comments that's a tough break.  Tommy walks up and asks Kimberly what is wrong?  Ernie answers.  She is worried about her grandmother's spinning wheel.  Kimberly adds that it's just has always been very special to her.  What am I going to do if it's really broken?  Tommy tells Kimberly he bets eh can fix it.  Tommy suggests they take a look at it.  Kimberly is very relieved and thanks Tommy.  Tommy and Kimberly leave the Youth Center.  Later, they return to asks the kids if they had seen the spinning wheel (it was missing from the classroom).  Kimberly and Tommy split up and ask various teens if they had seen the spinning wheel.  No one has seen it.  Tommy and Kimberly look at each other from across the room and shrug.  Bulk & Skull are there, sitting at a table.  Skull is laughing as he tosses popcorn everywhere.  Tommy hears them and walks over to their table.  Tommy asks them if they have seen the spinning wheel?  Bulk sarcastically replies the he needed some money, so Skull spun him some.  Tommy becomes angry and tells Bulk he is serious.  Bulk remarks what would eh want with a spinning wheel?  Tommy leaves the Youth Center, but Kimberly stays.  She sits by herself with a sad face.  Soon, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack come and sit by her with long faces.  Kimberly looks at them and she smiles a little.  Trini asks her what is the matter?  Billy adds you look quite distressed.  Kimberly replies you are not going to believe this, someone walk off with my grandmother's prize antique spinning wheel.  Zack tells her that is awful.  A few moments later, Jason's communicator goes off.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini get up and walk over to where the lockers are.  It is Zordon and he tells them it is urgent they get to the Command Center.  We have a desperate situation.  Jason tells Zordon they are on their way.  The Power Rangers successfully destroy the Wheel of Misfortune.  With the spell broken, the spinning wheel returns and works.  The following evening, the Youth Center is hosting the play Rumpelstiltskin.  Bulk & Skull are sitting in a storage room, watching their cartoons.  They get very upset when their cartoons are interrupted by a news bulletin.  The news reporter states they have just gotten word that once again, the amazing Power Rangers have saved our fair city and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters.  Skull starts throwing popcorn at the screen.  Mr. Caplan walks into the room and is not happy to see Bulk & Skull sitting there.  he asks them what they are doing?  Mr. Caplan yanks Bulk & Skull out of their chairs and tells them the curtain is up.  Mr. Caplan drags them backstage.  Kimberly is already on stage, waiting for the next scene to start.  Behind the curtains is Tommy, Zack, Trini, Billy and Ernie.  Zack tells Kimberly to break a leg.  Tommy tells her don't you dare and gives her a wink.  Kimberly gives a smile.  Billy gives the signal for the play to continue.  Jason and Skull take their places and the play continues.  Everything goes smoothly until Bulk misses his cue.  Kimberly repeats the line a couple of more times, with no "Rumpelstiltskin" making an appearance.  Almost shouting, Kimberly asks if Rumpelstiltskin can hear her?  This amuses the audience.  Backstage, Trini and Billy are trying to get Bulk on stage.  Bulk tells them to take a chill pill.  Billy and Trini push Bulk onto the stage, and accidentally wind on stage as well.  Trini and Billy quickly exit and the play continues.  "Rumpelstiltskin" tells "miller's daughter" never fear fair babe.  I said I would be here and here I am.  Kimberly mutters to him that it took him long enough.  From backstage, Ernie signals it's time for the kissing scene.  Bulk is very eager, but Kimberly reminds him he has to turn the straw into gold.  Bulk starts gathering the straw, which his behind towards the audience.  His pants rip and the audience bursts into laughter.  Everyone backstage laughs as well.  Skull shouts out way to bare your soul for your audience.  Bulk slowly backs up.  Bulk angrily grabs Skull and quickly leaves the stage.  Kimberly faces the audience, tells them the end, and gives a bow.

Zack is at the Youth Center, practicing his dance moves for an upcoming dance contest.  Trini, Jason and Kimberly are watching Zack practice.  Kimberly shouts out great moves Zack!  Jason tells Kimberly and Trini he's going to blow them away at the dance contest this week.  Bulk & Skull walk up and stand behind Jason, Kimberly, and Trini.  Bulk tells them he thinks Zack is going to blow it at the dance contest.  Skull laughs.  Zack has overheard their words and is trying not to let it upset him.  Zack does a dance move and gets very close to his friends.  Kimberly panics and jumps out of the way.  Her drink spills all over Bulk.  Zack tells Bulk he is sorry.  Zack is upset with himself - he doesn't feel he has what it takes to win.  Bulk is very angry.  Bulk follows Zack out onto the floor.  Bulk tells Zack he's got what it takes to make him lose.  In another part of the Youth Center, Tommy is giving a karate lesson to two young boys.  Tommy reminds the boys that a true martial arts master will use his skills for self defense only.  Tommy then has one of the boys come at him and uses a blocking move.  Then Tommy has the two boys practice the blocking move.  Tommy is very happy at how well they learned the blocking move.  Tommy tells them it puts you in charge of the situation, so no one gets hurt.  The boys give Tommy high fives and he goes to join his friends.  Zack and Bulk are having a dance off.  Trini, Jason, and Kimberly watch them.  Zack does really well with his dance moves.  Bulk tries, but can't match Zack's ability.  The crowds are impressed with Zack's dance moves and amused by Bulk's.  Bulk ends up crashing into several columns that are on the floor.  Both Bulk & Skull end up on the floor.  Everyone laughs.  Billy joins Jason, Kimberly, and Trini.  Zack walks over to them.  Kimberly tells Zack guess you taught them a new dance.  Tommy walks over and agrees - crash and burn.  Everyone laughs, except for Zack.  Zack tells them he just tripped himself up.  Just like I'm going to do at the dance contest.  Zack walks away.  Billy and Trini think Zack doesn't have enough confidence in himself.  Jason tells them Zack's cool.  He'll get over it.  A few moments later, a large electrical storm arrives.  It is strong enough to shake the Youth Center building.  The teens inside panic and race out of the building.  Trini, Billy, Jason, Tommy, and Kimberly cling to each other.  Trini shouts out what is going on?  Kimberly is confident that it is Rita.  Ernie shouts he hates when this happens as he races out.  Jason leads his friends to a empty area of the Youth Center.  Bulk & Skull go running past them screaming.  Jason tells his friends we got to contact Zordon and he does so.  Zordon tells the teens he is picking unusual power surges from Rita's moon base.  The energy is more massive than I have sense before.  Rita may be harassing a power I'm not familiar with.  Be on your guard.  Jason tells his friends they got to find Zack.  Kimberly, Tommy, Jason, Trini, and Billy race towards the door.  They stop when they hearing kids calling for help.  It is Tommy's students.  Tommy tells his friends, he can't leave his students.  Go now, I'll catch up.  Jason tells him I understand.  Billy, Jason, Kimberly, and Trini race outside.  Tommy hurries over to students, who are hiding under a table, and tells them not to worry, it will be alright.  Later, the storm passes and things have calmed down.  Ernie is trying to repair a damage plate when Tommy is contacted.  A few moments later, Tommy asks Ernie if he can keep an eye on the students.  Ernie tells him yes.  Tommy tells the students to listen to Ernie and he takes off.

The day of the dance contest arrives.  The Youth Center is packed.  Bulk is one of the contestants for the dance contest.  He does his routine.  The spectators are amused by Bulk's routine.  Bulk does a spin and falls to the floor.  Skull immediately leaps onto the dance floor and starts dancing.  Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Tommy are there as well and they smile at Skull's dancing.  Bulk gets up, grabs a hold of Skull and tosses him aside.  Bulk then finishes his dance routine.  Bulk gets his scores from the judges.  Ernie walks up and tells the audience another fine effort from Bulk & Skull.  Ernie then introduces Zack as the next contestant.  Zack is hesitant to go on the dance floor.  Trini tells Zack to go out there and have fun.  Zack feels something is not right.  Jason tells Zack he is the best.  Kimberly can't believe Zack is losing his confidence.  Tommy points out after all we've been through.  Jason tells Zack to go out there and do it.  Still a little nervous, Zack goes out onto the dance floor.  Zack starts his dance routine and he is very impressive.  The crowds bop along to Zack's dancing.  Tommy, Kimberly, Jason, Billy, and Trini are smiling and having a great time watching Zack dance.  Jason comments the tunes are styling.  Kimberly agrees and asks who is the DJ?  Kimberly looks over and is stunned when she points out the DJ and calls him Quasimodo.  Trini corrects her by telling Kimberly it's Quagmire.  Zack finishes his dance routine and he did great.  The judges agree and Ernie announces Zack is the winner.  Trini, Kimberly, Tommy, Billy, and Jason run onto the dance floor and congratulate Zack.  Everyone is in high spirits.  Zack suggests they boogie and Zack starts dancing again.

Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy were sitting at a table as Jason's cousin, Jeremy, excitedly told them about his day.  The place was busy and as Jeremy gave karate demonstrations to go along with his story, he almost hit a customer.  Jeremy tells them about his battle with a Putty and how a magic mirror blew it to bits.  Billy, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason are very entertained.  Trini tells her friends, wow, to think we were stuck on a boring field trip.  Ernie overhears Jeremy mention the Power Rangers and is impressed that Jeremy met the Power Rangers.  Jeremy walks over to the counter.  he tells Ernie that he sure did.  There was also a rock monster and a scorpion lady.  Jeremy returns to the teen's table.  He tells them about the rock monster throwing rocks as big as a house.  Then he gives a flattering account of the Pink Ranger.  Kimberly is thrilled with the compliment, but Zack only wants to hear more about the Black Ranger.  Jeremy continues with his story of how the scorpion lady turned into a huge monster and another monster cam down.  The Power Rangers leap into a huge robot.  Jason tells Jeremy it sounds like he had a pretty wild time.  Jason tells his friends he's got to go.  Jeremy tells Jason he should have seen the Red one battle the scorpion lady.  He was the greatest.  Jason decides he has a bit more time and sits back down to listen to Jeremy.  Jason tells Jeremy to continue.  Jeremy gives another karate demonstration as he talks about the Red Ranger.  Jeremy returns to the table and asks Jase where were you all that time?  Jason has no idea what to say as Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini look at him expectantly.  Jason tells them he has a martial arts class he needs to teach.  Jason and Jeremy leave as Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Zack laugh.

At the Youth Center, Jason and Zack are sparring.  Trini is helping Billy go through the moves of a kata.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason and Zack gather close.  Jason asks Zordon what is wrong?  Zordon informs them that one of Rita's monsters has captured Kimberly in the park.  Tommy was injured while attempting to rescue her.  Jason tells Zordon they are going to teleport to the Command Center right away.  Jason, Billy, Zack, and Trini run over to the locker area.  Once they make sure the area is clear, they teleport out.  The teens were able to rescue Kimberly and destroy Samurai Fan Man.

Ernie is working behind the counter.  Tommy, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack have gathered at the counter of the Youth Center.  Ernie asks them how was the beach yesterday?  Billy replies that it wasn't exactly relaxing, Ernie.  The TV Announcer appears on the small TV set.  He is giving a report on those amazing heroes, the Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers have once again, successfully defeated another attack on Angel Grove by Rita Repulsa and her seeming endless hordes of monsters and thugs.  The TV Announcer continues by stating while the city sustain some property damage, no harm befell any of the citizens, thanks to the incredible Power Rangers.  The six teens are very flattered by this report.  Ernie is impressed and tells the teens you got to love the Power Rangers.  Kimberly asks Tommy when they are going to see his commercial?  Bulk & Skull has walked in and head straight for the counter.  Bulk has overheard Kimberly's question and replies he can hardy wait himself.  I got the part.  (Tommy and Bulk had audition for the same karate commercial.)  Just then the commercial comes on.  Bulk grins as he eagerly watches it, but the grin soon fades away.  The commercial uses the footage of their audition and Bulk's as an example of what you could look like if you tried to learn karate on your own.  Ernie is amused.  The teens start to giggle and even Skull grins until Bulk gives him a look.  The unflattering footage cuts away to Tommy's audition, with the announcement if you sign up for their classes, you can look like this.  Skull laughs at the end of the commercial.  Bulk yanks him by his jacket and tosses him aside.  Bulk glares at Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Tommy, and Jason and then storms out.  Bulk blames Skull - telling him you call yourself a manager!  This is your fault.  Ernie smiles as he watches them go.  Tommy, Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy all laugh.

The Youth Center is packed with teens practicing for the talent show.  Mr. Caplan is supervising when Tommy and Jason walk up to him.  Jason refers to Mr. Caplan as Mr. C as he says hello.  Mr. Caplan is looking forward to a great show of talent.  Jason thinks it's going to be awesome.  Tommy adds it's a great idea and thanks Mr. Caplan for thinking of it.  Jason and Tommy walk over to their friends.  Ernie is there with a clipboard.  Jason asks them how's rehearsal going?  Ernie replies it's going fine, except they are having a hard time keeping track of everyone's props.  Trini is helping with the props and she adds they are still looking for a few things.  The conversation reminds Tommy that he has forgotten to bring their belts.  Jason isn't worried, they can just get them later.  Tommy insists that they have to have them.  Tommy tells them he will be right back as he heads out.  After awhile, Ernie asks Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Zack if they can help him sort the stuff out.  The four teens are more than happy to help.  Behind the curtain, Bulk smells boiled eggs.  He soon finds them and calls Skull over.  Bulk is about to eat some, when Mr. Caplan walks up and asks them if they are looking for something?  Bulk replies that he was just looking for his guitar.  Skull adds that Bulk likes to check his instruments before he performs.  Mr. Caplan asks Skull what is he doing here?  Skull spots some cymbals and picks them up.  Bulk discreetly  mouths no.  Skull ignores him and tells Mr. Caplan, he's just checking his cymbals, which he then proceeds to bang together.  The sounds makes Mr. Caplan's toupee fall off.  Both Bulk and Mr. Caplan are visibly vibrating as they try to get their bearings.  Later, Bulk and Skull are practicing playing their guitars.  Billy walks in and heads over to Jason.  Billy wonders what is keeping Tommy?  Jason doesn't know and tells his friends, Tommy isn't answering his communicator.  He should have been back half an hour ago.  Kimberly adds, did he have to go to Japan to pick up the black belts or what?  Zack tells them it's not funny.  Tommy could be in trouble.  Billy agrees, he is sure something is wrong.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Trini hurry over to the locker area.  Jason states, we read you Zordon.  Zordon tells them teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Jason replies, we are on our way.  Billy, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason teleport out.  It turned out that Tommy had been captured by Putties, but there were bigger concerns.  Fang was in Angel Grove.  The Power Rangers battled Fang.  Soon Tommy freed himself and joined the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Fang.  Eventually Fang was destroyed by Ultrazord.  That evening, Billy, Kimberly, Jason, Tommy, Zack, and Trini walk into the Youth Center.  Billy walks a little away from his friends and keeps an eye out, as Jason contacts Zordon.  Jason tells Zordon, good news.  We destroyed Rita's plans again.  Zack adds it was morphinomenal.  Zordon congratulates them on a job well done.  The teens are happy to hear his praise.  Ernie walks over and asks them where they have been?  You're up next.  Ernie returns to the stage.  Billy, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Jason and Tommy hurry to where the audience is seated.  Ernie announces, up next is Tommy and Jason. Let's give them a big hand!  Billy, Kimberly, Zack, and Trini stand at the back of the audience as Jason and Tommy walk up to the stage as the audience clap.  Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack cheer for their friends.  Tommy and Jason hop onto the stage.  Tommy and Jason start their martial arts demonstration.  The first part of their demonstration, they are in sync as they demonstrate moves.  Then they spar with each other.  They end their demonstration by breaking the boards set up on the stage.  The audience cheers and applaud.  Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack applaud for their friends as well.  Jason and Tommy walk back to their friends, among the cheers.  Ernie announces Bulk and Skull are next.  Bulk and Skull take to the stage with their band.  They enthusiastically play their guitars and sing.  The audience isn't sure what to make of their music.  Jason, Kimberly, Tommy, Trini, Billy, and Zack are very amused.  Bulk and Skull really get into their song and go crazy on the stage.  When they are done, there is no applause, except for a few claps from Kimberly.

Zack and Tommy are sparring at the Youth Center.  Eventually Tommy uses his leg to side sweep Zack and Zack is knocked down on the mat.  Tommy asks Zack if he is okay?  Zack replies yeah.  Tommy helps Zack back up on his feet.  Zack compliments Tommy on the karate move.  Tommy returns the compliment by telling Zack, he wasn't so bad himself.  Tommy and Zack walk along.  Zack asks Tommy about the dance.  Tommy replies that he hasn't asked her.  Zack can't believe it.  Tommy explains that he is nervous.  Zack tells Tommy, that Kimberly is going to say yes, but you have to ask her first.  Tommy thinks about what Zack said, as Zack reaches for a board.  Tommy asks Zack, so you think I should ask her today?  Zack replies, don't put it off, man.  It's time to make your move.  Tommy makes a flying kick and breaks the board in half. Tommy and Zack have gone back to sparring.  After awhile, Zack flips Tommy onto the mat.  Zack tells Tommy, he has lost his focus.  Tommy blames Zack - you got me thinking about Kim.  Zack helps Tommy back up on his feet.  Zack tells Tommy, the sooner you ask Kim to the dance, the sooner your mind will be at ease.  Trust me.  Tommy doesn't quite buy it.  Tommy replies, if you're such a pro, let's see you in action.  Zack is more than happy to demonstrate his moves on Angela.  Zack gives a play by play.  First you have to catch her eye with your walk.  Angela gives Zack a look and continues her way to the counter.  Tommy grins as he watches.  Zack continues.  Then you have to impress her with some smooth spins, which he then demonstrates.  Angela continues walking.  Zack concludes - finally you just have to bust some moves.  Zack does some great dance steps, but none of them impress Angela.  Zack slides over to where Angela is standing at the counter.  Angela tells Zack to get a life, before walking away.  Zack is heartbroken.  Tommy walks up to him, laughing.  Tommy jokes, real impressive buddy.  Bulk and Skull walk in.  Bulk remarks, real impressive, if you're trying to get a date with a carnival geek.  Skull laughs.  Bulk asks them, what's the matter?  You guys can't get a date?  Zack replies, if you guys are such experts, why don't you teach us?  Bulk pulls up his jacket over his head and zips it so only his face is sticking out.  Bulk recites a poem to them.  Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  No girl in the world is going to go out with you!  Skull laughs once more, but not for long.  Bulk is stuck and can't remove his jacket from his head.  Skull tries to help him out of the jacket and they both end up falling onto the floor.  Tommy and Zack laugh.  Zack calls over a few of the girls at the Youth Center as he and Tommy walk over to where Bulk and Skull are laying on the floor.  They decide to recite a poem as well.  Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  We sure can learn something from you.....not!  Everyone laughs.

Zack is teaching a karate class at the Youth Center.  At the end of an exercise, Zack tells Cameron, he would like him to go through the new kata for them.  Cameron is reluctant.  He asks Zack if he isn't sure he wants Josh to do it?  Zack has confidence in Cameron.  He tells the class, trust your instinct and skills.  That's what martial arts is all about.  Zack offers to do the new kata with Cameron.  They get into position and both start off doing really well.  Towards the end of the kata, Cameron falls onto the mat.  Zack helps Cameron up.  He tells him with a little more concentration, he will do great in the competition this weekend.  Bulk, Skull, and Biff have walked in and they all overhear the conversation.  Bulk agrees that Cameron will do well, for giving out prizes for geeks.  Skull laughs.  Zack replies, I don't remember you being an expert in this field, Bulk.  It involves self discipline, control, knowledge.  Bulk remarks, I'll tell you what I know.  My protégée Biff is going to crush your wimpy dude in the competition.  Bulk has Biff demonstrate.  Biff does some impressive karate moves, although Zack is not impressed. A few moments later, Zack has the class go through one last exercise and then ends the class.  As the students walk away, Zack calls Cameron over.  Zack wants to talk to him.  He tells Cameron to not let Biff psych him out, just because he's bigger.  Cameron is concern that Biff will cheat.  Zack reassures him that Biff will be disqualified.  Cameron feels a lot better and tells him he couldn't have done it without him.  Zack replies, yeah you could.  You just wouldn't be able to do all the cool dance moves in between.  Cameron laughs.  Zack reassures him that he will be in his corner if he needs him.  Cameron thanks him and they walk off.  The weekend arrives and the Junior Martial Arts competition is about to start.  Trini, Billy, and Kimberly are in the audience.  Zack and Cameron stand at one corner of the mat.  Cameron tells Zack he really is not sure about those new moves.  Zack reassures him once more, telling him to have confidence in his skills.  Zack knows Cameron will make him proud.  Cameron tells him, he will.  Zack goes over and joins Billy, Kimberly, and Trini in the audience.  Jason walks in and scans the crowds for his friends.  He spots them and is about to walk over when his communicator goes off.  Jason finds a quiet place and contacts Zordon.   Zordon tells him Rita has sent a monster to Earth.  Teleport to the Command Center right away! Jason tells him he will get the other Rangers.  Jason walks over to his friends.  He points to his communicator and whispers that there is trouble.  We got to go.  Zack becomes upset, why now?  Jason, Trini, Billy, and Kimberly all feel bad for Zack and Cameron.  Zack reluctantly walks over to Cameron, who is stretching.  Zack tells Cameron, he's got to go.  Cameron is surprised.  Zack explains that it's an emergency.  Cameron tells Zack he can't leave.  It will ruin everything.  I can't do it without you, Zack.  Zack tells Cameron to believe in himself.  You can do it.  Zack walks away.  Cameron sadly watches him go.  The next day, the Rangers destroy Cardiatron and Hatchasaurus.  After the battle, they return to the Youth Center where Cameron has made it to the finals, along with Biff.  Zack walks over to Cameron.  Cameron is no longer mad at Zack.  The match begins and Cameron wins the match.  Cameron shakes hands with Biff.  Biff walks over to Bulk and kicks him in the shins, telling him he is going to look for a new coach.

The Youth Center is having a recycling drive.  Jason and Zack are having fun crushing cans by using various martial arts methods.  Trini checks on each of her friends.  After checking on Jason and Zack, Trini walks over to Billy.  Billy has created an organic paint for labeling the recycling bins.  Trini is impressed.  Kimberly directs Ernie on the placement of trash bins. Jason, Zack, Billy, and Trini join Kimberly.  Ernie thanks them for helping him out with the recycling stuff.  Trini replies, that's what the clean-up club is for.  Trini suggests they go to the field near the park to pick up trash.  Zack, Jason, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini leave as Bulk and Skull enter.  Skull is filming Bulk.  Bulk tells the camera that this is where he trains.  Pumping up is important to me!  Skull stops filming as he reminds Bulk that he had promised Skull could do the scene with him.  Bulk asks who's going to run the camera?  Bulk then spots Ernie and asks him.  Ernie is amused by the idea of Bulk and Skull working out.  Bulk passes the camera to Ernie.  Ernie comments to himself, this ought to be fun. Later, the Youth Center is busy with it's recycling drive.  Billy, Trini, Kimberly, Jason, and Zack sit at the counter and listen to the TV announcer talk about Angel Grove's latest attack by Rita.  Once again, the amazing Power Rangers, have saved our city and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's monsters.  After a lengthy battle, the Power Rangers and their zords were able to defeat the beast just before it attacked downtown Angel Grove.  No people were reported injured.  The teens are very pleased over the glowing news report.  Ernie gets their attention by telling them there is more recycling to do.  Billy, Kimberly, Trini, Zack, and Jason quickly get to work.  Moments later, Billy stacks aluminum cans and announces that makes over five hundred.  Kimberly and Trini work on the plastic bottles.  Zack and Jason on the newspapers.  Zack exclaims we just saved a redwood!  Skull films Bulk as he walks into the Youth Center rolling a tire.  Skull gives him direction, remember you want to help.  Bulk snaps at Skull, telling him he knows his lines.  Bulk states I always like to help out with the recycling drive.  He rolls the tire and it knocks against Skull.  Skull falls into the pile of newspapers and subsequently knocks over the pile of plastic bottles as well.  Bulk laughs and walks forward, stepping into the tire and tripping himself.  Bulk stumbles around and eventually falls into the pile of aluminum cans.  Skull quickly scoots over and films Bulk.  Bulk threatens to pound Skull.  Skull points out he's still filming.  Bulk tells the camera, I think, whenever possible, everything should be recycled.  Bulk crushes the aluminum can he is holding and throws it at Skull.  Bulk then falls back onto the floor.

Bulk is enjoying a sub sandwich at the Youth Center.  Skull takes a sneak bite out of it.  Norman, their pig, is eating out of his dish.  A young woman walks up to their table and tells them, he's adorable.  What's his name?  Skull replies, Bulk.  Bulk tells him, not me, the pig.  Skull tells her, Norman.  The young woman walks over to pet Norman and fuss over him. Bulk leans over to Skull and tells him, this is going to work out better than I thought.  Skull adds, much better.  Moments later, Ernie walks in with a carton of produce when he spots the pig.  He places the carton on the counter and walks over to Bulk and Skull.  He yells at them, what do you think you are doing?  You guys can't bring this pig in here! Suddenly Norman transforms into Pudgy Pig.  Ernie and the patrons race out of the Youth Center.  Skull comments, it's didn't said anything like that in the book.  Bulk and Skull scream and get up from the table.  Pudgy Pig fills it's mouth with their popcorn.  Pudgy Pig chases Bulk and Skull around the Youth Center.  Trying to get away, Skull runs into the punching bag and lands on the floor.  Bulk helps him up.  Bulk asks Pudgy Pig, don't you recognize us?  We're your parents!  Skull points to his face and then Bulk's face.  Pudgy Pig clambers for more food.  Zack walks in and quickly assesses the situation.  Zack tells Bulk to give him the food (Bulk is still holding on to his sub sandwich), he's just hungry.  Bulk protests, I haven't eaten since lunch.  Skull adds, me neither!  Zack tells them you better give him food or you're going to be lunch.  Bulk tears a small piece of his sandwich off and tosses it into Pudgy Pig's mouth.  It's not enough and Zack tells Bulk, you're going to have to do better than that.  Reluctantly Bulk gives the rest of his sandwich to Pudgy Pig.  Bulk tells him, well nice knowing ya.  Skull adds, we're out of here.  Bulk and Skull race out of the Youth Center.  Zack faces down Pudgy Pig and goes into a fight stance.  Pudgy Pig vanishes.  Zack takes a quick look around and then contacts Zordon.  Zordon responds and tells Zack that the rest of the Rangers are in the Command Center, waiting for his arrival.  Zordon continues, prepared for teleportation to the Command Center.  Zack replies, you got it.  Zack is teleported out of the Youth Center.  Later, the teens are able to transform Pudgy Pig back into Norman.  A farmer adopts Norman.

Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly are hanging out at the Youth Center when Billy and Ernie walk in dressed in fishing gear.  They walk over to Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason's table.  Billy excitedly asks them to look at what I caught as he holds up a sack cloth bag.  Trini is very impressed.  Kimberly tells Billy, you have really overcome your fear of fish.  I'm very proud of you.  Jason adds, maybe you'll come scuba diving with us next time.  Billy replies, I'll like that Jason.  I think I could learn to really enjoy that sport.  Ernie tells the group that Billy was great.  I'm going to cook up the catch in a few minutes and it's on the house.  The teens are excited.  Ernie walks away.  Bulk and Skull walk in.  Kimberly comments, it's really starting to smell fishy around here.  Bulk tells her it's because he caught the king of the sea.  With disbelief, Jason asks Bulk, what did you catch?  Zack replies, probably a cold.  Bulk tells them, I got the big one.  Something you nerds could never do.  Bulk snaps his fingers and tells Skull to show them.  Skull pulls out a big can of tuna from the bag.  Everyone laughs, except for Bulk.  Bulk, in a low voice, tells Skull, I thought I told you to buy a big fish.  Skull replies, I did!  It's the only kind of fish I know.  The teens laugh some more.  Bulk, angrily, asks Billy, what are you laughing at?  Let me see what you caught!  Bulk grabs the bag from Billy and puts his head inside it.  Billy warns him, I'll be careful there's a....Bulk removes his head and there is a lobster tangling from his nose.  Billy finishes, a live lobster in there.  The teens laugh once more.

Zack and Jason are working out at the Youth Center.  As they work out on the punching bag, Zack tells Jason, it's too bad about that trophy.  (Their team had won the Noble Lion trophy in the Oddball Games, but it was taken.)  Jason replies, we don't need a trophy to know we are winners.  Kimberly runs over to them.  She tells Zack, don't look now, but your dream diva is heading our way.  Angela has walked into the Youth Center.  Jason asks him if he is going to ask Angela out again?  Zack admits, she's a babeasaurus, but I gave up on Angela a long time ago.  Zack continues to work out, unaware that Angela is walking straight towards him.  Angela greets Zack, and asks him how about you and me catching a matinee or something?  Zack and Jason are both stunned.  Zack glances back at Jason.  Jason gives him a thumbs up and motions him to go with Angela.  Zack and Angela walk away with their arms linked together.  Zack glances back at his friends and tells them, don't call me, I'll call you.  Zack and Angela head out.  Kimberly and Jason are very happy for their friend.  Later, Billy and Trini walk into the Youth Center and head straight for Kimberly's and Jason's table.  Trini tells them, this storm is just raging.  It came out of nowhere.  Ernie races over and announces that they are in a tornado watch.  Everyone, let's head for the basement.  Ernie and the customers, except for Jason, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy, head for the basement.  Kimberly tells her friends, I don't like the looks of this.  Jason adds, something tells me this isn't mother nature at work.  Trini thinks it's Rita.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason checks to make sure the room is empty before responding to Zordon.  Zordon tells them, Rita has unleashed another of her monsters.  You must teleport to the Command Center at once.  Jason tells Zordon that Zack is not with them.  Zordon replies, Alpha will contact him from here.  Hurry Rangers.  Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason teleport out of the Youth Center.  Eventually the Rangers destroy Goatan.  After the battle, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason returned to the Youth Center.  Two cops entered with mud covered Bulk and Skull.  The cops asks if anyone knows them.  Bulk pleads with them to recognize them as their friends, Bulk and Skull.  The teens admit that they do know them and the cops leave them at the Youth Center.  Bulk pulls out a frog from within his jacket and everyone laughs.

The Youth Center is going out of business.  To try and save the place, Zack walks around the Youth Center and rattles a can, asking customers to save the Youth Center.  Most of the young customers drop in some coins.  Zack appreciates each contribution and tells one customer, Ernie thanks you.  Zack pauses at the "Going Out of Business" sign and then joins Kimberly and Billy at the counter.  Zack tells them, that "Going Out of Business" sign is really depressing.  I can't believe this place is really closing down.  Kimberly adds, we had a lot of really great times here.  Trini walks in with her own can and joins her friends.  Trini asks Billy, how's it going with Ernie's books?  Billy doesn't have good news.  From the looks of these reports, Ernie's last quarter operating expenses far exceeded his revenues.  Kimberly doesn't understand and simply says, Trini?  Trini tells her, he's broke.  Trini asks Zack, how much do we have in donations?  Zack replies, about enough for a burger and shake.  It is very obvious that Ernie is upset as he tries to work.  Kimberly tells her friends, poor Ernie.  I have never seen him so bummed out.  Jason walks in and joins his friends.  In his arms is a dog.  Kimberly immediately gets up to pet the dog.  Jason asks, how's Ernie?  Trini replies, not too good.  Zack wants to know where Jason got the dog.  Kimberly thinks the dog is adorable.  Jason tells them, he followed me here after school.  He looked kind of lost, so I brought him in.  A few moments later, Ernie brings over a bowl of water for the dog.  Ernie tells the teens, I feel bad for the little guy.  Being away from home and everything.  My problems don't seem so terrible all of a sudden.  Ernie walks away.  Trini tells her friends, Ernie is so sweet.  We can't let the Juice Bar go out of business.  Kimberly tells her she is right.  Guys, there's got to be something we can do.  The dog starts barking and whimpering.  Jason asks the dog if it's okay.  Zack comments, it probably has to go to the little puppies' room.  They all laugh.  Jason thinks Zack is right.  I should take him for a walk in the park.  Kimberly tells Jason, she will go with him.  It's on her way home.  Bulk and Skull walk into the Youth Center.  Bulk quickly turns around and asks Skull if he sees what I see?  Skull guesses, a geek convention just came into town.  Skull laughs.  Bulk tells him, no pea brain.  Look!  Bulk pulls out the lost dog poster (which they had taken from Angel Grove High School).  He points to the picture and whispers, that's the dog.  Jason, carrying the dog, and Kimberly walk in between Bulk and Skull.  After they leave, Bulk tells Skull, we're getting that reward.  Geeks or no geeks.  Eventually Billy, Trini, and Zack leave as well.  Later, Trini and Zack enter the Juice Bar and immediately spot the dog.  (Bulk and Skull had lured the dog away from Jason to collect the reward money and then abandoned the dog when they were confronted by Fighting Flea.)  Ernie is standing next to the dog as Trini and Zack walk up.  The dog is eating out of a bowl.  Trini asks Ernie, what is he doing here?  Ernie replies, I guess he really loves my chili.  You know, I wish I had more loyal customers like him.  Ernie walks away.  Moments later, Trini's communicator goes off.  Trini and Zack look around and walk over to the locker area.  Trini responds, Trini here Zordon.  Zordon tells them, Jason and Kimberly are in trouble.  You must morph immediately. Zack states, it's morphin' time!  Trini and Zack morph and teleport out  Eventually the Rangers destroyed Fighting Flea with Megazord.  After the battle, the teens returned to the Youth Center.  Billy, Kimberly, Trini, Jason, and Zack gather around the dog and pet it as Ernie looks on.  A woman enters the Juice Bar and is very happy to see her dog Pierre.  The woman calls out to Pierre, calling him a naughty little thing.  Pierre goes running towards her and she scoops the dog up, telling him, mommy was so worried.  Jason asks, this is your dog?  The woman replies, yes.  Which one of you wonderful children found my little angel?  Zack, Billy, Trini, Jason, and Kimberly all exchange glances with each other and they all know what they want to do.  Kimberly replies, the person you should thank is Ernie.  The woman approaches Ernie and gives him a check.  Ernie looks at the check and responds, holy cow!  This is a lot of money!  The woman replies, it's the least I can do.  I don't know what I would do without Pierre.  Well, I got to be going, thanks again.  The woman walks out with Pierre.  The teens shout out byes.  Zack and Trini walk over to the going out of business sign as Zack tells Ernie, it looks like you won't be needing this anymore.  Trini takes down the sign with help from Zack.  Ernie tells them, I don't know what to say.  I mean, this is incredible.  Trini tells him, good things happen to good people.  Jason adds, and you're the best.  Ernie asks them, how about some sodas and pizzas?  It's on the house.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly are all excited about the idea.  Bulk and Skull enter, scratching and looking miserable.  (They had gotten a terrible itch from the dog, which Rita had placed a tiny Fighting Flea on.)  They head over to a table.  Zack asks, what happen with those two?  Jason replies, I give you two guesses.  Billy asks, do you think I should give them the antidote?  Jason answers, why not.  Nobody should be that miserable.  Not even those two clowns.  Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly walk over to Bulk and Skull's table.  Jason gives Bulk a sympathetic pat on the shoulder as he passes.  Bulk irritably asks, what do you geeks want?  Skull repeats the question.  Jason tells them to be nice or Billy won't give you your surprise.  Bulk asks, what surprise?  Skull repeats the question.  Billy asks them if they want to stop itching?  This catches Bulk and Skull's attention.  Bulk asks, are you serious?  Skull starts chewing on the skin of his hand.  Bulk asks them, you guys can get rid of this?  Billy gives a small nod as Jason tells them to hold still.  Billy pulls out two dog collars.  Jason takes one of them.  Billy places a collar over Skull while Jason places one around Bulk's neck.  Instantly the itch is gone.  Bulk and Skull collapse onto the table in relief.  Billy instructs them not to take them off for a week.  Bulk and Skull lift their heads and shout, a week!  Billy emphasizes, a week.  Bulk and Skull are not happy, but have little choice.

After destroying Jellyfish and burying a time capsule, the teens had gone to the Youth Center to relax and have some fun.  Ernie fixes a tray of drinks and popcorn for the teens and carries it over to them.  He tells them, five cold sodas after a hard day's work.  Zack thanks him as they all reach for their drinks and popcorn.  Ernie walks away.  Jason tells his friends, he's glad they finally got the time capsule buried.  Kimberly comments that it was quite the workout.  Bulk and Skull struggle to enter the Youth Center with their Bulkwich.  It doesn't help that lots of teens want to leave at the same moment they are trying to enter.  Kimberly suggests they catch a movie.  Trini notices Bulk and Skull and points them out to her friends.  Bulk announces, we did it.  We finish the Bulkwich.  Skull and Bulk hold the sandwich over their heads.  Zack, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Kimberly walk away from the counter and stand by the steps.  Bulk continues, the future is going to love this feast.  Jason tells them, sorry guys.  We already buried the capsule.  Bulk is very disappointed and the sandwich drops on his head.  It also spills on Skull, but he laughs it off.  Kimberly laughs and comments, now that's what I call a Bulkwich.  Skull tears a piece of the bread off and gives it to Bulk.  Bulk fights Skull with the bread.  Skull fights back.  Bulk slips on the floor as Skull makes his way out the door.  Everyone laughs.  After a few moments, Jason gets serious.  He hopes the people who open the time capsule in the future live in a peaceful and friendly world.  Kimberly adds with no hatred.  Billy comments, no prejudice.  Trini adds, no crime.  Zack ends with, and no wars.  Kimberly asks her friends, do you think it will ever happen?  Jason responds, if we all do our part, and try to get along with each other, yeah, I do.  We just got to hope for the best.  Zack makes a fist and sticks it out in front of his friends as he states, to the future.  Jason, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly all place their hands on top of Zack's and give a small shake.

At the Youth Center, Trini is trying to learn a new form of kung-fu from Master Li.  Trini is struggling as she tries to keep the same pace and form as Master Li.  Master Li sees Trini's struggle and shows her on how to do a particular move, then instructs her to try again.  Trini does so, but the move is very difficult for Trini.  Master Li shakes his head, but tells Trini, you will get there.  Rest a moment, I will test your mind.  Trini gives a small bow and then grabs a towel to dry her face.  Master Li asks Trini, what is the most honorable tradition of kung-fu?  Trini answers, we always honor the tradition of a fair fight.  Always face your opponent with equal numbers.  Master Li replies, good.  Now to help you master the praying mantis style, I've brought along this.  Master Li picks up a small cage and shows it to Trini.  Inside the cage is a praying mantis.  He tells Trini, observe the mantis.  Delicate but powerful.  Peaceful but always ready to defend itself.  Master Li places the cage into the gym bag.  Master Li tells Trini, let's try again.  Trini puts down the towel and joins Master Li in practicing kung-fu.  Behind the counter, Ernie serves a milk shake to Skull.  Bulk and Skull's backs are towards the counter as they watch Trini and Master Li.  Bulk jokes with Skull, check out the bug fu.  Skull remarks, bug fu, that's dopey.  They both laugh.  Suddenly Bulk gets an idea.  Bulk tells Skull, think of this.  If we find a bug to imitate, then we can charge people some major moolah to teach them how to do it.  Skull likes the idea.  Skull stands up and with shake in hand, starts doing "kung-fu" moves.  The shake ends up on Bulk.  Angry, Bulk tells Skull, let's go hunt for some bugs!  Bulk yanks Skull to one side and then follows him out of the Youth Center.  Trini continues to practice her kung-fu with Master Li.  Zack and Kimberly are picking up drinks at the counter.  Zack tells Kimberly, Trini is really looking good.  Kimberly adds, she's been practicing really hard with Master Li.  Zack and Kimberly join Billy and Jason at their table and pass out the drinks.  Jason comments we may all have to practice this praying mantis technique if we want to keep up with her.  Trini continues to struggle during the practice.  Frustrated, Trini tells Master Li, it's so difficult.  Master Li responds, it just means you have to work harder to perfect it.  Trini tells him she will keep at it.  They give a small bow to each other.  Master Li gives Trini the cage with the praying mantis inside it.  Trini takes the cage with a smile and walks over to the table where her friends are at.  Trini places the cage on the table where Zack immediately freaks out over the bug.  He passes the cage on to Billy, asking Trini, how can you stand to be near this thing?  Billy is impressed with the praying mantis.  Billy passes the cage to Kimberly as Trini tells them she has to study it for her next kung-fu lesson.  Kimberly jokes, whoa, double duty.  Math and kung fu homework.  Jason thinks its really cool, but why did you choose to learn this new kung-fu?  Trini replies, I think the real reason I like it is that it emphasis fairness.  Honor and playing fair and never cheating in a competition.  That's a real challenge to live up to.  Bulk and Skull enter the Youth Center with their cockroach kung-fu gear on.  They immediately spot Trini, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Jason and walk over to their table.  Bulk tells Trini, you're not the only bug fu expert in town anymore.  My partner and I are the newest and master of the mystic cockroach kung-fu! They even have a jar full of cockroaches.  Zack freaks out - not more bugs!  Skull quickly dashes over to where Kimberly is sitting and does some "cockroach kung-fu" moves to impress her.  Kimberly grins throughout the whole routine.  Skull then wraps his arms around her and asks, do you want to date a cockroach kung-fu master babe?  Kimberly is immediately repulsed and pushes him off, telling him, I don't date bugs!  Trini tells Skull, there is no such thing as cockroach kung-fu.  Bulk tells her, there is now.  Skull agrees, and asks, do you want to see?  Skull joins Bulk and they go through their cockroach kung-fu routine.  After watching for a few seconds, Jason tells them, we would love to see more but we have to go to the library.  The teens gather their school stuff and leave.  Later, the Rangers have an encounter with Mantis, who tells Yellow Ranger that she has no honor, since she called her friends for help, before vanishing.  The Rangers conclude Mantis went after Trini because she is the kung-fu expert.  Trini vows to practice harder and be ready.  True to her word, Trini returns to the Youth Center and practices her kung-fu.  A few moments later, Ernie is cleaning up the counter when an envelope suddenly appears.  Ernie is puzzled, he didn't see the envelope before.  After a few moments, he calls out to Trini and tells her someone left a note for you.  With a smile, Trini walks over to the counter and thanks Ernie as she takes the note.  Trini reads it, comments that she's got to go, places the note back on the counter and takes off.  Still dressed in their cockroach kung-fu outfits, Skull asks Bulk, now what?  Bulk replies, it's easy.  Just look at the bugs and do what they do.  Skull reaches for the jar of cockroaches, looks at them for a few seconds and then walks away.  Bulk takes a closer look at the jar and then starts to imitate the cockroaches.  He hears a strange sound and turns around.  Skull is on the floor twitching.  Bulk mutters, not the dead ones.  Moments later, Zack, Kimberly, Jason, and Billy look around the Youth Center for Trini, but can't find her.  Zack calls out to Ernie and asks, where's Trini?  Ernie picks up the envelope and tells them, she got this note and left.  Kimberly, Jason, Billy, and Zack hurry over to the counter.  Kimberly picks up the note and reads it to the guys.  Trini, meet me at the quarry for some special training.  Master Li.  The note seems suspicious to them.  Jason tells them, we should check this out.  The four teens hurry out of the Youth Center.  It turns out the four teens were right, the note was simply a lure to get Trini to fight Mantis.  Eventually the Power Rangers destroy Mantis with their Megazord.  After the battle, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason are watching the small TV set on the counter.  The TV Announcer reports, the Power Rangers have once again, successfully defeated another attack on Angel Grove by Rita Repulsa and her seemingly endless hordes of monster thugs.  Elsewhere in the Youth Center, Trini and Master Li are working on their kung-fu.  This time, Trini easily performs the mantis kung-fu routine.  Jason, Billy, Zack, and Kimberly leave the counter and gather by one of the poles to watch Trini.  At the end of the routine, Master Li comments, excellent work Trini.  Trini replies, thank you Master Li.  Practice makes perfect.  They bow to each other and then Trini joins her friends, who are very proud of her.  Zack points out Bulk and Skull to his friends.  Bulk and Skull are trying to drum up  business for their cockroach kung-fu class.  Skull holds up a glass jar filled with cockroaches and announces you can take home a sparring partner.  But there are no takers.  Bulk tells Skull they need a little publicity.  Skull agrees.  Bulk walks onto the floor mats and encourages everyone to gather round.  Bulk states, see just how powerful cockroach kung-fu really is.  Skull leaps over onto the mats and they go through their "routine".  Bulk flips Skull onto the mats and then helps him back up.  Bulk then announces they are going to show their top secret roach rendezvous.  Bulk and Skull shout out, cockroach power and bang their heads.  Disoriented, Skull walks back over to the banner.  Bulk stumbles over to the crowd, then they both turn around and face each other.  Skull gets nervous when Bulk charges towards him and moves out of the way.  Bulk crashes into the banner and they both end up entangle in it.  To make matters worse, the jar full of cockroaches falls and breaks.  Cockroaches climb all over Bulk, freaking him and Skull out.  Bulk frantically shouts, get them off me!  Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack, and Kimberly laugh.

The Youth Center is hosting Parent's Day.  Numerous parents, teachers, and students are enjoying themselves at the Youth Center.  Mr. Cranston walks in and waves to Mr. Caplan as he makes his way over to a table.  At the table, Mr. Scott and Mr. Kwan are arm wrestling.  They are being watch by Mrs. Scott, Jason, Mrs. Kwan, and Trini.  Mr. Cranston joins the table just as Mr. Kwan beats Mr. Scott in arm wrestling.  Jason can't believe it and asks his dad if he is giving up?  Trini tells them, her dad always tells her mental and physical strength should always go hand in hand.  Mr. Kwan adds, it's always been a winning combination.  Mr. Scott laughs and agrees.  Jason asks Mr. Cranston, what's keeping Billy?  Mr. Cranston replies, you know how my son is when he's occupied with a new invention.  Skull wanders over to their table with a video camera and hears Mr. Cranston's comment.  Skull replies, yeah, boring.  Skull laughs and then wanders around filming.  He runs into Zack and his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Taylor.  Mrs. Taylor enjoys being filmed, but both Zack and his dad do not.  Mr. Taylor glares at the camera and Zack tells Skull, the show is over.  Skull walks over to the food table and films the eats.  Skull then films his parents talking to an annoyed Mr. Caplan.  Mr. Caplan asks Skull to kindly put the camera down.  Instead, Skull continues filming as Mr. Caplan comments that he assumed Bulk and his parents would be joining us.  He did tell them about Parents Day, didn't he?  Skull is amused and replies, yeah, sure Mr. Caplan.  They are just having some trouble with their car.  They should be cruising in just about now.  Suddenly the back wall is hit hard and shakes the building.  Ernie is holding a tray of food and is grateful that he landed on the table safely without spilling anything.  The table cracks and Ernie goes down as the cake on the other end flies through the air.  Bulk enters the Youth Center with his parents and the cake hits all three of them.  Mrs. Bulkmeier is very upset as she complains, this is my good dress.  Mr. Bulkmeier is more amused.  He dips his finger onto the icing and takes a bite.  Mr. Bulkmeier tells his wife, she has never been sweeter.  Disgruntled, Mrs. Bulkmeier hits Mr. Bulkmeier and walks away.  Mrs. Hart walks in, scanning the room for Kimberly.  Trini walks up and says hello.  Mrs. Hart asks Trini if Kimberly is here?  Trini replies, no, I thought she was coming with you.  Mrs. Hart notes that Kimberly's dad has arrived, but with no Kimberly.  Mrs. Hart wonders where Kimberly is.  A teenage girl walks up and tells them if they are looking for Kimberly, I just saw her outside.  Trini thanks her and tells Mrs. Hart that she will go and get her.  Meanwhile, Rita had sent down Dramole to kidnap everyone inside the Youth Center.  The Dramole made his way to the Youth Center unseen.  Trini finds Kimberly sitting outside the Youth Center.  Trini can tell that Kimberly is upset and asks her what is wrong?  Kimberly replies, everything is so messed up.  My mom and dad have hardly seen each other since, you know, they got divorce.  Kimberly feels like it's all her fault.  Trini adamantly tells her, you know that's not true.  Kimberly doesn't think her dad is even going to show up.  Trini tells her, your mom and dad are both at the party looking for you.  Kimberly feels better.  Clasping hands, the two friends head back to the Youth Center.  Suddenly, several Putties leap in.  Kimberly can't believe - this is just what we don't need right now.  Trini adds, who invited them anyways?!  Trini and Kimberly battle the Putties, but they are having a difficult time.  At the Command Center, Alpha 5 had been watching the Youth Center and alerted Zordon to the girls being in trouble.  Back at the Youth Center, Zack and Jason are talking when Jason's communicator goes off.  Looking cautiously around, Zack and Jason walk over to the locker area.  Jason responds, we read you Zordon.  Zordon informs them, right outside the Youth Center, Kimberly and Trini have been attacked by Putties.  They need your help.  Jason lets Zordon know that Billy is not with them, but Zack and I are on our way.  Zordon tells them that Alpha will contact Billy.  Hurry!  Zack and Jason race out of the Youth Center and they are not happy to see the Putties fighting Kimberly and Trini.  Jason comments, the Putties are really getting on my nerves.  Zack and Jason quickly join the fight against the Putties.  Kimberly continues to fight several Putties.  Jason fights another batch of Putties.  Trini fights yet another batch of Putties.  Meanwhile, Dramole continues to make it's way towards the Youth Center undetected.  Inside the Youth Center, Bulk teases his dad about not eating enough.  Your stomach is growling like a diesel engine.  Mr. Bulkmeier laughs.  Suddenly the Youth Center shakes as Dramole is now underneath the place.  People begin to panic as gas fills the room.  Mr. Scott wants to know what is going on?  Mrs. Hart frantically searches and calls out for Kimberly.  Mrs. Skullovitch wrinkles her nose and comments on the awful smell.  Everyone in the room vanishes.  Zack, Jason, Trini, and Kimberly continue to fight the Putties outside the Youth Center.  Meanwhile, Billy hurries into the Youth Center, commentating to himself on how late he is.  Billy is surprised to find the place empty.  At the Moon Palace, Rita sees Billy alone and decides to put him under her command.  Inside the Youth Center, Billy is still puzzling over the empty room when the floor beneath his feet cracks open and gas is released.  Billy thinks it's some kind of hoax.  He starts to cough as the gas reaches his face.  Outside the Youth Center, Trini, Kimberly, Jason, and Zack are kept busy battling the Putties.  Suddenly the Putties vanish.  Trini, Jason, Kimberly, and Zack gather together.  Trini asks, what's Rita up to this time?  Kimberly answers, one word, trouble.  Kimberly is anxious to get back inside and see her parents.  Zack comments this is all getting too strange for me.  The four teens head inside.  Inside the Youth Center, Billy hears Rita's voice calling out to him and he is under her control.  Rita tells Billy that she is his evil queen and the power he will answer to.  Rita instructs Billy to bring the Dragon Dagger.  Billy responds, yes mistress.  I obey your commands.  Billy vanishes.  Outside the Youth Center, Jason, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack hurry inside.  Jason hopes their parents didn't see anything.  Dramole leaves the Youth Center undetected.  Kimberly, Jason, Zack, and Trini enter the Youth Center and immediately become concern.  The place is empty and a mess.  Jason asks, what's going on?  Trini wonders how a room full of people just disappear into thin air?  Zack can think of a few possibilities and he doesn't like any of them.  Kimberly spots a scarf on the floor and walks over to it.  Kimberly picks up the pink scarf and tells her friends, this is my mom's scarf.  I gave it to her for her birthday.  Zack asks, what's happened to our parents?  Jason tells his friends they need to stay calm.  I'll contact Zordon.  Kimberly hurries over to her friends.  Jason contacts Zordon and tells him something terrible has happened.  Can you tell us what's going on?  Zordon tells them, I am aware of the situation.  Teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Zack, Jason, Kimberly, and Trini teleport out of the Youth Center and into the Command Center.  Unfortunately, Rita's plan works.  Billy deactivates Alpha 5 and takes the Dragon Dagger.  Billy gives the Dragon Dagger to Goldar, which breaks the spell he is under.  Goldar uses the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord.  Dragonzord immediately begins attacking Angel Grove.  The Power Rangers battle Dragonzord, but are unable to defeat it.  The Power Rangers make the painful decision to give up their power coins for the release of their parents.  Instead Goldar keeps the power coins and their parents.  The teens are upset and horrified that they have been tricked.  Meanwhile, a lone young man makes his way towards the Youth Center.  The young man enters the Youth Center and looks around the empty room.  Tommy asks, where is everybody?

Tommy looks around the empty room and wonders, what is going on here?  Suddenly he is teleported out of the building. Tommy becomes the Green Ranger once more, although this time with limited powers.  The Power Rangers destroy Dramole.  All the people in the dark dimension are transported back to the Youth Center with no memories of what happened.  The celebration continues.  The teens enter the Youth Center and head straight for their parents.  Jason gives his mom a hug and she asks, what's this all about?  Jason tells them, I'm just glad you guys are my parents.  Trini wraps her arms around her dad and tells him, have I ever told you I'm proud to be your daughter?  Zack tells his mom she sure looks pretty today, which embarrasses her.  Kimberly tells her parents, I love you guys so much.  I was afraid that you might feel uncomfortable.  Mrs. Hart asks her, what ever gave you that idea?  Mr. Hart tells Kimberly, just because we are divorce doesn't mean we don't love you.  We'll always be here for you.  The reassurances makes Kimberly feel very happy.  Kimberly spots Tommy in the crowd and waves him over as she tells her folks, there's somebody I would like you to meet.  Tommy spots them and walks over.  Bulk and Skull are not having any fun.  Skull asks Bulk if he feels kind of weird?  Bulk replies, it's this boring party man.  It's getting to my brain.  Skull suggests they leave, but Bulk has a better idea.  Bulk takes a pie from the table and throws it.  It hits the back of Mr. Scott's head and splatters onto Mr. and Mrs. Skullovitch.  Mr. Scott turns around and glares, takes a pie and throws it.  This one hits Mrs. Bulkmeier in the face.  Mr. Bulkmeier laughs as Mrs. Bulkmeier wipes the pie from her face.  Bulk and Skull point and laugh.  Mrs. Bulkmeier tosses some of the remains of the pie at Mr. Bulkmeier.  Bulk and Skull yell food fight and then Bulk gets a pie in the face.  Parents and students join in the food fight fun.  Miss Appleby yells, stop this and gets several pies thrown at her.  Miss Appleby is wiping off her face when Mr. Caplan walks up and asks her, can't you do something about this mess?!  Miss Appleby responds, you know what they say, if you can't beat them, join them.  She picks up a pie, lifts up Mr. Caplan's toupee and slams the pie down onto his head, placing the toupee on top of the pie.  Miss Appleby laughs.  Mr. Caplan samples some of the pie and declares not bad.  Getting into the spirit, Mr. Caplan picks up a bowl of popcorn and tosses the popcorn around.  Laughing Miss Appleby tosses the popcorn as well.  Tommy, Billy, Zack, Trini, Jason, and Kimberly take cover in the locker area.  They are very amused at the food fight and their parents antics.  Trini asks, can you believe our parents?  Laughing, Kimberly replies no.  Zack tells them, you know what they say, you're only as old as you feel.

Upset over getting a B, all Billy wanted to do was study.  Trini volunteered to help him.  At the Youth Center, sitting at a table, with a book propped up, Trini quizzes Billy.  Billy soon recognizes the question he missed on the test and can't believe he blew the test on a bee question.  Trini asks Billy, do you know what it means?  Billy promptly answers.  Trini tells him he is amazing.  Embarrassed Billy rolls his eyes and grins.  After awhile, Billy's communicator goes off.  After a quick look around, Trini and Billy hurry over to the locker area.  Billy contacts Zordon.  Zordon instructs them to teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Trini tells Billy, let's go.  The two teens teleport out of the Youth Center.  Later, the Rangers would battle and destroy Grumble Bee.  The next day,  Zack and Jason are sparring.  Kimberly and Trini are watching them.  Tommy walks in and the guys all high five each other.  Kimberly asks Tommy, how did the karate match go?  Tommy answers, it went great.  But, hey, I heard about what you guys did.  Man, I wish Zordon would have contacted me.  Trini reminds him, you have to conserve your energy.  Tommy knows, but it still makes him feel bad.  Kimberly tells him, come on Tommy.  We know that you are there for us.  Tommy smiles and nods his head.  Billy walks in and heads straight over to his friends.  He tells them he has outstanding news.  I got an A+ on the exam and made it into the Young Scientists club.  Everyone is happy for Billy.  Jason tells him, sounds like your studying really paid off.  Trini adds, you worked hard Billy.  You really deserve it.  Jason notices Bulk and Skull sitting at a table and decides to check it out.  Billy, Tommy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini walk over to Bulk and Skull's table.  They have text books pressed to their faces and don't notice the six teens at first.  Bulk is startled when he does notice them.  Bulk asks them, what are you guys staring at?  With humor and disbelief, Jason asks, are you really studying?  Billy tells Skull to stop ripping the book.  Grumpily Bulk tells them, good old Miss Appleby told me if I don't get a C on the next test, she's going to make the six top students tutor me for the whole summer.  Jason looks at his friends as he realizes what this means.  Zack does a quick count and they all realize that they are the six top students.  Jason offers to give Bulk a hand.  Zack, Trini, Jason, and Tommy kneel by Bulk to help him while Kimberly and Billy kneel down to help out Skull.  Tommy adds, I'll be happy to give you a hand Bulk.  Billy tells them, I can certainly advise you on the subject.  Kimberly tells them, we can help you guys get a C.  Zack tells them, there's always a way and Trini agrees.  Zack, Trini, Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, and Billy bombard Bulk and Skull with information which gets to be too much for Bulk and his head shakes with all the information.

The Youth Center is holding a Women's Self-Defense Class.  Jason and Tommy are teaching the class to several moms.  They demonstrate several defense moves.  Jason reminds the class to scream as loud as possible to attract attention.  Tommy asks if there are any questions.  One of the moms tells them, I just want to say how nice it is for you boys to volunteer to teach us self defense.  The class applauds Tommy and Jason.  Tommy tells them, anything for Angel Grove's moms.  Jason continues, today's class is about teamwork.  Teamwork can be one of your best weapons against an opponent.  Tommy tells them, Kimberly and Trini are going to help us show you what we mean.  Kimberly and Trini walk to the front of the class.  Tommy notes, when they walk they use the buddy system.  Jason continues, but unfortunately they are still attacked.  Trini uses her defense moves against Jason.  Tommy points out, one mistake Trini is making is she's not yelling.  Kimberly uses her defense moves against Tommy and eventually knocks him down onto the mats.  Kimberly helps Tommy up as the class applauds.  Trini continues to use her defense moves against Jason as Tommy lectures the class.  See by working together and fighting their attackers, they stay calm and are able to defeat them easily.  Remember ladies, two heads are better than one.  Trini had knocked Jason down on the mats and she helps him back up.  Trini and Kimberly leave as the class applauds.  At the end of class, Tommy instructs them, ladies, go home and practice and we'll see you all in tomorrow's class.  Jason and Tommy walk over to their friends, who are sitting at the counter.  Ernie places a basket of fruit on the counter.  Zack is really enjoying his drink.  Kimberly passes her glass to Tommy and tells him, he's got to try this.  Zack adds, man they are great as he passes his glass to Jason.  Jason and Tommy take a sip of the drinks.  Tommy agrees, that's really good.  Jason asks, what is this?  Ernie tells them, they are my new exotic fruit shakes.  I've got some pineapple, a little guava, some papaya, and a whole bunch of stuff.  Ernie walks away.  Trini tells them, Ernie bought all kinds of exotic fruit to make them.  Kimberly makes a face when Bulk and Skull join them.  Bulk greets them, okay karate geeks, we are here for the self defense class.  Jason responds, well you guys are late and class is over.  Trini adds, besides it's a women's self defense class.  Bulk responds, we know that.  We want to meet some babes.  Skull adds, yeah, like Kimberly as he lifts her hair and sniffs it.  Kimberly yanks her hair away.  Tommy tells them, you know what.  You should be in the class.  Tommy gives Jason a wink and he quickly plays along.  Jason adds, yeah, we've got some real babes for you two to meet.  Bulk and Skull get excited and exclaimed yes!  Tommy reminds Jason, we have to go figure out what we are teaching next time.  Jason tells his friends, catch you guys later.  Jason and Tommy head out.  Later, Tommy returns to the Youth Center and heads over to the counter, where Ernie is working.  Ernie greets Tommy.  Tommy tells Ernie, he needs Ernie to do him a favor.  Ernie responds, what can I do for you?  Tommy asks, do you have any pamango fruits?  Ernie replies, I've got one left, but it's for my exotic fruit drinks.  What do you need it for?  Tommy tells him, I bought Kimberly this cute, little parrot.  Ernie thinks Tommy's gesture is romantic.  Tommy continues, the vet said the best thing for it's diet is pamango fruit.  I just can't find any.  Ernie tells him, they are hard to find.  But, here you go.  Ernie hands over his last pamango fruit to Tommy and adds, it's for a good cause.  Tommy tells Ernie, he owes him one and heads out.  (Tommy is actually needs the pamango fruit to defeat Two Headed Parrot, which works and eventually the Rangers destroy Two Headed Parrot with Ultrazord.)  The following day, the lessons continue for the self defense class.  Tommy partners up with one of the moms and soon lands on the mat.  Tommy and Jason are impressed with how well the moms are doing.  Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy are sitting at the counter.  Zack is enjoying one of the exotic fruit drinks and comments, he could drink them all day.  Ernie asks Kimberly, how do you like the parrot?  Kimberly is very confused.  Ernie continues, Tommy says he's been a finicky eater.  Kimberly continues to be puzzled and replies, he did?  Ernie passes a pamango fruit to Kimberly and tells her to give him another one of these.  Kimberly thanks Ernie, even though she has no idea what he is talking about.  Kimberly looks at Trini and asks, what?  Trini replies, I don't know and they both laugh.  Bulk and Skull enter the Youth Center.  Zack notices them and points them out to his friends.  Bulk and Skull walk through the class, a little puzzled.  They interrupted class to talk to Tommy and Jason.  Bulk asks, where are all the babes?!  Skull adds, these are just a bunch of moms.  Two moms in particular are very offended over the remark.  Jason notices their expression and comments, I think it's time for a little practice.  Jason asks Bulk and Skull if they would like to be the attackers?  Bulk and Skull immediately perk up and reply sure.  Bulk tells the moms, don't worry ladies, we won't hurt you.  Skull tries to attack one mom and ends up quickly restrain.  Bulk attacks another mom and finds out he can't keep up with her defensive moves.  Bulk and Skull try one more time and the moms flip them onto the mat.  Tommy tells Jason, taught them how to do it.  Jason replies, I knew we could do it.  Tommy and Jason pound fists.  At the counter, Trini and Kimberly are amused at the display.  The moms help Skull and Bulk get back up on their feet.  Bulk and Skull are a little wobbly as they stand up.  One of the moms tells them, always remember boys.  The two moms then speak together, two moms are better than one.  Jason is very amused.  Bulk and Skull look at each other and then fall back down onto the mats.  The rest of the class gathers together around the two moms, Jason, and Tommy.  They are very proud of themselves.  At the counter, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack chuckle over the scene.

Zack was helping out Angela with a group of kids she was watching over at the Youth Center.  Zack was performing a juggling act for the kids as Angela kept track of the kids with a clipboard.  As he performs, Zack tells the kids, juggling is great.  It tones concentration skills and improves eye hand coordination and it's a great way to impress the ladies.  Zack grins and gives a wink in Angela's direction.  Bulk jumps down the steps and towards Zack, closely followed by Skull.  Bulk tells Zack, I can do that.  Zack responds, let's see and tosses the balls to Bulk.  Bulk catches the balls, but spills Skull's drink onto the floor.  With his mouth full, Bulk tries to talk to the kids, but no one understands, even Skull, although he does his best to repeat it.  Bulk gives Skull one ball and then acts like he is juggling the other two balls by tossing them into the air.  Skull simply moves his arm up and down to act as if he is juggling.  Bulk and Skull lose their balance on the slippery floor and fall.  The kids laugh as the balls come down and hits them on their heads.  Amused, Zack tells them, that's no way to do hip hop.  Angry Bulk and Skull get up as Bulk declares, I'll show you how to hip hop.  Bulk and Skull run towards Zack at opposite ends of the table.  Zack quickly jumps over the table and Bulk and Skull crash into each other.  Zack asks the kids if they want to see him make Bulk and Skull disappear.  The kids gleefully shout yes.  Zack stands in the middle of Bulk and Skull and utters a few magic words.  Underneath his cape, Zack dramatically pulls out two plastic snakes, which he holds in each hand, and holds out to their faces.  Skull and Bulk scream.  Skull runs over and jumps onto Bulk.  Bulk carries him as he takes off running in terror.  The kids laugh some more.  Zack reminds them, if you are ever in a jam, you got to think smart.  Using your brain is the best ticket out.  Angela walks up to Zack and she is very impressed.  That was brilliant.  Modestly, Zack responds, that was nothing.  Zack exchanges the snakes for a bouquet of flowers that he gives to Angela.  Angela gives him a kiss on the cheek and walks away.  Zack is stunned.  Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason all witness the kiss and they walk towards their friend, teasing him.  Jason asks, so when's the wedding?  Zack grins and replies chill guys. It was just a little peck on the cheek.  But his friends aren't fooled and Zack can't help but to dance with joy.  After while, Kimberly tells Jason, Trini, and Billy they have to hurry.  I promised to meet Tommy at the mall before it closes.  They all head over to where Zack is cleaning up his magician table.  Jason asks Zack if he is coming?  Zack replies, no.  I'm going to hang out here and make sure Angela...I mean the kids don't need any help.  Not one of his friends believe him.  Kimberly asks, who is that rad guy Angela is talking to?  Zack quickly looks over.  Angela is talking to one of the young boys.  Kimberly teases Zack.  Busted!  Jason tells Zack not to do anything he wouldn't do.  Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason head out.  Angela is sitting at the counter and Zack builds up his courage to approach her, muttering, here goes nothing.  Zack sits next to Angela at the counter.  Ernie is working behind the counter, but he can hear their conversation.  Angela asks Zack, how come you didn't tell me you were so good with kids?  Zack replies, you know me.  I hate to brag.  Ernie chokes on his drink when he hears Zack's reply.  Ernie apologizes.  Something must have got stuck in my throat.  It's also affecting my hearing.  Ernie moves further down the counter.  Angela and Zack speak at the same time.  Zack tells Angela to go first.  Angela, shyly tells him, well, I was thinking, if you don't have any plans tonight.  I was wondering if....if you would like to take me...Ernie was watching the TV and he tries to draw Zack's attention to the set.  Zack doesn't even look at the TV and tells Ernie, not now.  Zack eagerly looks at Angela, you were saying?  Angela had glance at the TV and is surprised by what she sees.  She stands up and points to the TV, stating, look!  The TV screen is showing images of Peckster attacking the city.  The kids have gathered around the counter, watching the TV.  Zack tells them, it's alright.  Everything will be okay.  Angela adds, stay cool.  One little girl isn't worried.  I know the Power Rangers will save us.  Zack suggests to Angela that he do some magic tricks to keep the kids calm.  Angela agrees to the idea.  They walk back over to the table, Zack had set up.  Zack picks up his wand and says hey to Bulk, who he knows is hiding under the table.  Bulk and Skull  become startled and flip over the table.  Zack asks Bulk, how would you like to make me disappear?  Skull and Bulk quickly get up.  Bulk asks, make you disappear?  You got to be kidding.  Zack walks over to the magic cabinet.  Bulk and Skull follow him over.  Angela and the kids watch the exchange.  Zack tells Bulk, when I step inside here, you just wave the magic wand.  Zack gives the wand to Bulk and continues, and say iamagoon.  Bulk repeats the magic word several times as Zack steps into the cabinet.  Zack briefly steps out to tell Bulk, to bring me back, just say Zack.  Got it?  Bulk nods his head in agreement.  Zack steps into the cabinet and closes the curtain.  Skull stares intently at the wand as Bulk continues to repeat the magic word.  Bulk waves the wand towards the cabinet, saying the magic word.  Bulk suddenly realizes what he is saying.  Skull laughs until Bulk hits him with the wand.  Angrily, Bulk pulls back the curtain and is stunned to see Zack is gone.  Skull and Bulk dance around as they realized the trick worked and Zack is gone.   Zack is actually by the locker area, keeping a close eye on everyone.  Zack's communicator goes off and Zack replies, let me guess Zordon.  Rita has hatched another bird brain beast.  Zordon informs Zack the creature you are referring to is called the Peckster.  And he's on a deadly mission to destroy every building in Angel Grove.  You must stop him before he causes any more damage.  Zack asks, where are the other Rangers?  Zordon replies, they are fighting the Putties and will join you soon.  Zack morphs and teleports out.  Later, Mikey is bouncing his ball when Bulk and Skull walk up to him.  Mikey wants Bulk to bring Zack back.  Bulk takes the ball and tells the kid, maybe I don't feel like it.  Bulk slams the ball into Skull's stomach.  After a moment to recover, Skull repeats Bulk's words.  Bulk and Skull walk over to Angela, who is talking to a group of kids.  Bulk taps her shoulder with the wand.  Angela faces him as Bulk tells her, the Bulkman is all yours.  How about you and me catch the submarine races?  Angela replies, I rather give mouth to mouth recitation to a hippo in a mud bath.  Skull makes stabbing gestures.  Bulk asks, is that a no?  Angela responds, yes, now bring Zack back.  Bulk gets angry.  Look Zack is history!  Bulk realizes he said Zack's name and turns around and looks at the booth.  Bulk slowly walks towards the booth.  He is followed by Skull, Angela, and the kids.  Bulk draws back the curtains, and Zack is standing in the booth.  The kids cheer as Zack steps out.  Zack thanks Bulk.  Ernie shouts, hey everyone!  Another live report!  Zack, Angela, and the kids, except Mikey,  gathered at the counter.  Bulk and Skull are still trying to figure out what happened.  The TV announcer states, we now know the Power Rangers are battling with a beastly bird in it's attempts to peck away the very core of Angel Grove city.  Zack tells the kids, it's going to be okay.  Angela offers reassuring words as well.  The TV announcer continues, it appears the Power Rangers, as of yet, have not gotten the upper hand.  Zack notices Mikey standing a distance away and walks over to him.  He asks him, how are you holding up buddy?  Mikey replies, I know the Power Rangers will come up with something awesome.  Zack agrees as he takes the ball from Mikey.  Zack bounces the ball as he glances over at the balloons.  Zack suddenly comes up with an idea.  Zack manages to slip away.  Later, Angela and the kids are gathered at the counter when Ernie walks up.  They are all cheering when the TV announcer states the Peckster was defeated by the Power Rangers.  Mikey turns around and tells Angela, that was the coolest.  Did you see the Black Ranger trick the Peckster with the balloons?  He used his brain before using his fist, just like Zack.  Angela looks around, wondering where Zack is.  Skull and Bulk are sitting at a table and overhear the conversation.  Bulk mimics Angela, where's Zack, where's Zack?  What does she see in the goody-good anyways?  Skull makes the mistake of answering.  Good looks, brains.  Bulk shoves Skull's face into the bowl of popcorn.  That evening, Jason joins Billy, Kimberly, and Trini sitting at a table.  A few moments later, a sharp dressed Zack walks in.  Kimberly and Trini tease Zack, with Trini telling Kimberly, hold me back.  Jason asks, you got a hot date?  Grinning, Zack tells his friends he's taking Angela out for a big night on the town.  Billy asks, what's on the itinerary?  Zack replies, I thought we would start off with a little candlelight dinner at La Petite Bistro.  Billy, Jason, Kimberly, and Trini are impressed.  Zack continues, and then maybe a little slow dancing at Cafe DeBlouee.  Still giggling, Kimberly comments to Trini, Romeo.  Zack concludes, and then who knows, maybe a candlelight party for two.  Facing his friends, Zack doesn't see Angela walk in with the group of kids.  Angela greets Zack and he turns around, surprised to see the kids with Angela.  Angela asks, why are you so dressed up?  We're only taking the kids to the cartoon festival.  Zack tries to take in the fact that he will not be having a romantic date with Angela.  Angela asks him, wait, did you think this was a date?  Zack quickly replies, me, no.  Trying to help out her friend, Kimberly tells Angela, Zack always dresses like that when he goes to the movies.  Perhaps not believing Kimberly or Zack, she tells Zack, you are so good with kids, I just assumed....Zack tells her, no sweat.  Angela tells him, be better we going.  The kids walk in front of them as they head out.  Downfallen, Zack tells his friends later as they head out.  Zack asks Angela, what cartoon festival are we going to see?  Angela replies, my favorite.  A five hour retrospective of Woody the Woodpecker.  Billy, Jason, Kimberly, and Trini cringe as Zack smacks his face.

Kimberly is practicing her routine on the balance beam.  After she completes it, she spots Tommy and Trini at a table set up for snacks.  Kimberly jumps off the balance beam and walks over to her friends.  Kimberly is very excited as she tells them, wait till you hear the totally awesome news.  Trini asks, what?  Kimberly replies, I'm going to be a contestant on the TV show, Trick or Treat.  Trini can't believe it.  No way, that's great!  Trini and Kimberly high five each other.  Tommy is happy for Kimberly.  Trick or Treat, isn't that like the most popular game show in America?  Trini nods her head in agreement.  Tommy continues, millions of people will see you on TV.  Playing around, Kimberly tells them, I'm going to be a star.  Tommy and Trini laugh.  Kimberly tells them she could actually win a brand new car.  Trini and Tommy are impressed.  Kimberly invites them to come see her next Saturday.  Trini immediately replies, of course.  Count me in.  Tommy is bummed.  Next Saturday?  I have this big inner city karate match I can't miss.  Kimberly tells Tommy she understands.  Kimberly wonders who her opponent will be.  Just then Bulk and Skull walk in and head straight for their group.  Bulk and Skull recite a rhyme which reveals that Skull will be Kimberly's opponent.  Kimberly can't believe it.  No way.  Bulk is confident that Skull is going to win.  Skull asks Kimberly, are you ready to meet a real winner as he reaches for her hand.  Kimberly flips his hand away and Skull lands face down in the bowl of guacamole.  Bulk yanks Skull out of the bowl and Skull's face is covered in guacamole.  Bulk tells them, forget it dweebs.  We got our strategy all worked out.  That grand prize car is going to be mine.  Skull repeats, yeah, mine!  Not too worried, Kimberly replies, trick or treat guys.  Because of Pumpkin Rapper, Kimberly ended up having to forfeit the game to Skull.  The Rangers eventually destroyed Pumpkin Rapper.  Afterwards, Kimberly and Tommy are walking out of the Youth Center, talking about their battle with Pumpkin Rapper.  Kimberly tells Tommy she is sorry that it cost him his karate match.  Tommy is not too concern, there will be other trophies.  Tommy tells Kimberly she would have looked great in that car.  Kimberly confesses that she really really really wanted the car.  Tommy tells her you don't have to win a prize from a stupid game show to know you are a winner.  Kimberly adds, that we're both winners.  Bulk and Skull drive up to them in the car.  Skull asks Kimberly if she wants to take a ride in his brand new car.  Bulk reminds him it's our brand new car.  Kimberly replies, dream on Skull.  A woman approaches the car and tells them to get out.  Bulk asks her, what do you mean?  The woman introduces herself as representative of network's standards and practices.  We reviewed your episode of Trick or Treat and discovered you and Bulk were cheating.  The car goes back to the network.  Skull comments, we've been busted Bulkie Boy as they get out of the car.  The woman gets into the car as Bulk stands against the car, unaware that part of his costume is stuck inside the car door.  Kimberly and Tommy watch the whole thing with amusement.  Skull feels a little sad as he watches the woman drive the car away.  Suddenly Bulk is spinning in circles as his costume unravels.  Bulk spins out of control and knocks Skull to the pavement as he falls down.  Kimberly and Tommy laugh.  Tommy comments, well I guess you win some, you lose some.  Kimberly adds, trick or treat guys!

Ernie is standing at the counter, surrounded by young boys crowding around him.  Jason and Zack are sitting at a table close by, amused they watch Ernie with the kids.  Ernie tells the kids, no one looks until I'm ready.  Ernie holds a sheet of paper up in the air and makes his way to the bulletin board, closely followed by the kids.  When he reaches the bulletin board, Ernie announces he's ready and pins the paper up.  Ernie continues, the junior soccer team tryouts results.  Jason greets Ernie and he stops at their table.  All the boys, except one, excitedly leave the bulletin board and head out.  Jason asks Ernie, who's that?  He looks kind of bummed out.  Zack adds, he sure does.  Ernie glances over and answers, that's Roger and I know just how he feels.  Ernie tells the guys, I hate choosing teams.  Roger slowly walks over to Ernie.  He tells Ernie, I love soccer, but I guess I'm not any good at it.  Ernie tells him, I'm really sorry about all this.  Everyone tried so hard.  Jason asks Ernie, why don't you give the kids a second chance?  Ernie replies, if it was up to me, I'll give everybody who didn't make the team a second chance.  The kids deserve it.  Zack points out, isn't it up to you?  Ernie realizes it is.  He announces, that's it then!  We're going to have a second tryout!  Roger is very excited and is confident that this time, I'm going to make it.  The next day, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy are sitting at a table.  Ernie brings over drinks for them.  Trini asks Ernie if he is ready for the tryouts?  Ernie replies, it was such a strain to make a choice the first time, I don't know how I'm going to do it again.  Suddenly the teens' communicators goes off.  Ernie looks around, asking what is that?  Kimberly asks, what is what?  Ernie dismisses it.  I'm so concern over these tryouts, I'm hearing things.  Ernie walks over to another table as Trini, Kimberly, and Billy hurry over to the locker area.  Billy contacts the Command Center.  Zordon?   Alpha 5 informs the teens, Jason and Zack are under attack by Putties in the park.  Roger is with them.  I've arranged to teleport you there to a spot hidden from view.  Kimberly glances around as Billy tells Alpha 5 they are ready.  Trini, Billy, and Kimberly are teleported out of the Youth Center.  Not only do the teens have to battle the Putties, but Soccadillo as well.  Eventually Soccadillo is destroyed by the Megazord.  After the battle, they all return to the Youth Center.  Zack points to the crowd of boys gathered around the sign-up sheet posted on the corkboard.  Kimberly and Trini crossed their fingers in hopes that Roger made the team.  Gradually the boys happily walk away from the sign-up sheet once they find out they made the team.  As they pass the teens, Kimberly, Trini, and Tommy give them high fives.  Jason congratulates them.  The only two left at the sign-up sheet is Roger and Ernie.  The teens exchange looks of concern.  Roger slowly turns around and when he sees the teens, he runs up to them.  Ernie follows Roger over to the teens.  Roger excitedly tells them, I made it!  I made it!  Ernie adds, the kids did so well, I added a second team.  The teens are very happy for Roger.  Bulk and Skull enter and plow their way through the teens.  Skull is struggling to remove goo from his hands.  Bulk and Skull stop when they see Ernie and Roger.  Bulk states, what did I tell everybody?  You see kid, you didn't have to work after all.  Roger replies, yes I did.  Bulk asks him, how do you figure?  Skull repeats, yeah, how do you figure?  Roger gloats, if I hadn't practiced, I wouldn't be captain of the team.  The teens laugh and Trini claps.  Bulk doesn't buy it.  I still say you don't have to practice to be good at something.  Bulk gets an idea.  Take Skull here for instance.  Never practice anything in his life.  Bulk asks Roger to toss the ball.  Roger does so and Bulk catches the ball.  He gives the ball to Skull and tells him to show them what you got.  Skull finally breaks his hands apart and takes the ball.  The goo from his hands is sticking to ball and Skull struggles to free his hand from the ball.  Eventually Skull just tosses the ball.  Skull notices that the goo hasn't broken free from the ball and the ball snaps back and hits Skull.  Skull bumps into Bulk.  They both slowly slide down, knocking a tray of drinks onto them as they hit the floor.  Ernie, Roger, and the teens laugh.   

Tommy and Jason are teaching karate to a group of kids at the Youth Center.  Tommy has Peter work on his kicks.  Tommy is impressed with Peter's kicks.  Way to go!  Jason instructs the class to circle it up.  Jason then has Melissa go first.  Melissa steps forward and goes through her kata.  Zack and Billy are standing close by, watching the class.  Zack tells Billy, Jason and Tommy really make a great team.  Billy agrees.  It's truly inspiring to see them volunteer time to teach free classes.  Zack adds, and martial arts is a great way to keep kids out of trouble.  Melissa finishes her kata and Tommy tells her she did great.  I can tell you have really been working hard.  Jason adds, you're doing great.  Keep it up.  Jason gives a small bow and Melissa does the same before rejoining the rest of the class.  Tommy reminds the class, martial arts should be used in self defense only.  Jason adds, and only if you've done everything you can to solve it without fighting.  You guys got it?  The class replies yes and Tommy dismisses the class.  Rita had been watching Tommy and Jason and she came up with a plan that successfully turned the guys against each other.  The following day, a rough crowd has lined up inside the Youth Center.  Bulk and Skull are selling tickets to the fight of the century - a match between Jason and Tommy.  Bulk asks Skull, how much money do we have?  Skull has lost count.  Bulk asks, how much did we have before you lost count?  Skull thinks for a moment.  A dollar.  Bulk is in high spirits and simply shakes his head at Skull's answer.  He tells Skull, you're worthless.  Do you know that?  An eager customer, with lots of money, asks if he can get twenty tickets.  Bulk gladly gives him twenty tickets and the customer walks away very happy.  Bulk hits on the next customer, asking her if she comes here often.  After awhile, the crowd at the Youth Center gets very rowdy, as they are eager for the match to begin.  Bulk and Skull try their best to hold them back.  Skull yells at the crowd to be quiet.  Bulk walks over to Tommy and Jason and tells them, the only rule is there are no rules.  Last one standing wins.  Go to your corners, come out fighting.  Tommy and Jason go to their corners as Skull enthusiastically rings the bell to start the match.  The crowd chants, fight as Jason and Tommy circle each other in fight positions.  Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy managed to get through the crowd and stand in front in disbelief.  Trini tells them, guys, this is terrible.  Billy adds, this confrontation could have disastrous results.  Kimberly states, we got to do something.  Zack steps into the middle of Tommy and Jason.  Bulk and Skull quickly walk up to Zack, as Bulk asks him, what are you doing dweeb?  Zack tells Tommy and Jason, this has gone way too far.  Why don't you guys shake hands, and forget it ever happen, alright?  Jason replies, no way Zack.  I'm going to finish this now!  Zack tries again.  Remember what you always tell your students in class?  Don't fight.  Not unless it's the only way to work things out.  Tommy tells Zack to get out of their way.  It's time to take care of this once and for all.  Bulk adds, you heard what they said.  Either buy a ticket or hit the road.  Zack reluctantly walks away and joins Kimberly, Billy, and Trini.  Jason pushes Bulk out of the way, eager to take down Tommy.  Bulk doesn't get mad.  He cheers them on.  Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Trini watch the match in dismay.  The crowd continues to chant fight as Tommy and Jason face each other.  Bulk and Skull urge the two to fight as Trini shoots them a disapproving glance.  Suddenly Zack's communicator goes off.  Zack comments, saved by the beep.  Zack gets between Tommy and Jason once more.  He points to his communicator as he tells them, it's time to go.  Neither Tommy or Jason moves.  Zack yells, it's time to go!  Jason states, this is going to have to wait.  Tommy agrees, but we will finish this later.  Zack pushes Tommy ahead of him and Jason follows his friends out.  Bulk tries to stop them, but they ignore him.  A person yanks Bulk around and asks, hey, where's the fight?  Bulk replies, it's been delayed.  Just hold on to those tickets and....suddenly Bulk and Skull ran out of the Youth Center with the angry mob right behind them.  Tommy and Jason were able to break the spell and were friends once more.  Later, Tommy and Jason are teaching their karate class at the Youth Center.  Standing close by the class are Kimberly, Trini, Zack, and Billy.  Billy tells them it's really reassuring to see Tommy and Jason working together as a team.  Now that Rita's spell has been broken.  Zack comments, it was really weird seeing them go at each other that way.  Kimberly and Trini agree.  Jason dismisses the class for a break as Bulk and Skull stumble into the Youth Center and head straight for Jason and Tommy.  Noticing the torn clothing, Tommy asks, what happened to you guys or is this your new style?  Jason chuckles.  Bulk replies, very funny.  You owe us a fight.  Jason tells them, sorry guys.  Can't help you.  Bulk tells them, maybe you didn't hear me.  You're going to fight.  And you're going to do it now!  Skull has to prop up his arm to point at Jason and Tommy as he repeats, you're going to fight!  And you're going to fight now!  Bulk tells Skull to shut up.  Bulk and Skull try to strike Jason and Tommy.  Jason and Tommy simply lean back and avoid being hit.  Instead Bulk and Skull's fists hit each other.  They both cry out in pain and fall to the floor.  The class, along with Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack laugh.  Jason uses this example to point out to his class, that there is always a better way than fighting.  The class applauds.

Tommy and Kimberly are at the Youth Center, watching Kimberly's cousin Kelly work on her cheerleading routine for tryouts later.  Initially Kelly is able to keep up with the routine.  Kimberly thinks Kelly is doing great.  Tommy thinks it's pretty cool that Kimberly's cousin wants to be a cheerleader like Kimberly.  After awhile, Kelly has a hard time keeping up with the routine and finds herself out of step with the rest of the group.  She gets embarrassed when she shouts out win, after everyone else has already finished the routine.  Tommy and Kimberly exchange sympathetic glances as Kelly walks slowly towards them.  Kimberly asks Kelly, what's wrong?  Kelly replies, isn't it obvious?  I can't do it.  Junior tryouts are later today.  If I don't have it down by now, there's no use.  Kimberly volunteers to show her the routine.  I know you can do this.  Kimberly goes through the routine.  Kelly is impressed and tells Kimberly you are so good.  Everybody at school still talks about what a great cheerleader you were.  Kimberly replies, well now it's your turn.  Kelly is not so sure.  After a few moments, Trini, Jason, Zack, and Billy enter the Youth Center.  Ernie approaches them with a clipboard in his hands.  He tells them he is glad to see them.  Jason asks, what's up Ernie?  Ernie replies, I need someone to run downtown and pick up some supplies I ordered.  The delivery truck broke down.  Jason takes the clipboard and replies, I'll go.  Ernie thanks Jason and tells him he owes him one.  Ernie walks away and Jason heads out.  Trini, Zack, and Billy walk over to where Tommy is standing.  Kimberly is helping Kelly with her routine.  Trini asks Tommy, how's she doing?  Tommy replies, pretty good.  But that's not how Kelly feels.  After a few drills, Kelly feels frustrated.  She shakes her head and yells, forget it!  I can't do it.  Kimberly is feeling a little exasperated as well.  Kelly continues, let's face it.  I'm never going to be as good as you Kimberly.  Why should I even bother trying out for the team!  Kelly throws her pom poms to the floor and runs out of the Youth Center.  Kimberly yells at Kelly to wait, but Kelly is already gone.  Kimberly and Tommy go after Kelly as the rest stay at the Youth Center.  Kimberly and Tommy have a talk with Kelly that is interrupted by the arrival of Putties.  While they are busy battling the Putties, Baboo and Squatt take Kelly.  Kimberly and Tommy race back to the Youth center.  As soon as they spot Trini, Billy, and Zack sitting at the counter, they hurry over.  Zack sees their expressions and asks, what's wrong?  Kimberly answers, Squatt and Baboo took Kelly.  We got to go to the Command Center.  Trini, Billy, Kimberly, Tommy, and Zack hurry out.  The Rangers battle Lizzinator and Kelly outwits Baboo and Squatt.  After the destruction of Lizzinator, the Rangers rescue Kelly.  Later that day, the Angel Grove Junior High cheerleader tryouts are being held at the Youth Center.  Kelly stands with Kimberly and her friends.  Kimberly asks Kelly, how are you doing?  Kelly replies, great, thanks to you.  You made me realize I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else and I needed to start believing in myself.  Thanks Kimberly.  Kimberly gives Kelly a hug.  Bulk and Skull enter the Youth Center and head straight for Kelly, Kimberly, Jason, Billy, Tommy, Zack, and Trini.  Bulk comments, well, well, well.  Looks like the wonder tot made it to the cheerleading tryouts after all.  Too bad you won't make the team!  Skull adds, yeah, too bad and laughs.  Kelly responds by asking them why don't they pick on someone with their own IQ?  Kimberly adds, yeah, I think the zoo might be down the street.  Bulk gets angry.  You think you're so smart.  I bet you can't do this.  Bulk goes through his version of a cheer routine, much to the amusement of everyone at the Youth Center and the embarrassment of Skull.  During the routine, Bulk's pants rip, which creates a lot of laughter.  Skull quickly comes to his aid, by covering the ripped pants with his hat.  As discretely as possible, Bulk and Skull leave the Youth Center.  The head cheerleader calls out, Kelly, you're next!  Kelly comments, this is it.  Kimberly tells her, you can do it Kelly.  I know it.  Kelly replies, yeah, I know it too.  Kelly goes out to the floor and starts her routine.  Kimberly is excited and nervous as she watches her cousin.  Kelly does a great job and everyone cheers.  Kelly is told she made the team.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Tommy run over to congratulate Kelly as the rest of the team also gathers around Kelly.  Kimberly tells Kelly, I knew you could do it and they high five each other.

Tommy dejectedly sits at the counter at the Youth Center, staring at the football tryouts banner.  Kimberly and Trini enter and head straight over to Tommy.  They immediately notice his expression.  Trini asks, what's wrong?  You seem so worried.  Tommy replies, well I guess I am.  I just can't help thinking about the tryouts.  Kimberly tells Tommy, he is a natural athlete.  Tommy is not so sure.  I've never played.  I've spent most of my life training in karate.  Trini tells him, that's quite an accomplishment on it's own.  Kimberly nods her head in agreement.  Ernie, overhearing their conversation, offers to help.  Tommy, you're not going to believe this.  I was an all star full backer in my college days.  Tommy is surprised.  No kidding!  Wow Ernie.  Would you be interested in helping me train?  Ernie is more than happy to help.  Skull walks in with an open book, shouting at Bulk to come along.  Bulk reluctantly enters, wearing a tutu over his shorts.  Bulk grumbles I can't do this.  Skull points out that the book says, many pro football players study ballet for grace and agility.  Ernie adds, he's right Bulk.  It makes you light on your feet.  Skull nods his head in agreement as Bulk takes the book to see for himself.  Skull points to the page.  Bulk shuts the book and comments, well, maybe so.  But if I hear one twinkle toe remark, I'm going to cream you.  Skull backs away from Bulk.  Trini, Tommy, and Kimberly laugh.  Kimberly tells Tommy they are going to the park to play a little flag football with the guys.  Trini invites Tommy to come along.  It should be good practice for you.  Tommy turns down the invite.  I'm going to stay here and get some pointers from Ernie.  Trini tells him, okay, I'll see you later and heads out.  Kimberly wishes Tommy good luck before heading out.  Once the Youth Center is close, Ernie begins training Tommy.  Tommy does several pushups.  When he is done, Ernie shows him a good exercise for agility.  Ernie demonstrates the exercise.  Tommy tries but inadvertently goes into a karate stance at the end.  Tommy becomes a bit embarrassed.  I feel like I got two left feet.  Ernie isn't too fazed.  Give it time Tommy.  Try it again.  Tommy practices the exercise again.  After awhile, Ernie sets up a dummy for Tommy to practice on.  Ernie instructs Tommy to just concentrate.  Keep your eye on the target and go for it.  Get a foothold and don't waver.  A bit nervous, Tommy charges towards the dummy.  At the last moment, Tommy lands a karate kick on the dummy.  Ernie is a bit puzzled and Tommy is embarrassed.  Tommy walks back to the starting point and tries again.  This time Tommy hits the dummy hard, but bounces off and lands on his back.  Tommy confesses that he doesn't know if he can do this.  Ernie tells him, it's not karate, but don't give up Tommy.  You got it in you.  Believe me.  Ernie helps Tommy back up and they continue with the training.  Soon Tommy's communicator is goes off, but he doesn't hear it as it is sitting inside his gym bag.  Tommy is working out on a cycle machine as Ernie keeps time.  Ernie is impressed.  Excellent!  You got good endurance Tommy.  An employee calls out to Ernie that he has a phone call.  Ernie tells Tommy to take a break and they will start again later.  Tommy replies, whatever you say Ernie and thanks him as he gets off the machine.  Tommy walks over to his gym bag and finally hears his communicator going off.  Looking cautiously around, Tommy takes out his communicator, picks up his gym bag and walks over to the locker area.  Pressing a button, Tommy states, I read you Zordon.  Zordon instructs Tommy to teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Tommy teleports out where Zordon informs Tommy that the rest of the team are trapped in a vortex.  Green Ranger tricks Rhinoblaster and manages to the Rangers released from the vortex.  Rhinoblaster is destroyed by Megadragonzord.  The following day, Mr. Caplan has the crowd settle down at the Youth Center.   As he walks over to the cardboard cutout of the school's mascot, he doesn't notice he has dropped one of his papers on the floor.  Mr. Caplan prepares to announce the football team as Ernie adjusts the lights.  Kimberly has two sets of fingers crossed as she and Trini anxiously wait for the names of the football team.  As Mr. Caplan calls their names, each member of the football jumps through the streamers, placed inside the cardboard mouth of their mascot.    Jason!  Billy! Zack!  Bob!  Matthew!  Ryan!  Michael!  Thomas!  And Paul!  The crowd, including Trini and Kimberly, had cheered as each name was announced.  Mr. Caplan concludes, that's it ladies and gentlemen.  Congratulations to our new team!  The smiles leave Trini and Kimberly's faces as Kimberly notes, oh no.  Poor Tommy.  He didn't make the team.  Trini and Kimberly exchange concerned glances.  Zack notices a piece of paper on the floor.  He picks it up as he tells Mr. Caplan, it looks like you dropped something.  Zack gives the paper to Mr. Caplan.  Mr. Caplan apologies.  I'm sorry.  I seem to have made an error here.  There are more names.  Kimberly clutches Trini's hands.  Mr. Caplan continues, well, well, well, well.  I'm pleasantly surprised.  So, let's introduce....Bulk!  There is smattering of claps.  Although disappointed, Kimberly and Trini cheer for Bulk.  Bulk leaps through the streamers, still wearing his tutu.  He does a spin and falls onto the floor.  Skull helps him up as he tells Mr. Caplan, they are still working on the agility part.  Mr. Caplan gives them a look and Bulk and Skull walk away.  Mr. Caplan continues, last but not least, I would like to introduce to you our new star quarterback.....Tommy!  Kimberly jumps up and down as she and Trini cheer and clap, along with the rest of the crowd.  Tommy leaps through the streamers with a big smile.  Mr. Caplan asks for a round of applause for our new team.  Everyone cheers.  Afterwards, Tommy walks over to Ernie.  I don't know how to thank you Ernie.  I never could have done it without you.  Ernie tells him, you worked hard for this.  And I'm really proud of you.  Tommy gives a small nod.  Ernie walks away.  Tommy greets his friends with a big smile as they gather around him.  Jason tells him, way to go bro!  Zack adds, that's morphenomenal news.  Kimberly adds her congratulations.  Billy tells him, we're glad you're on our team.  Tommy doesn't know what to say.  I didn't think I could do it.  Jason leans in.  Hey, after you play football against Rita, you can play against any team.  They all laugh.

Tommy and Jason work out, but Tommy is distracted.  Jason notices and asks him what is going on?  Tommy tells him about the assignment and asks Jason what he thinks is his biggest fault?  Jason tells him his biggest fault is that he is forgetful.  Jason leaves.  After practice, Tommy joins Trini and Kimberly.  Tommy can't get over the fact that he is forgetful.  Trini and Kimberly tell him that they will help him with the problem.  A few moments later, Bulk & Skull stop by Kimberly and Trini's table to give Tommy a hard time and then leave.      

Zack is helping Tommy with his work-out, but is distracted by the sight of Angela.  Also at the Youth Center are Bulk & Skull who are working on a song.  Kimberly walks by and then pauses to listen to their lyrics.  Kimberly laughs and tells them, you guys got to be kidding me.  Bulk tells her they have a very important audition today that is going to make both of them very big stars. Kimberly joins Zack and Tommy.  Zack knows that Angela's birthday is coming up and he wants to impress her.  Tommy suggests sending some flowers, but Zack thinks flowers are tired.  Zack is thinking of something real special like a pair of pearl earrings.  Tommy feels that's a little out of Zack's budget.  Kimberly suggests a singing telegram.  Zack considers it and glances over at Angela.  Zack decides a singing telegram at the restaurant right before he presents her with the pearl earrings.  Kimberly tells him maybe he shouldn't try to impress her so much.  But Zack is confident it will out work out and tells them to trust him.  He also asks them if they would be willing to make it a double date if Angela agrees.  Kimberly and Tommy agree to go on the double date.  Angela agreed to go on the date, but it turned into a disaster, despite Zack's best efforts.  The following day, Angela is working out.  Jason, Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy are sitting at a table.  With careful glances around, Jason tells his friends that he's glad the Oysterizer didn't have much time to do some real damage.  Billy agrees and admits he's relieved.  Kimberly leads a toast to teamwork.  Zack and Trini are standing in the doorway of the Youth Center.  Zack is holding a bouquet of flowers.  Zack tells Trini he sure learned a lesson.  Never try to impress somebody with money.  You can't buy love.  Trini thinks that's a very good motto to live by.  Always be yourself.  Zack admits that's he broke.  These flowers are all I could afford.  Trini gives Zack a smile.  Bulk and Skull walk up behind them.  Trini glances at them and then wishes Zack good luck before she walks away.  She joins the rest of her friends at their table.  Zack asks Bulk and Skull where have they been?  Bulk replies, we had to wash the dishes at the cafe.  Skull points out that they did get all the frog legs they could eat.  Skull burps.  Zack reminds them no singing this time.  Bulk and Skull silently raise their hands in agreement.  Zack asks if they are ready and Bulk gives a small nod.  Zack walks towards Angela singing.  Bulk and Skull follow behind, playing their instruments.  Zack kneels down and continues to sing his song to Angela, who is moved by the lyrics.  After a few moments, Skull breaks into song.  Everyone winces or covers their ears.  Angela laughs.  Zack apologizes.  Angela apologizes as well.  I guess I shouldn't be so materialistic about things.  Zack tells her happy birthday, as he gives her the flowers.  Angela and Zack kiss.  This time Bulk breaks into song with Skull quickly joins in.                   

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