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Once Rita saw that Jason had found a lost dog, she had Finster create another monster, Fighting Flea.  Scorpina, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are standing on the balcony with Rita.  Rita asks Goldar, well what do you think now Goldar?  Goldar asks, how will he get closer to him?  Rita has the answer.  I'm going to shrink him and put him on the little doggy!  The plan works.  Eventually Fighting Flea became normal size and confronted Jason and Kimberly.  They both morphed and battled Fighting Flea.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrived as well.  Eventually Fighting Flea was defeated by Red Ranger and his Power Sword.  Scorpina, Squatt, and Baboo have been watching the battle with Rita.  Rita declares, we need magic!  Wand let the monster grow!  Rita throws her wand down to Angel Grove.  Fighting Flea grows to giant size.  Fighting Flea is destroyed by the Megazord.

Rita has been watching the Youth Center, where a Parent's Day was being hosted.  Scorpina, Baboo, Goldar, and Squatt were with her.  Rita:  "Parents Day!"  Rita mocked the special occasion.  Rita:  "Mama!  Mama!"  Baboo:  "Yes, my Queen.  The humans seem to feel that their parents are very important people."  Rita is flanked by Baboo and Squatt as she enters the monster making room.  Scorpina, Finster, and Goldar are all there.  Rita wants a monster who will kidnap the parents of the Rangers.  Scorpina notes then they will be under our control.  Rita likes the idea.  Finster suggests they use the Dramole monster.  It comes with a perfectly delightful gas that can hypnotize anyone who breaths it.  Dramole travels beneath the ground, completely undetected.  Scorpina adds, so if we can distract the Power Rangers, Dramole can hypnotize their parents and kidnap them!  Squatt shouts, this is great!  Once we have their parents!  Baboo adds, the ransom will be their surrender.  Rita finishes to me!  I will accepted their surrender and then I will destroy their world!  Dramole is sent down to Angel Grove where Dramole successfully transfers all the people inside the Youth Center into the dark dimension.  Moments later, when Billy enters the empty Youth Center, Dramole hypnotizes him and Billy is under Rita's control.  Billy steals the Dragon Dagger and gives it to Goldar.  Which breaks the spell.  Goldar immediately uses the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord and it goes on a rampage through Angel Grove.  The Rangers battle Dragonzord with Megazord, but they are unable to defeat it.  The Power Rangers make the painful decision to give up their power coins in exchange for their parents.  They are heartbroken to discover they have been tricked, as Goldar plans to keep the power coins and their parents.

Zordon had transfer some of his energy to Tommy and Tommy was back as the Green Ranger.  Green Ranger managed to get back the Dragon Dagger  and control of Dragonzord.  Rita is furious.  She screams, I should fire all of you!  I couldn't possibly have worse help than I do already.  Baboo and Squatt cover their faces in fear.  Rita asks Scorpina if she is ready?  Scorpina is.  Rita states perfect and then laughs.  Giant monster form Scorpina and giant Goldar face down Dragonzord.  Scorpina and Goldar fight Dragonzord.  Green Ranger continues to play the Dragon Dagger.  Dragonzord fires missiles at Scorpina and Goldar.  Goldar fights Dragonzord with his sword.  Dragonzord uses it's tail to knock Scorpina to the side.  Goldar stands protectively in front of Scorpina.  They quickly get back up.  Scorpina and Goldar combine their weapons and fire at Dragonzord, as Dragonzord continues to walk towards them.  Scorpina and Goldar are battling Dragonzord, when Goldar remembers the power coins have been left unguarded.  Scorpina and Goldar vanish.  Scorpina returns to Moon Palace.  Unfortunately Goldar was too late and Green Ranger had taken the power coins back to the Command Center.  There was another battle.  This time with Dramole, but eventually the Rangers destroyed Dramole with Ultrazord.  Rita is furious and falls to her knees.  Scorpina, Baboo, Squatt, and Finster run over to help her.  Rita yells, curse you Power Rangers!  Goldar adds, they have escaped today but they have not seen the last of us!

The Rangers were battling Grumble Bee.  Red Ranger defeats Grumble Bee with is Power Sword.  Moments later, Grumble Bee is giant size and the battle continues with the Rangers.  Grumble Bee is doing well against the Megazord.  At the Moon Palace balcony, Scorpina, Baboo, Squatt, Finster, Rita, and Goldar all cheer.  Unfortunately, eventually, Grumble Bee is destroyed by Megazord.

Keeping an eye on the Youth Center, Rita knew that Kimberly and Skull would be the next contestants on the game show "Trick Or Treat".  Rita:  "Those bozos just gave me a wonderful idea.  Goldar!"  Goldar:  "Yes my queen, I have the same idea.  Unleash the Pumpkin Rapper monster.  He'll grow where we planted the rotten pumpkin seeds."  Rita:  "Why haven't you done so yet? " But Goldar had.  Goldar had sent Baboo and Squatt down earlier to do the task.   Later, Rita watched on her balcony surrounded by Scorpina, Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar.  Rita was very pleased with Pumpkin Rapper's success.  But it did not last long and the Power Rangers would destroy Pumpkin Rapper.

To Flea Or Not To Flea/Return Of An Old Friend, Part I/Return Of An Old Friend, Part II


Grumble Bee/Trick Or Treat


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