Justin Stewart - The Blue Turbo Power Ranger

Life wasn't looking so good for Justin Stewart.  His mom had passed away and his dad was taking it hard.  His father closed down his Karate school and was trying to get himself together.  Justin was staying at the Angel Grove Shelter, but now there was the threat that the shelter would be shut down.  It's no wonder Justin didn't feel like singing on the bus headed towards a karate practice.  Two teams would be competing for a championship - with the prize money going to a favorite charity.  His friends, Adam, Rocky, and Tommy were competing for the Angel Grove Shelter.

As Justin walked into the arena he saw Rocky on his back in obvious pain.  He wanted to race to him, but Kat and Tanya told him to wait.  Justin watched as his friend was carried out on a stretcher.  Justin was supposed to stay with the group of kids that were with him.  Instead, he snuck over to the hospital and found Rocky's room.  Silently he walked in, but before he could get any words out, he heard voices heading towards Rocky's room.  Not wanting to be caught, Justin dove underneath Rocky's hospital bed.  He could see Adam, Tommy, Tanya, and Kat's feet and hear their voices as they talked to Rocky.  Then an amazing thing happened.    Justin heard several beeps and Tommy talking to someone called Zordon.  When Justin heard Zordon called his friends Rangers, he knew he had stumbled upon something big.  In an blinding flash, his four friends were out of the room.  In his excitement to leave, Justin bump his head on the bed.  Making enough noise that Rocky heard him.  Rocky was very surprised to see Justin in his room and asked him what he had heard.  When Justin told him "you guys are the Power Rangers", Rocky knew that Justin had found out their secret.

Due to this turn events Zordon appointed Justin as the new Blue Turbo Ranger.  Justin headed out in Storm Blaster to meet the other Rangers at the dock.  Tommy, Kat, Tanya, and Adam were unaware that Justin was now a Power Ranger.  When Justin step out of the Storm Blaster they were amazed to see him there.  Excitedly Justin told them that Zordon had made him the new Blue Turbo Ranger.  The others were stunned, but there was not much time for debate.  The Rangers needed to get to the island of Muiranthias to prevent Divatox's plans and to help Lerigot.

The voyage to the island had been eventful and now they were on the island.  Justin was more than ready to morph as a Ranger.  In his eagerness, he lead the others to where the ceremony was being held.  As Justin and the other Rangers burst onto the ceremony, Justin saw two others dangling over a pit.  The two were Jason and Kimberly.  Initially they were turned evil, but Lerigot changed them back to good.  It was an intense battle inside and they soon needed the help of their zord.  Justin and the others managed to led Maligore, a evil being whom Divatox had wanted to join in marriage, outside.  There they called upon their zords and managed to defeat Maligore.

The match between the two karate teams meant a lot to Justin.  His future was being decided on this event, and he watched it intensely.  Luckily for Justin, the Angel Grove team won and the shelter would now be able to stay open.

Due to all the moving Justin and his father had done, Justin needed to take an test to determine what grade he should be placed in.  Much to Justin's amazement, he did extremely well on the test.  So well, that he would be entering high school as a freshman.  

Justin was anxious to see Rocky and fill him in on all that had happened.  He made several karate moves as he told the story to Rocky.  Justin couldn't understand why Rocky did not want the powers back, but he was very happy to be a Ranger.  

The Rangers were summoned into the Power Chamber where Alpha had baked a cake to celebrate the graduation of Kat, Tanya, Adam, Rocky, and Tommy.  Justin planned on attending the ceremony, but he stayed behind to get a few lessons from Alpha.  While there Justin and Alpha heard strange noises coming from Angel Grove's energy plant.  Justin wanted to check out the problem and Zordon gave him permission to go.   There Justin discovered two monkeys and also Elgar.  He got the monkeys to safety and confronted Elgar.   Luckily for Justin, Adam became concerned that Justin was not at the Graduation Ceremony.  Help arrived in the form of Kat and Tanya.  Soon to be followed by Adam and Tommy.  Frantically the Rangers searched for the detonator.  

Justin returned to the Power Chamber to get a device to help them find the detonator.  When he arrived at the Power Chamber, he saw Alpha watching a viewing screen with a wormhole.  Alpha was startled that Justin was there and concerned about what he had saw.  Justin knew something was up, but not really sure what he was.  He receive the turbo navigator from Alpha and left to help the Rangers.   Justin and the others found the detonator and using one of their turbo cars, got it to a safe area before it went off.

There were changes on the horizon for Justin and the other Rangers.  The wormhole that Justin had seen was a way for Alpha and Zordon to go home.  Although Justin had only know Zordon and Alpha a short time, he was sad to see them go.  Help arrived in the form of Alpha 6 and Dimitria.  Justin would also meet other beings from other worlds.  There was Visceron, Senturion Ranger, Phantom Ranger, and Andros.

Justin got along well with the other four Rangers.  He enjoyed working with Tommy on his stock cars.  Taking tide measurements with Adam.

Justin enjoyed derby racing.  He had built "True Blue" as his vehicle for the race.  It was doing really well in the trial run.  Until Warren, a rival racer, felt Justin was too close for comfortable, and managed to have him crash off the road.  Justin's derby was in ruins.  Justin could not understand why Warren had run him off the road.  But Warren merely laugh in his face and called him an egghead.  Being very smart did not make it any easier for Justin.  At times, it actually made things harder for Justin.  Especially making friends with kids his own age.  Justin was feeling really low as he surveyed the wreck in Tommy's garage.  Tommy walked in and offered Justin some encouraging words.  Justin began to feel a little better.

The following day Tanya, Kat, Tommy and Adam found Justin asleep in Tommy's garage.  Justin woke up and had a surprise for the other four.  Justin revealed "True Blue II".  The others were stunned that Justin was capable was putting the derby together in one night.  It had been a lot of work for Justin, but it had been worth it.  Justin was eager to get to the races.  There Justin was once again taunted by Warren.  Justin try to make the best of the situation, but Warren still managed to get to him.  Then, just as the race was ready to begin, Justin's communicator went off.   Justin had to leave and miss the race.

After Divatox shrunk Porto back to normal size, the Rangers went back to the derby race.  There, Warren was in trouble.  Elgar had placed a detonator in Warren's derby.  It was defective, but still managed to cause some problems.  Quickly, Justin jumped into his derby and headed off to help Warren.  After awhile, Justin managed to get Warren's vehicle to a stop.  Warren was shook up.  Sheepishly he apologized for all the things he had said to Justin.  It turned out Warren had been jealous of Justin's intelligence.

It was Justin's birthday and he was down because his father was out of town.  He went to Tommy's garage and tried to get in.  But the door was locked.  Tommy opened the door just a crack and wouldn't let Justin in - claiming there were strong car fumes.  Despite Justin's protests, the door was shut in his face.  Justin really felt dejected now.  Feeling that everyone had forgotten his birthday.  As he walked along he spied a bicycle.  There was a note attached to the bike and it had Justin's name on it.  Justin felt sure this was a gift from his Dad and climb onto the bike.  But the bike was not a gift from Justin's Dad, but a bike with a detonator placed on it from Divatox.   Once Justin was on the bike he was unable to remove his feet or hands from the bike.  He was also unable to stop the bike.  The counter on the bike was set at 25 and counting backwards.   Tommy, with the help of his zord, was able to get Justin off the bike before it went off.

Back at the entrance of Tommy's garage, Justin knew he had made a big mistake by accepting a gift from a stranger.  Justin was in for a surprise.  Inside Tommy's garage was a surprise birthday party for him.  Justin entered the garage decked out with balloon, food, and friends.  Justin realized that his friends had not forgotten his birthday.  And one more thing would make it perfect - his Dad.  But Tanya, Adam, Tommy and Kat had another surprise for Justin.  As they called Justin over, his Dad came into view.  As Justin leapt into his father's arms, he knew this was his best birthday ever.

Justin was also the subject of a spell.  During a charity car wash, Justin had spied an unusual creature.  He left the car wash to take a closer look.  It was Porto with a surprise for Justin.  A monster was behind Justin and when Justin turned around it zap him with a spell.  The spell involve Justin being unable to stop lying.  And every time he lied a Pirhanatrons would show up.  Kat found Justin still a little dazed and when she asked him if he was okay, the lying began.  Kat knew that Justin was obviously lying, but did not understand why.   The car wash was being surrounded Pirhanatrons and the Rangers were there to battle them.  Justin was practically surrounded by them.  As Kat and Adam asked him if he was okay, Justin replied with a lie.  Tanya caught on to what was happening and ask Justin to stay quiet.  

Justin, Tanya, and Kat went to the Command Center.  There they filled in Alpha and Dimitria on what was happening and wanted to know what to do to help Justin.  Kat and Tanya were needed back to help out Justin.  They requested that Justin stay silent.  But the other Rangers had their hands full and really needed Justin's help.  Back at the Command Center Dimitria suggested that if Justin told the truth perhaps the spell would be broken.  Justin didn't understand  - everything thing he said was a lie.  He could not tell the truth.  As he spoke these words the spell was broken.  Justin was back to his normal self and able to help out the other Rangers.

Justin encounter more troubles at school.  While taking a test, another student, Reggie, asked Justin for the answer, which Justin refuse to give.  Reggie and Junior continue to give Justin a hard time.  All three of them ended up having to wait outside in the hall for the duration of the test.  While in the hallway, Reggie and Junior decided to pull the fire alarm.  

After the class had exited, Kat went looking for Justin.  She found him not looking to happy.  Mrs. Applebee and a couple of firemen were coming down the stairs where Justin and Kat were.  It had been a false alarm the firemen told Mrs. Applebee.  Mrs. Applebee wondered who could have done such a thing.  Both Mrs. Applebee and Kat asked Justin if he knew.  Very reluctantly Justin told them who had pulled the alarm.  

Reggie and Junior were now intent on revenge against Justin.  When they found him in the hall, they made sure that Justin knew they meant business.  Justin was really scare at the threats.  He even reached into his back pocket for his Turbo key.  Just then the fire alarm went off again and school was dismissed for the day.  Not that Justin was off the hook.  Reggie and Junior were still after him.  

Justin was alone at a park when Reggie and Junior found him.  Justin gave them a good fight and even had Reggie pin to a table.  But he decided against hitting him.  He let Reggie go and took off.  Even though Justin did not hit Reggie, Reggie still went after him, along with Junior.  Quickly Justin climb out a tree to get out of their vision.  He was safe for awhile, but he step on a twig.  The noise alerted Reggie and he looked up the tree.  Justin was really scared now.  As he tried to blend into the tree, the branch began to break.  Desperate Justin morphed himself back to the Power Chamber.  

The following day, Justin was back at school when he encountered Reggie again.  Reggie still wanted to fight with Justin, but this time Justin refused.  When Reggie taunted Justin about running to mommy and daddy, Justin responded back with that he didn't get to see his Dad that much.  Reggie tried to act nonchalant when he replied that he hadn't seen his father in two years.  Both of them sat down on the stairs.  Justin explained to Reggie that he had not meant to get Reggie in trouble, but he couldn't lie to him.  Reggie understood.  When Justin offered to help him in class, Reggie was surprised and accepted the offer.

Changes were in store for Justin.  Justin and the others had decided to go on a campout.  Justin was up at the crack of dawn.  He went to the camp site with Adam and Tanya.  Kat and Tommy were to join them.  Justin was enjoying setting up the campfire as Adam and Tanya gave each other a hard time.  Justin thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye and he went to investigate it.  Justin would run into one of Divatox's monsters.  When Justin held up his Turbo key to morph, the monster kick it out of his hands.  Justin put up a good fight, but the monster had him up against a tree.  He called for Tanya and Adam.  Eventually they arrived, and although Justin tried to stop them, had their Turbo keys kick out of their hands as well.  When the monster kick Tanya and Adam's Turbo keys, he let go of Justin.  Justin was able to find his Turbo key.  Adam and Tanya found theirs as well.  But there was no time to fight this monster.  Kat and Tommy were in trouble.  The three of them morph and raced to Kat and Tommy's location.

They managed to get rid of the Pirhanatrons that were surrounding Kat and two strangers.  As soon as the strangers left, Kat informed them of what had happened to Tommy.  Justin and the others were back at the Power Chamber.  They wanted to find Tommy, but Divatox's monster was destroying Angel Grove.  Justin and the others morph and went after the monster.  During the battle, Tommy showed up to help them out.  After the battle, Justin and the others were back at the Power Chamber.  There was an important mission for them.  They all entered a room they had never been in before.  Zordon and Alpha 5 had joined them as well.  It was time for the Rangers, after years of courage and dedication, to passed their powers onto individuals they had selected.  Justin watched as his friends, Tommy, Tanya, Kat, and Adam gave a small speech and passed their powers onto TJ, Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos.  Then Justin realized that nothing had been said about him or his powers.  Dimitria informed him that he would continued as the Blue Turbo Ranger.  

Justin enjoyed playing basketball with TJ and Carlos.  Going on "Monster Tours" with Carlos and Ashley.

Justin and TJ were walking together when they spied something unusual in the sky.  When they went to investigate, they saw two vehicles heading straight towards them.  Justin and TJ began running, but could not outrun the vehicles.  They crouched down in the road.  The vehicles stopped just inches from them.  Angrily, TJ walked towards the red vehicle, ready to chew out the driver.  Justin headed towards the blue vehicle.  There wasn't a person in either on of them.  As they puzzled over this, Elgar and some Pirhanatrons appeared ready to capture the vehicles.  It was obvious that the vehicles did not want to go with Elgar.  Elgar managed to capture Justin and the  blue vehicle.  

Justin struggled against the bounds of chains around him.  The blue vehicle is called Storm Blaster and it was bounded in chains as well.  The monster kept using his beak to try and damage the vehicle.  Justin tried to help Storm Blaster but he was still bounded in chains.  Justin managed to break free of the Pirhanatrons surrounding him and trick Elgar into breaking his chains.  Justin, with TJ's help, helped Storm Blaster to escape.  Justin and the other Rangers had two new members on the team - Storm Blaster and Red Lighting Cruiser.

Justin and Carlos were walking by a soccer game, when a soccer ball headed in their direction.  Carlos returned the ball to the groups of boys.  One of the boys asked them to join the game.  Justin was unsure - he had never played soccer before.  Using Justin's own words, Carlos talked Justin into playing the game.  Once Justin got into the game, he quickly caught on and began to enjoy himself.  Later the group headed towards "Mike's Pizza Pallor".  Justin and another boy his age, Nico, were talking away.  Nico questioned Justin as to why he was in High School.  Justin replied that it was 'cause he is considered smart.  Immediately the other kids began to give Justin a hard time and calling him a nerd.  Nico defended Justin and that was the beginning of the strong friendship between Nico and Justin.  

Nico and Justin got into an adventure together.  During a soccer game, Nico went to retrieve a ball that had gone out of field.  In the woods, Nico discovered a space ship.  He would later bring Justin to the sight.  Justin was just as amazed to see the space ship.  Later, there would be a bank robbery, in which an invisible presence help defeat the Elgar's bank robbery attempt.  The Rangers would watch the tape, but could not see anyone.  Justin thought he knew who it might be.  He went back to the space ship, but Nico was there as well.  He tried to get Nico to leave, but there was no way Nico was budging.  Justin and Nico were attacked by Pirhanatrons.  Justin managed to break free and free Nico as well.  Justin urged Nico to run.  He was able to contact the other Rangers, and they were there to help Justin.  The Phantom Ranger also appeared and help Nico - who was still in trouble.  There was a detonator on the space ship and the Rangers and Nico saw the space ship exploded.  But they were all wrong.  The Phantom's ship was still there.  

More and more Justin wanted to be with his father.  He was standing at a wishing well with his friends.  Justin held the coin that his dad had given him.  He made the wish to be with his dad and watch the coin flipped into the air before landing into the fountain.  That coin was going to cause a lot of problems.  Divatox had the Wicked Wisher gathering coins for her.  One of the coins that he grabbed was Justin's coin.  The Wicked Wisher had turned Justin's and two other coins into powerful wishing coins.  Elgar had used one coin to make his own wish.  Divatox used a coin to wish the Blue Senturion evil.  Before Divatox could make her last wish, Elgar cause her to drop the coin over her ship.  The coin landed in a home where Bulk and Skull were working.  They kept the coin as they left the home.  Justin and the other Rangers had their hands full with the Blue Senturion causing a lot of damage.  The Rangers and Divatox were both after the coin.  As Carlos and Justin walked by the juice bar they saw a destroyed pinball machine being taken away.  Right away they guess that Bulk and Skull had used it.  When Stone informed them that it was destroyed by a strange looking coin, Justin and Carlos knew where the coin was.  But so did Divatox.  Everyone came after Bulk and Skull.  The Rangers were in their zords trying to keep the Blue Senturion under control.  Bulk and Skull spotted the Blue Senturion's zord and knew that the Rangers were close by.  Using red flags, they got the Rangers attention.  Justin jumped down from his zord to retrieve the coin.  As much as he wanted to make a wish for his dad, he knew that he had to wish the Blue Senturion good again.  Justin had pretty much given up on wishes.  He was at the park with Carlos feeling pretty discourage, when Carlos pointed him in a different direction.  Justin spotted his father and raced into his arms.  Justin's wish had come true.  His father had gotten a job in Angel Grove and they could now stay together.

Justin decided to try out for the high school track team.  He thought it might help him fit in.  Instead it earned him a few chuckles as he try various events on the team.  Justin was determined to make the team, but was simply a lot of time working out.  Carlos and Cassie were becoming concern for him.  As they talked to Justin, Justin was bit by an toxified ant.  After the bite, Justin became super strong.  When he went out for the tryouts for the track team, he accomplished feats beyond any athlete before.  Justin made the track team and began to become a little smug.  It was satisfying to beat the guy at arm wrestling that had taunted him before.  Dimitria had run some test on Justin to find an antidote for him.  But Justin really wasn't interested in an antidote.  An encounter with Pirhanatrons made Justin realized there were drawbacks.  He could not morph.  The super strength was not compatible with the Ranger powers.  Justin had to make a decision.  Keep his super strength or not.  He decided nothing beat being a Ranger.  Justin also realized that the super strength only helped him, but being a Power Ranger helped others.  Justin was still on the high school track team - as a technical adviser.

Changes were on the horizon again.  Justin father's had an interview.  The interview was an success, but it entail moving from Angel Grove.  Something Justin did not want to do.  His father was willing to pass the job over in order to keep Justin happy.  There were other problems as well.  Divatox had done a lot of damage to the Rangers.  Both Megazords were destroyed.  Justin and the other Rangers morphed back to the Power Chamber.  The five streaks of light were spotted by Elgar and Rygog.  Inside the Power Chamber Dimitria gave them news that stunned them.  Zordon was in danger.  The Rangers were needed on Earth.  Dimitria and the Blue Senturion left to help Zordon.   Justin and the other Rangers soon discovered that they were surrounded by Pirhanatrons.  They launched a massive attack on the Power Chamber - destroying every inch of it.  Justin and the other Rangers were hidden within the rubble of the Power Chamber.  They overheard that Zordon had been captured and Divatox was ordered to leave for the same planet.

Justin and the other Rangers were not about to give up.  They made the plan to go to NASADA and see if they can get a space shuttle to follow Divatox and stop her.  Justin was selected to try and get into the NASADA building.  Justin wasn't let in by the guards.  When a car stop, Justin got beside the car and managed to sneak into the buildings.  Justin was stopped by guards once again.  Fortunately the guy in charge had heard the exchange and came to Justin's aid.  He asked Justin what he wanted.  Justin replied that the Power Rangers needed the space shuttle.  The guards chuckled.  Then Justin spoke in a whisper to the guy in charge and he immediately went into action.  Justin gave the other Rangers the okay and they rushed into the space shuttle.  Anxiously they waited for Justin.  But Justin was not going with them.  It was the hardest decision he had to make, but he decided to stay behind with his dad.  Wishing his friends well, he watched them take off into space.  

For a time, things went well for Justin.  He enjoyed having his dad around.  There was Nico, soccer and school to keep him busy.  After while, Justin began to see less and less of his dad.  Seemed his dad always had some project at work that just had to get done, and there were many promises of get togethers that were later broken.  Justin spent one evening gazing at the stars.  Wondering if his friends were okay.  As he got into bed, he heard his dad once more break a promised fishing trip to get some work done.  He no longer believe his dad when he said he would make it up to him.  During the night, Justin heard a familiar sound.  He went to investiage it and to his amazement, there was Storm Blaster.  Without a moment's hestitation, Justin went out the window and onto the ground where Storm Blaster was.  It was great seeing his old friends.  Storm Blaster needed his help and Justin was more than eager to help him out.  Together they left.  

When they arrived at a building, Justin quietly got out and went closer to inveestigate.  There he saw Power Rangers tied up and hanging from the ceiling.  Justin wanted to help them, but how.  Storm Blaster had the answer.  Justin climb back into Storm Blaster and the glove compartment came down.  Inside was Justin's morpher.  Together they burst into the building to help the Rangers.  Justin was surprised to see another Blue Ranger there.  It turned out to be his good friend TJ.  After the defeat of Astronema and the quantrons at the building, there was still work to be done.  Justin and the others still had to help Lighting Crusier escape.  They left together for the planet where Lightning Crusier was being held.  Although Justin was impressed with the gliders the Rangers were on, he preferred to stay seated in Storm Blaster.  

The Rangers and Justin were able to help freed Lighting Crusier.  Afterwards, Justin meet Andros, a being from another planet.  It was thrill for Justin.  It was also really good to see his friends TJ, Carlos, Cassie and Ashley and know that they were doing well.  Justin let them know that if they ever needed him, he would always be there to help.  Storm Blaster took him safely back to Earth and his home.  Frantically Justin raced to get back into the house, before his dad discovered that he was missing.  He jumped into his bed, and pretended to be asleep just as his bedroom door opened.  His dad walked in with great news.  He wasn't going to the office.  Instead he was taking Justin on their fishing trip.  And that meant the world to Justin.  

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