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Leo Corbett - The Red Galactic Power Ranger

Leo Corbett was a man looking for adventure.   Knowing his brother Mike was aboard Terra Venture only increase Leo's appetite to see what was out in space.  Feeling dejected after being rejected by Terra Venture personnel, Leo wander around aimlessly into an alley.  There he encountered an elderly woman who was in danger.  Using his wits and marital skills, Leo protected the elderly woman and made the thieves run for cover.  Afterwards, with the elderly woman's words still ringing in his head, Leo snuck aboard a shuttle for Terra Venture.

Unfortunately Leo was spotted prior to his boarding the shuttle and was on the run the moment he set foot on Terra Venture.   Stumbling, he bumped into another person and knocked that person to the ground.  As Leo offered his hand to the fallen person, he became dazzled by the beauty before him.  But, he was still evading the protection officers on Terra Venture and took off again.  Leo borrowed a training outfit and was mistaken for a group of people going on the moon for training.  While the training was in effect, Leo spotted a bomb and quickly tried to get a team member to safety.  The team member turned out to be none other than Kendrix!   The girl he encountered earlier.  In no time at all Kai arrived on the scene confrontation between the two men quickly developed.  Before the confrontation could turn physical, another team member appeared on the scene and chastised Leo.  Much to the surprise of Kai and Kendrix, Leo was the younger brother of Mike.

This encounter did not last long, for soon a vortex appeared and out tumbled a young woman.  Initially she tried to escape, but when that failed, she introduced herself as Maya and explained her troubles to the group.   Leo's reaction was immediate, he was ready to go and help Maya.  But his brother Mike forbade him, and instead Mike and Kendrix followed Maya back into the vortex.   But Leo just couldn't walk away with Kai and quickly he turned around and jumped into the vortex.  There Leo found himself on a strange planet with chaos all around.   Furio was desperate to have the quasar swords that were encased in a boulder.   Unable to take the sabers, Furio was intent on destroying the community that surrounded this boulder.  Without a second thought, Leo once again, was protecting innocent people from great danger.  During the battle, Leo witnessed an amazing sight.  His brother Mike, along with Kendrix, Kai, Damon and Maya grasped the sabers and pulled them out of the boulder.  This infuriated Furio even more and he cause everything  to turn to stone.  As Leo was running for his life, he felt the ground beneath him shake.   Soon the ground was splitting into two and Mike was clinging onto a ledge.  As Leo tried to help his brother, Mike gave him the quasar saber and then fell into the deep cavern.  Furio simply laugh, which made Leo very angry.  Soon the quasar saber was shimmering with a life of it's own, and Leo transformed in the Red Ranger with the others following suit.  A battle followed, but the world was still turning to stone.  The Rangers had to go back to the ship.   With the others dragging him, Leo boarded the Astro Megaship and headed back to Terra Venture.  While the others thrilled to the fact that they were chosen to be Power Rangers, Leo only felt sadness.  The memory of his brother falling into the cavern would haunt Leo.  He felt guilty that he was unable to save his brother.   This guilt was used to Furio and Scorpius advantage many times.  Leo, desperate to have his brother back, would fall for these deceptions many times.   Always leaping into action without thinking about the consequences. 

Although Leo initially tried to fit into the GSA, it simply was not meant to be.  Leo felt constricted by all the rules and regulations of the GSA.  He was a bit of a gambler with an adventurous heart and decided it was not for him.  And although there was initial conflict between Kai and Leo, they eventually realize what the other had to offer and became friends.  Leo also developed friendships with his other rangers as well.   Leo liked to show off his magic tricks to Damon and both of them enjoy having a good laugh.  Leo is very protective over Maya and Kendrix.  When they were turned into trophies, all Leo could think about was how to get them back.  And when Karone appeared, he found someone who enjoyed being a big kid as much as he did.

During his adventures as a Ranger, Leo would encounter a mysterious warrior who turned out to be the Magna Defender.   Eventually Leo and the others would discover the reason behind the Magna Defender's intense need for revenge.  And although Leo understood the Magna Defender's grief, he wouldn't allow him to use it as an excuse to hurt innocent people.  The numerous battles with Scorpius and his various monsters lead to a huge confrontation.  Which brought about the Magna Defender's sacrifice and the return of Mike.

Although Leo was happy to have his brother back, he began to wonder if he should continue as the Red Ranger.  Leo tried to give Mike back the quasar saber, but Mike wouldn't take it.  Another battle soon followed and during this battle, Leo witnessed his brother Mike become the Magna Defender.   Leo then realized that, as his brother told him, he was meant to be the Red Ranger.   Without the guilt and conflict inside him, Leo became a stronger leader.  He also found time to meet new people.  Leo was quite taken with Ginger.  And they enjoyed the time they had together immensely. 

On a mission with his brother, Leo discovered an ancient book.  This book would take Leo and the others on another set of adventures.  One of them being the discovery of three more galactabeasts.   At one point, the Rangers having gotten rid of Scorpius, thought they could relax and enjoy themselves.  This was not the case.  Trakeena, Scorpius daughter, was bent on revenge on the Rangers.  Most especially the Red Ranger Leo.  She tried many times to get rid of Leo.  Unknown to Leo, Trakeena even resurrected the Psycho Rangers in her attempts to defeat the Galaxy Rangers.  This lead to Leo's encounter with Andros.  A legend he had admired for many years.  Leo, Mike and Andros quickly came up with a plan to rescue Kendrix, Kai, Damon and Maya.  Soon the Galaxy Rangers were freed, and along with the Space Rangers, battled the Psycho Rangers.   Thinking the Psycho Rangers defeated, Leo was happy to show off Terra Venture to the Space Rangers.  But Psycho Pink had survived the battle and went after the Pink Rangers with a vengeance.  Another huge battle took place and although Leo destroyed Psycho Pink, he was unable to save Kendrix.  Leo could only stand and watch the demise of Kendrix.  Ironically it would be the former Princess of Evil, Karone, who would fill in for Kendrix. 

Soon afterwards Leo found himself in the Lost Galaxy and discovered a new villain by the name of Captain Mutiny.  This despicable creature captured people and made them into slaves.  Forcing them to dig for treasure.  This was something that Leo could not stand and numerous battles came about.  Eventually, Leo was able to freed the slaves and help them escape.  They were also able to leave the Lost Galaxy.

Then came the vision everyone had hoped for.  A habitable planet on the horizon.  But Trakeena was still after Leo and the other Rangers.  She set up a huge attack on Terra Venture.   Everyone, except Leo, was able to escape Terra Venture and land on the planet.   Terra Venture, with Leo onboard, crashed into a moon.  Soon Leo discovered that Trakeena had survived as well.  Trakeena soon had Terra Venture running again with plans of destroying the planet.  Through sheer determination Leo was able to defeat Trakeena.  He managed to get Terra Venture to the planet with as little damage as possible.  Once on ground everyone cheer for the Rangers.

Once the commotion died down, Maya lead Leo and the others through a path.  Much to everyone's surprise the planet they were on was Mirinoi.  Leo had come full circle.  Under Maya's instructions, Leo returned his quasar saber into the stone.  Leo was no longer a Ranger.  But things did not end there.  Mironi came back to life and in a glowing light Kendrix returned to her friends.  With fireworks in the background, Leo ended one phase of his life and began another.  

As it turn out, Leo would again, wear the Ranger suit.  With pouring rain surrounding him, this time Leo instead of Mike, pull the quasar saber from the rock.  He began fighting ghouls who were working for TriSkull.  Leo lost this battle, as the ghouls jump into the vortex and headed towards Earth.  Frustrated, Leo followed them.  Leo waited for the Lightspeed Rescue vehicle to appear and walked into the street and in front of the vehicle to stop them.  As the Lightspeed Rangers clambered out and race towards the man standing in the middle of the road.  To their amazement, it was Leo.  Leo quickly explained the situation to the others and soon the Lightspeed Rangers were fighting the ghouls as well.  Gathering energy with his saber, Leo wiped them out.  But he knew that this was not the end. 

Back at the Aqua Base Leo, along with Maya and Kai, explained about Trakeena's return and TriSkull's involvement.  Both teams of Rangers quickly gathered to do battle with TriSkull and the ghouls.  This time the Rangers went down in defeat, but they were not giving up.  Carter quickly formed a plan and enlisted Heather's help in getting into the building that Trakeena was hatching her triumph return.  Dressed as a fireman, Leo and the other Rangers excavated the building.  Leo and Carter burst into the room where Trakeena was hiding.  They looked in amazement at the small bottles with humans inside of them.   Trakeena had been draining their energy for her comeback.  Leo and Carter were quickly under attack, but they had help in the form of Kendrix and Damon.  But even with the combined forces, Leo and the others ended up falling out of a window.  Chad was listening to what was going on with his communicator and quickly dispatch inflated platforms to cushion their fall.  During this Trakeena was having her own trouble, as a knife with a special poison went into one of the tubes with the energy.  Trakeena turned into a huge, horrible looking beast.

Both teams of Rangers lost no time in battling it out with her.  It was a very tough fight.  Amazing the Galaxy Zords showed up to help in the battle.  It still was not enough until the two zords combined into one fierce fighting machine.  Finally, Trakeena was defeated.   Afterwards, both teams watched as Carter lead Heather back to her mother.  As the Rangers chatted with each other, Leo confessed to actually enjoying going into battle again.  The Lightspeed Rescue Rangers invited the Galaxy Rangers to stay.  But as Kendrix explained they had to get back to Mironi.  Although Leo did enjoy being the Galaxy Red Ranger once again and being back on Earth.  His new home is Mirinoi, and Leo was anxious to get back to the adventures waiting for him there.

Leo received word from Andros - he was needed again.  For the second time, Leo pulled the quasar saber from the stone.  Hooking up with Aurico, Leo speed his galaxy glider towards the moon.  Andros had informed Leo that the surviving generals of the Machine Empire were attempting to resurrect Serpentera again.  Leo and Aurico arrived in time to pull Cole  - Red Wild Force Power Ranger out of a tricky situation.  They found a safe spot and landed with Jason - Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Tommy -  Red Zeo Power Ranger, TJ - Red Turbo Power Ranger, Andros - Red Space Ranger, Carter - Red Lightspeed Rescue Power Ranger, Wes - Red Time Force Ranger, and Eric - Quantum Ranger racing to greet them.  Leo demorph and told Andros that they had arrived as quickly as they could.  Quickly all the Red Rangers morphed into action.  Leo and TJ worked together on bringing one of the generals down.  Unfortunately, General Venjix managed to get into Serpentera and was attempting to leave.  Leo watched as Cole launched himself onto his Wild Force rider and went after Serpentera.  Soon Serpentera was destroyed and Leo cheered along with the rest of the Red Rangers.  Leo made a quick trip back to Earth to NASADA.  Tommy thanked all the Rangers for their work and said his good-byes to them.  Leo and the rest of the Rangers watched as Tommy walked away.  Cole commented on Tommy being the greatest Ranger and that had Leo and the rest of the guys laughing.  Leo had left a strong legacy as well.  He had saved the people of Terra Venture, revive the people of Mironi and discovered a new galaxy.

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