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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

Goldar, Lord Zedd, Rita, and Mordant arrived in bright red beams on a construction site in Angel Grove.  Earlier that day the construction workers had uncovered a hyper lock chamber which revealed a purple egg.  The egg was taped off and guarded after a construction worker had placed his hand on the purple egg and it zapped hard enough to knock him on the guard.  Lord Zedd had been searching for the egg.  Rita:  What do I care about some stupid egg.  Lord Zedd:  This is no ordinary egg.  Rita:  Well I say we hard boil that thing.  Mordant:  I'm with her, I'm hungry.  Goldar:  That's cause you're a pig.  A security guard had spotted them.  The security guard tried to wake up his partner.  Security Guard:  Curt, Curt...take a look at this.  Lord Zedd spotted them and used his staff to put them to sleep.  They opened up the egg and Ivan Ooze emerged.  Rita thought he was very handsome.  Lord Zedd told Ivan it was a honor to meet him.  Lord Zedd wanted Ivan to destroy Zordon.  Upon hearing Zordon's name, Ivan became every angry.  Goldar, Rita, Mordant, and Lord Zedd left Ivan to do his mission.  Later, Rita spotted the teens taking off for the planet Phaedos.  Rita was very angry.  Ivan greeted with a honey, I'm home.  Rita immediately began yelling at him.  Ivan sent a spot of ooze to seal her mouth shut.  Lord Zedd was happy, but not for long.  Ivan announced he was taking over and sat down on Lord Zedd's throne.  Lord Zedd use his staff against Ivan, but Ivan laughed, telling him it tickle.  Ivan then shrunk Lord Zedd and Rita and placed them in a snow globe.  Ivan told Goldar and Mordant they had a choice, to work for him or Lord Zedd.  Goldar and Mordant immediately told Ivan they would work for him.  Goldar, Mordant and Ivan went to an empty chemical plant.  Ivan wanted his Ectomorphicon Titans dug up and pondered how he was going to do this.  Ivan came up with the idea to use the parents of Angel Grove.  Goldar told Ivan the parents would find him a bit disgusting and Mordant burped.  Ivan remarked they would know.  Ivan got the machinery working to produce jars of ooze.  The ooze hypnotized the parents once they touched it.  Later, Goldar, Mordant, and Ivan were at the construction site.  All the parents were working on digging up the Ectomorphicons.  Ivan was bored.  Ivan snapped one of the parents and told him to dance.  Goldar gave suggestions, such as the swim and ballet.  Goldar and Ivan laughed.  Soon the skies were filled with Tenga Warriors and they landed close by.  Ivan had sent the Tenga Warriors to destroy the teens.  But the Tenga Warriors were unsuccessful and Ivan destroyed them.  Ivan was determined to get his Ectomorphicons up and running before the teens returned.  That evening, the Ectomorphicons were done.  Ivan told the parents he was bored with them and sent them to leap for their doom.  The parents stopped what they were doing and headed out.  Goldar and Ivan stood in a tower and watched the Ectomorphicons destroyed the city.  Soon the Rangers arrived in their new zords.  Pink Ranger came right at them and Ivan remarked on the cute Pink Ranger.  Goldar placed his hand on Ivan's shoulder and asked so you think she's cute too.  Ivan gave him a look and Goldar quickly removed his hand.  Ivan attacked Pink Ranger, but she managed to get away.  One of the Ectomorphicons, Scorpitron, was destroyed by the Rangers.  Ivan was furious.  Ivan oozed himself into Hornitor.  Ivan grabbed the tower Goldar was still standing on and use it as a weapon against the Megazord.  Goldar decided he had had enough and flew away.  Eventually Ivan was destroyed by the Power Ranger's and Ryan's comet.  Goldar declared himself King.  Mordant was serving Goldar a bowl of fruit when the doors opened.  It was Rita and Lord Zedd.  Goldar and Mordant knew they were in trouble.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season Three

Lord Zedd was using his super vision into space.  He saw something he didn't like.  Count Dregon's successful attack on the planet Edenoi.  Rita and Goldar were with him.  Lord Zedd told her of Count Dregon's successful attack with the use of his Spiderbase.  Lord Zedd told Rita he hated Count Dregon more than he hated the Ranges.  Rita didn't have any problem with Count Dregon, she kind of like the guy.  This did not make Lord Zedd happy.  Lord Zedd hadn't even been able to take over one planet.  For as long as he could remember, Count Dregon has been trying to one-up him, trying to be more evil and dastardly than him.  Lord Zedd and Rita noted that five of the Power Rangers had left for Edenoi.  That left only the Pink Ranger to protect Earth.  Rita encouraged Lord Zedd to take over Earth, while the rest of the Rangers were away.  Rita suggested Lord Zedd use one of Finster's monsters.  Lord Zedd didn't have too much faith in Finster's monsters.  Lord Zedd decided to go with Rita's plan.  Rita left to check on Finster.  Lord Zedd watch her go with affection and commented to Goldar isn't she something.  Goldar agree she was something, but it wasn't positive.   

Lord Zedd was pacing and Goldar and Rita were following close behind him.  Lord Zedd was talking to himself.  Lord Zedd:  Hmmm, now if I multiply the equipment, and the latitude magnetic collateral...Goldar and Rita had bumped into Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd:  Will you two stop following me around!  Rita:  Yeah!  Lord Zedd:  Where is Finster with my new monster?  I don't have all century to wait!  Goldar:  Not with Dregon moving in on you.  Rita yelled at Goldar for making the comment.  Lord Zedd became even more furious and more determined that he would be the one to conquer Earth.  Lord Zedd yelled for Finster.  Finster came in and presented Repellator to them.  Repellator kissed Rita's hand and even Rita was grossed out by the monster.  Lord Zedd sent Repellator down to conquer Earth.

Goldar was standing with Rita and Lord Zedd when Repellator returned.  Repellator:  Master, have you got anything I can take for this sore throat?  Lord Zedd:  Repellator, what are you doing here?  Repellator:  I've caught Pink Ranger's flu bug.  Repellator then sneeze several times.  Lord Zedd looked over at Rita.  Lord Zedd:  Oh for crying out loud!  You call this a monster?!  Rita:  Finster, get your termite ridden carcass in here!  Finster quickly entered.  Lord Zedd wanted Finster to fix Repellator in a hurry.  Finster and Repellator.  But even with Finster's medicine, Repellator failed to destroy Angel Grove.  The Rangers returned and destroy Repellator.

A strange creature (Rito) entered the palace.  Lord Zedd had Goldar seize the intruder.  Rita recognized the creature immediately, it was her younger brother, Rito Revolto.  Rito had brought a wedding present for his sister and "Ed", but wouldn't reveal what it was.  The presents, eggs, were not ready yet.  While waiting for the eggs, Lord Zedd wanted to launch another attack on Angel Grove.  Finster was sent to create monsters.  Finster soon returned with several monsters, some of them were his past creations.  The monsters were Lizzinator, Octophantom, Fighting Flea, and Stag Beetle.  Rito was sent down as bait, along with the rest of the monsters.   The plan worked well and Rito and the monsters successfully destroyed both the Megazords. 

Lord Zedd has everyone gathered around him and he was very pleased.  Lord Zedd:  Ahh, my comrades, we have executed the ultimate plan.  By destroying their zords, we have once and for all taken the power out of the Power Rangers.  Rita:  Rito, my brother, I'm so proud of you.  Rito:  Yeah, I'm proud of me too.  Rito laughed at himself.  Goldar:  With four monsters helping me, I could defeat them too!  Rita:  Sure you could.  Lord Zedd:  Silence!  Lord Zedd wanted to know what was in the eggs.  At first Rito had a difficult time remembering, but then he remembered all but one of the eggs were Tenga Warriors.  Lord Zedd was impressed.  As they waited for the eggs to hatch, Lord Zedd kept an eye on things.  He became very angry when he spotted the teens in the Desert of Despair.  Lord Zedd wanted the teens stopped.  The eggs had hatch, except for one, and the Tenga Warriors were sent to get rid of the teens.  The Tenga Warriors battled the teens and so the teens had to take cover.  The Tenga Warriors placed the one remaining egg outside of their shelter.

Lord Zedd was sitting on his throne and he glowed red with anger.  Rito had been defeated by the Power Rangers and their new ninja zords.  Rita and Goldar were with him.  Lord Zedd:  Such incompetence!  Lord Zedd growled in anger.  Lord Zedd:  Curses!  Goldar told Lord Zedd he knew Rito would fail.  Rita reminded Lord Zedd that they still had the Vampirus egg.  Lord Zedd placed his hopes on the Vampirus succeeding where Rito had failed.  The Vampirus monster would later be destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Lord Zedd yelled at Baboo, Squatt, Goldar, Finster, Rita, and Rito. 

After watching Rocky switch places with his teacher, Mr. Wilton, Rito had gotten the same idea to switch places with Lord Zedd and Rita.  Lord Zedd agreed to the idea.  Rito was at a loss at what to do and Rita and Lord Zedd offered no help.  Goldar reported that Rocky was alone in the park.  Rito was upset, his monster was not ready yet.  Goldar suggested sending down the Tengas.  Rito did so and joined them soon after.  Later Rito's plan failed.  Lord Zedd and Rita took again their spots as evil leaders and Rito was sent to clean Finster's workroom.

Rita was using her telescope and had been watching the teens in their science class.  Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rito Revolto were all there.  They were playing football and not paying any attention to Rita.  Rita:  I can't believe what I'm seeing.  Zedd, if those brats can't follow a simple chemistry problem, why can't we just beat them?  Goldar:  Go deep.  Finster walked in and walked up to Rita.  Finster:  My queen, I have created a mold for a magic centipede monster I think you will truly appreciate.  Rita:  No more bugs!  We need something that will really shake up the Power Rangers.  Goldar:  Go wide your athleticness.  Goldar tossed the football and Lord Zedd dropped the ball, trying to catch it.  Finster hurried over to help Lord Zedd get the ball and the magic centipede fell, landing on the football.  The football was turned into the monster, Centiback.  Centiback joined in the game and when he tossed his football it hit Rito, turning him into a monster.  Goldar and the rest laugh and Goldar and Lord Zedd had fun tossing the Rito football around for awhile.  Rita then turned her brother back to his normal form.  Lord Zedd was pleased with Centiback and sent him down to destroy the Rangers.  At first Centiback was success and turned five of the six Rangers into footballs.  Unfortunately Red Ranger and Ninjor had come up with a plan and soon the five Rangers were returned back to normal.  Lord Zedd and Rita turned Centiback to giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and battled Centiback.  Centiback was destroyed.  Goldar reported that Centiback was destroyed.  Lord Zedd and Rita was upset and blamed each other.  Finster told them they shouldn't blame each other.  Lord Zedd and Rita then remembered it was Finster's creation and blamed him.  Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rita  followed Finster, blaming him the whole time.

Lord Zedd had summon Finster.  Rita was with him. Goldar, Rito, Baboo and Squatt entered as well.  Lord Zedd wanted Finster to create a hate monster to turn the Rangers against each other.  This was to be Rita's anniversary present.  Finster soon returned with magical seeds of hate which had been extracted from the evil of every monster he had created.  Finster instructed Lord Zedd to throw them to Earth.  Lord Zedd did do.  Finster then had Rita and Lord Zedd recite an incantation.  This created Hate Master.  Hate Master was sent down to Angel Grove.  Hate Master needed something the Rangers had touch, so he could make hate dust.  First Lord Zedd sent down the Tenga Warriors to keep the Rangers busy and to have something the Rangers had touched.  Then Lord Zedd sent down Squatt to gather the soil that the Rangers were kicking around as they battle the Tenga Warriors.  Squatt gave the soil to Hate Master.  Hate Master turned it into his hate dust and blew it at the Rangers.  The Rangers demorphed and hated each other.  (Except for Yellow Ranger, who was not there.)  Aisha would try to help her friends and for a moment the spell was broken.  Rita was upset, but Lord Zedd was confident with more dust, the Rangers could not break the spell.  Lord Zedd and Rita made Hate Master big.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and battle Hate Master.  During the battle, Lord Zedd had Hate Master use more hate dust.  Hate Master did so and the Rangers, except Yellow Ranger, quit in the middle of the battle.  Once more they hated each other as well as Zordon.  Rita was thrilled.

Goldar reported to Lord Zedd that the teens still hate each other.  Rita was there and she wanted a honeymoon.  Lord Zedd remarked that they had already a honeymoon.  Rita complained it was hardly a honeymoon with Goldar around.  Goldar growled at her.  Later, Aisha would help her friends break the Hate Master's spell and the Rangers destroyed Hate Master.

Goldar and Rito were with Lord Zedd when Rita stormed in.  Rita:  Zedd you never take me anywhere!  Lord Zedd:  Well my little crud muffin, I've been working on a surprise for you.  Serpentera is fully charge and ready to sweep as away on a second honeymoon.  Goldar:  I cant' believe there ever was a first second honeymoon.  Lord Zedd:  So.  Rita:  Come on crab cakes, let's hit the road.  Lord Zedd:  Goldar, you're in charge.  Lord Zedd instructed Goldar to keep an eye on Finster and make sure his monster was ready.  Lord Zedd and Rita left for their honeymoon.  Goldar was furious at being left with Rito.  He wanted to prove to Lord Zedd that they should conquer the universe together.  Baboo and Squatt were close by and they commented that they like Rito.  Goldar had several Tenga Warriors land in the park with him.  Goldar and the Tenga Warriors battled the teens in their ninja gear.  During the battle, Goldar was knocked off his feet.  Goldar got up and he and the Tenga Warriors retreated.  When Goldar returned to the palace, he learned that Rita had used a love potion on Lord Zedd.  Goldar called Finster in and told him to make an antidote.  When Finster was done with the antidote, Goldar sent him down to Angel Grove High School, to test it on the humans.  Miss Chief had been sent down by Rito and was not happy when Finster sent her back to the palace.  The antidote worked.  Rita and Lord Zedd returned early from their honeymoon because Rito had forgotten to charge up Serpentera.  Goldar wanted Miss Chief to spray Lord Zedd with the antidote as soon as he walked in.  Miss Chief would only listen to Rito.  Rito had spray Miss Chief with the love potion.  Rita entered first.  Rito whispered to Miss Chief and Miss Chief spray Rita with the love potion.  Rita fell in love with Goldar and raved about his eyes.  Rita chased Goldar around and ended up sitting in his lap.  Goldar hollered for the antidote.  Finster stepped forward and spray the antidote, telling Goldar he owed him one.  Rita was furious to be sitting on Goldar's lap and she immediately leaped off and blamed him.  Lord Zedd then entered.  Rita blamed all their problems on Goldar.  Goldar told Lord Zedd that their marriage was a sham and Rita had used a love potion on him.  Goldar told Finster to use the antidote on Lord Zedd.  Finster spray Lord Zedd and Lord Zedd asked them what they were doing.  Lord Zedd told them that Rita was the best thing that ever happened to him.  Rito commented that it looked like old Zedd was really in love with Rita.  Lord Zedd and Rita leaned in for a kiss.

Rita had been watching the park and she was very pleased.  Kimberly and Aisha had come across a stray cat and immediately took a liking to her.  Rita:  I knew it!  I knew it!  I knew it!  Goldar and Lord Zedd were with her.  Lord Zedd:  What in the name of evil are you ranting about now?  Rita:  Be nice or else I won't let you play pulverized the Power Twerps with me.  Goldar:  Oh boy, here we go again.  Rita:  Oaf!   Rita didn't want to let them know what her plan was until the rest of dimwits showed up.  Moments later Rito arrived.  Rita told the guys to be prepared for the most brilliant plan that has gone into action.  Rita had Lord Zedd take a look.  All he saw was Aisha and Kimberly with a cat.  Lord Zedd does not like cats, but Rita told him he would like this one.  Aisha and Kimberly took the cat to the shelter.  If no one claimed her, the cat would become theirs.  In order to make sure no one would claim the cat, Rita and Lord Zedd sent down Rito.   Rito scared numerous people away.  Aisha hear the commotion and spotted Rita.  Aisha went into ninja power.  Yellow Ninja battled Rito until the rest of the Rangers arrive.  Rita and Lord Zedd then sent down several Tenga Warriors to help Rito.  The Tenga Warriors and Rito battled the Rangers.  Eventually the Tenga Warriors retreated, and Rito soon followed.  No one claim the cat, and Aisha and Kimberly adopted the cat, calling it PC for park cat.  PC was actually a human girl, Kat.  Later,  Rita used her wand and transform a garbage can into a car.  Kat was to lure Tommy into the car.  Kat entered the Youth Center and ask Tommy to help her with her broken car.  Once the car was fixed, Kat offered to let Tommy drive it.  After some hesitation, Tommy drove the car.  After awhile, Rita had Lord Zedd send the car through a warp.  Tommy was captured.  Lord Zedd and Rita then sent Rito back down to Angel Grove.  Lord Zedd and Rita made Rito giant size.

Goldar entered and asked if he could take care of Tommy, as he had an old score to settle.  Lord Zedd agreed.  Goldar went into the other dimension and waited until Tommy woke up.  The car vanished underneath Tommy and he fell to the ground.  Tommy quickly got up and face Goldar.  Rita's hologram image appeared.  Tommy wanted to know where Katherine was and Rita teased him, asking what would Kimberly think about him asking about another girl.  Rita then she had a city to destroy and vanished.  Tommy morphed.  Goldar and White Ranger battled.  During the battle, Goldar told White Ranger he should join their side.  White Ranger refused and the battle continued.  Eventually Rito joined in as well.  Goldar and Rito battled the White Ranger with ease.  They almost had him, when White Ranger was teleported out.

Lord Zedd was sitting on his throne and Rita stood by his side when Finster entered.  Goldar was there as well.  Lord Zedd:  What is it this time Finster?  A monster that blows itself up?  Finster:  No, I've done something wonderful.  Rita:  Done what?!  Finster:  After years of failed attempts, I've finally decipher the scrolls of Zordenio.  Lord Zedd:  What are you talking about?  Finster:  The scrolls show the exact location of the dormant zords.  If they had a power coin, they could operate the zords.  Even Goldar was impressed.  Lord Zedd sent Finster to look for the dormant zords, along with Baboo and Squatt.  They would find the dormant Shogunzords.  Kat successfully stole Kimberly's power coin.  Lord Zedd had Kat use the power coin to steal the Falconzord.  Goldar and several Tenga Warriors were sent down to keep the Rangers busy.  White Ranger and Ninjor arrived to battle Goldar and the Tenga Warriors.  During the battle, Kat knocked out White Ranger and stole the Falconzord.  Ninjor was greatly weaken during the battle.  Ninjor was captured and taken to Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd instructed Finster to drain Ninjor's energy, so they would have energy to operate the zords.

Rita and Lord Zedd had been watching the Command Center.  Everyone was concern about Kimberly's health and safety.  Lord Zedd:  Well then, she's counting on a bunch of losers Tommy, because you and the rest of your power cohorts are going to be enslaved to me.  Rita:  I can smell victory already.  Goldar and Rito were with them.  Goldar:  Are you sure you're not just smelling Rito?  Rito:  Hey what do you mean?  I don't smell.  I took a shower last month.  Lord Zedd:  Quiet you zoo rejects!  Lord Zedd was very pleased with how the plan was working, taking over from Rita completely.  The only problem was he needed pilots to operate the Shogunzords.  Rito suggested using the Power Rangers.  Rita thought it was a bad idea, but Lord Zedd liked it.  Lord Zedd quickly came up with a plan on how to get the Rangers to pilot the Shorgunzord.  Lord Zedd created  Inciserator and sent him down to Angel Grove.  Five of the Rangers battled Inciserator.  Kimberly was still unconscious in the Command Center.  After awhile, Lord Zedd then sent down several Tenga Warriors to "attack" Kat.  Kimberly had awaken and insisted on helping her friend.  Pink Ranger battle the Tenga Warriors for a short time, before she ran out of energy.  Pink Ranger collapse and demorph on the ground.  Goldar appeared.  He was thrilled.  He placed his foot on the unconscious Kimberly and then teleported out.  Kimberly was now being held captive and being drained of her energy at the palace.   Lord Zedd planned to use Kimberly's welfare to force the teens to pilot his zords.

The five Rangers had agreed to pilot the Shogunzords.  There was a party at the palace.  Goldar, Finster, Rita, Lord Zedd, Rito,  Baboo, and Squatt had a good time dancing and enjoying themselves.  Goldar:  Three cheers to Lord Zedd!  Lord Zedd decided to check on the teens.  Lord Zedd:  I better check on the Power Rangers, just in case.  Lord Zedd became furious when he spotted Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Adam setting up a device, that would allow Tommy to travel to the dimension and rescue Kimberly.  Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors.  Tommy had made it to the dimension, so Lord Zedd left to battle him and prevent him from rescuing Kimberly.  Later, Lord Zedd was defeated and Kimberly was rescued.  The Rangers also gained control of the Shogunzords.  But Lord Zedd and Rita still had Ninjor and Kimberly's power coin. 

Lord Zedd was not happy.  Goldar, Finster, Rita, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt were with him as he made his complaints known.  Lord Zedd:  I rule over a dominion of losers.  None of you know how to defeat the Power Rangers.  I'm disgusted with all of you!  Goldar:  Me too.  Rita:  He's talking about you Goldbar!  Rita laughed.  Squatt:  I guess it's going to be another one of those days.  Rito:  The way I see it Ed, we need a fool proof plan to defeat the Rangers.  Rito suggested changing one of the Rangers into a monster.  The remaining Rangers wouldn't want to destroy one of their own, and the Ranger monster would destroy them.  Rita scoffed at the idea, but Lord Zedd liked it.   Moments later,  Finster returned with a vehicular transformer.  Kimberly, Bulk & Skull were inside a cab, trying to catch the thief that had stolen Kimberly's car.  Lord Zedd used the vehicular transformer on the cab and it turned into Crabby Cabbie.  Initially the plan worked well and Lord Zedd and Rita made Crabby Cabbie grow to giant size.  But Alpha 5 came up with a device that would remove Kimberly, Bulk & Skull from the van.  The device worked and Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly were ejected from Crabby Cabbie.  The five Rangers, with their Shogunzords, destroyed Crabby Cabbie.  Lord Zedd was furious and blamed Rita.  Rita blew him off.           

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she was not happy.  Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rito were with her.  Rita:  No!  I must stop her from competing in that meet and I have just the plan!  Lord Zedd:  Plan!?  She couldn't be stopped even when she lost her power coin.  Rita:  Let's just say, I'll keep our little mall rat so busy, that'll she be too exhausted to do anything else, but dream of what might have been.  Rita sent Kat to keep an eye on Kimberly.  Several days past and Rita was ready to put her plan into action.  She sent down several groups of Tenga Warriors to various parts of the city.  The Rangers would have no choice, but to call on Kimberly for help.  Goldar, Rito, were sent down with and several Tenga Warriors.  They battled the White Ranger.  In other areas, Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger battled Artistmole and Vampirus while Blue Ranger and Black Ranger battled various Tenga Warriors in another part of the city.  It soon became too much and Pink Ranger was called into battle.  The Rangers managed to get the whole group together and defeat them.  Pink Ranger was exhausted.  Kimberly insisted on continuing with her gymnastics practice.  Rita's plan worked as Kimberly collapse from the balance beam.  The one thing Rita hadn't plan on was Kat's breaking through Rita's spell. 

Lord Zedd and Rita watched as Kat got help and Kimberly was taken to Angel Grove Community Hospital.  Goldar, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt were with them.  Lord Zedd was not happy.  Lord Zedd:  I don't believe she turned on us.  Who'll be next?  Lord Zedd looked at Baboo and Squatt.  Lord Zedd:  You two?  Rita:  I wonder what happen to that spell anyway.  Finster, I want an answer and I want it now!  Finster hurried to the front.  Finster:  In analyzing my data, I conclude that Katherine's attempt to save Kimberly was a totally selfless deed.  The goodness of that act overpowered your evil spell and neutralized it completely.  Rita wasn't too upset - nothing lasts forever was her opinion.  Lord Zedd figured Katherine had still done well before turning good - the Pink Ranger was out of commission.  But that satisfaction didn't last long, as Kimberly recovered.  Lord Zedd and Rita wanted to make Kat pay for her disloyalty.  Finster was called in to make a monster.  Finster made Garbage Mouth.  But Garbage Mouth would fail to capture Kat and ended up being destroyed by the five Rangers.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Rita quickly got an idea and pointed out the blue jar which held Ninjor.  Lord Zedd immediately cheered up.  Rita and Rito went down to Angel Grove and demanded that Tommy and Billy release Kat to them.  Billy and Tommy refused.  This didn't bother Rita at all.  Rita and Rito left with a threat.  Turn over Kat, or Ninjor will be destroyed.

Rita plan to capture Kat and send both her and Ninjor to the Sea of Sorrow.  Goldar, Rita, Rito, and several Tenga Warriors arrived in the park to make the trade with the teens.  They tossed out the blue jar and Kat stepped forward.  But no one could touch Kat as Billy had made a device to protect her.  Rocky opened the jar and discovered they had been tricked, there was no Ninjor.  Rita was furious.  Goldar, Rito, and the Tenga Warriors battled the ninja Power Rangers.  During the battle, one of the Tenga Warriors found Billy's device.  The Tenga Warrior smashed it and Kat was no longer protected.  Rito grabbed Kat.  Rita was thrilled.  Goldar, Rita, Rito, and the Tenga Warriors vanished in triumph.  Later, Kat would escape her cell, find the pink power coin, and then be teleported out before any harm could come to her. 

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she didn't like what she saw.  Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rito were with her.  Rita:  That Zen Zero thinks he's so hot!  Well, I've had just about enough of that Mr. Perfect and his preachy platitudes.  Lord Zedd:  Agreed.  I'd love to knock that pony tail Power punk off his pedestal.  Rita:  Well, Finster's working on the monster that can do just that.  Finster, grab your decrypted behind in here!  Finster hurried in.  Finster:  Yes your royal empress.  Rita wanted Finster to create a monster that could attack from the inside out.  Goldar commented on Rita's people skills and they all laughed.  Finster hurried away.  Lord Zedd didn't know what Rita had planned, but he was sure it was perfectly evil.  Later, Finster returned with Ravenator and presented it to them.  Lord Zedd thought it was a good looking monster, but what was Rita going to do with it.  Rita used her wand and shrunk Ravenator to a very tiny size.  Rita planned to plant Ravenator inside Tommy's food and have him eat the monster.  Ravenator would urge Tommy to eat all the time and the Rangers would have no choice but to take Tommy to the Command Center for help.  But Katherine, now the Pink Ranger, had telepathically overheard their conversation.  Lord Zedd had been keeping an eye on Angel Grove and noted that Katherine was aware of their plans.  Finster was called in once more.  Finster explain it was a side effect from the spell.  Rita and Lord Zedd were not happy.  Several Tenga Warriors were sent down to take care of Katherine.  Katherine summon her pink ninja powers and eventually defeated the Tenga Warriors.  Katherine was able to get to her friends and warn them of what was going on.  Eventually Tommy would spit Ravenator out.  Lord Zedd turned Ravenator to giant size.  Ravenator would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.    

Rita had been watching the Youth Center and she was not happy.  Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rito were with her.  Rita screamed.  Rita:  She started out so evil and now Katherine's become such a goody good, it makes me sick.  Rito:  What's she done this time, sis?  Rita:  She and her disgusting cuddly friends are building houses for the homeless.  Goldar:  Hey, can they build a house for Rito?  Then he can finally move out.  Goldar and Lord Zedd laughed.  Rita:  Very funny.  Rito's more help to me in getting rid of the Power punks than the two of you combined.  Lord Zedd and Goldar were in disbelief.  Rita was determined that she and Rito would destroy the Power Rangers.  Rita's plan failed.  Rita blamed Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rito, calling them whining losers. 

Rita had been watching the Youth Center.  Katherine was watching her aunt's chimp, Kelly.  Rita was greatly amused.  Rita:  How cute!  The power twerps have a new mascot.  He even looks a little bit like you.  Goldar:  That's a lie!  Rita:  You're right Goldar.  He's much better looking!  Rita laughed.  Goldar was no amused.  Lord Zedd stormed in.  Lord Zedd:  What's going on here?!  Lord Zedd took one look at the chimp and got an idea.  Lord Zedd changed the chimp into Sinister Simian.  Lord Zedd figured the Rangers wouldn't harm the monster, because they didn't want to hurt their chimp friend.  But the Rangers found a way around the problem.  The Rangers destroyed Sinister Simian without harming Kelly.  

The palace was shaking and everyone was losing their balance.  Rita:  What's happening?  Finster, did you forget to pay the electric bill again?  There was fog and everyone was aware that someone had entered the palace.  Lord Zedd:  Who dares enter unannounced?!  Master Vile:  What?  Who dares to ask a question of me, Master Vile?  Lord Zedd:  Master who?  Rita:  Zeddy.  Rita and Rito knew who Master Vile was - their father.  Master Vile had decided to take over and show them how to conquer.  Master Vile knew that the Zeo Crystal were underneath Zedd's palace.  There was a force field around the Zeo Crystal and would destroy anyone who possesses an ounce of evil.  Master Vile instructed them to feed the Tenga Warriors a bag of food he held.  The bag got tossed around a lot and eventually was feed to the Tenga Warriors.  The jar containing Ninjor was dropped.  The jar shattered and Ninjor was free and managed to escape.  Master Vile was determined to get Ninjor back.  Master Vile took Rito with him and created Globbor.  Globbor would successfully attach himself to Ninjor during a battle and drained most of the Megazord's power.  Lord Zedd was not happy with Master Vile's success.  Rita and Lord Zedd knew they needed someone good to get the Zeo Crystal.  Rita and Lord Zedd were surprised when they heard Katherine offered to help them.  Lord Zedd was skeptical, but Rita knew that Katherine still had evil in her. 

White Ranger went to the cavern beneath Zedd's palace to try and get the Zeo Crystal.  Goldar was one of the illusions brought forth to confuse White Ranger.  Later, Master Vile successfully taken the Zeo Crystal.  Master Vile was ready to conquer Earth, but wanted to throw a party first.  Goldar, Rito, Rita, Lord Zedd (rather depressed), Baboo, Squatt, and Master Vile traveled to the party in the Space Skull.  Everyone, except Lord Zedd, celebrated their victory on Space Skull and danced around.  Once they landed in Angel Grove, the Youth Center was selected as the place to have the party.  Goldar, Rita, Lord Zedd, Baboo, Squatt, and several Tenga Warriors danced around a frighten Ernie, Bulk & Skull.  Bulk quickly came to the conclusion that the Power Rangers had lost.

Goldar, Rito, Baboo, Squatt, Lord Zedd, and Rita were at the Youth Center.  The place was packed with monsters and humans.  The humans were forced to dance as Master Vile instructed them to.  After awhile, Katherine, Rocky, and Tommy entered the Youth Center.  Bulk & Skull filled them in on what was going on and asked them if they had seen the Power Rangers.  Some Tenga Warriors spotted Bulk & Skull and forced them onto the dance floor.  Goldar approached the three teens from behind.  Rocky, Tommy, and Katherine got into a fighting stance, but Goldar was unconcern.  Goldar was confident that Master Vile had already conquered Earth.  Goldar walked away from the three teens.  Later, when Master Vile attempted to destroy the Earth, nothing happened.  The Power Rangers had broken the connection between Master Vile and the Zeo Crystal.  The Rangers had also gain control of their zords.  Master Vile teleported out.  The Rangers destroyed Globbor and defeated Master Vile.    

Goldar and the rest had gathered in the throne room.  Lord Zedd:  This had better be good Vile.  Finster was standing in front of a mic.  Finster:  It is my great displeasure to introduce to you a woman whose voice will soon spell the end of the Power Rangers - Dischordia.  Dischordia pop out and began singing.  Everyone, except Rita, enthusiastically, applauded and cheered for Dischordia.  Lord Zedd got up and walked over to Dischordia.  Lord Zedd:  Dischordia, how well I remember your painful voice.  Later the Rangers would destroy Dischordia.

Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Rita were all gathered together.  Rita:  My father is finally ready to release the plan of the millennium.  The ultimate force of evil.  Rita laughed.  Lord Zedd:  Then where is the old coot?  I haven't seen him for days.  Rita:  That's because he's been busy.  Goldar:  Busy doing what?  Lord Zedd:  Yes, what?  But Rita wasn't going to reveal it.  Later, the palace shook as Master Vile tried to uncover the Orb of Doom.  Goldar and the rest couldn't barely stand on their feet.  Finster took cover, even though Rita told him it was only her father.  Goldar and the rest had gathered inside the throne room.  Master Vile announced how he had uncovered the Orb of Doom.  The Orb of Doom had the power to stop the Earth's rotation and reverse time, and the Rangers would be children with no powers.  They would not be able to stop their forces.  Lord Zedd was not convinced the plan would work.  Lord Zedd had already tried that once.  Master Vile gave the Orb of Doom to Rito to plant in Angel Grove.  After awhile, Goldar arrived in Angel Grove to help out Rito.  Rito had summon several of the Tenga Warriors.  The Tenga Warriors were going to head for the carnival.  The Rangers split into two groups to stop , Goldar, Rito and the Tenga Warriors.  Some of the Tenga Warriors stayed with Goldar and Rito.  Goldar and the Tenga Warriors battled White Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger as Rito easily found a spot to set up the Orb of Doom.  The ground shook as the Orb of Doom went into affect.  The plan worked and the Earth stood still and the Rangers were children once more.  Goldar, Rito, Rita, and Lord Zedd stood just outside the carnival, giant size.  Goldar and the rest enjoyed watching the people run and scream in terror.

I'm Dreaming Of A White Ranger

Lord Zedd had sent Rito to Santa's workshop, to force the elves to make his toys that would hypnotize the children into thinking that Lord Zedd was their master.  Lord Zedd kept an eye on things.  Goldar was with him.  Rito had been lured outside Santa's workshop by Kimberly and Aisha.  The rest of the teens were waiting outside.  Lord Zedd was furious and sent Goldar to help Rito.  Goldar was not much help and the two were pelted by snowballs thrown by the teens.  Goldar and Rito ran inside, where the elves had set up a trap.  Goldar and Rito tripped over some ribbon.  Goldar, Rito, and the Tenga Warriors were captured, tied up, and sent back to the moon.  Goldar kneel before Lord Zedd and Rita and told them of his failure.  Lord Zedd was furious with him.  Goldar and Rito had been defeated by the teens, even though they had no power.  But Goldar and Rito had no power either.  Later, a package had arrived for Rita and Lord Zedd.  Goldar, Rito, Baboo, the Tenga Warriors, Rita and Lord Zedd gathered around.  Rita was excited until she opened the present and saw that Santa had returned their toys.  Rito then gave Goldar a present in the spirit of the holidays.  Goldar was a little taken aback. 

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