Storm Blaster

Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser were hiding in an asteroid field.  Divatox had sent Dreadfeather to find them - claiming that Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser were the two most powerful vehicles in the universe.  Storm Blaster and Lighting Cruiser headed for Earth.  When they landed on Earth they were surrounded by Elgar, Dreadfeather, and several Piranhatrons.  Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser managed to escape.  Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser almost run over Justin and T.J.  Justin and T.J. were surprised to see no drivers in the vehicles.  Elgar, Dreadfeather and several Piranhatrons appeared and claim that the vehicles were theirs.  Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser went into reverse.  Storm and Justin were captured and taken to a warehouse.  Storm Blaster was held by chains.  Storm Blaster communicate with flashes of it's headlights and sounds of it's engine.  Storm Blaster used it's seatbelt to grab Justin before Lighting Cruiser rescue them.  Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser became a part of the Turbo Power Rangers team.

Mad Mike placed Storm Blaster under an evil spell.  When under the spell, Storm Blaster's lights turned from white to green.  Storm Blaster pursued the Rangers under the spell and tried to destroyed.  Storm Blaster also tried to destroyed the Blue Senturion.  The Blue Senturion was able to remove the spell Storm Blaster was under.

Wild Weeder had several vines with flowers surround Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser.  Wild Weeder then sent mutant bees to the flowers.  Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser were stuck and the Rangers had to free them by destroying the mutant bees.

Divatox, Elgar, Porto and hundreds of Piranhatrons were attacking the Power Chamber.  Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser arrived firing several laser beams at them.  Despite their attempts to help the Rangers, Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser were captured. 

Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser were kept under heavy chains and heavily guarded by Piranhatrons.  They were also forced to do heavy manual labor such as dragging heavy loads.  Storm Blaster was freed when Lightning Cruiser broke free and fired at Storm Blaster, releasing him.  Storm Blaster fled, while several Piranhatrons pursued him.  Lightning Cruiser was recaptured, but Storm Blaster intended to return.  Storm Blaster flew through space and was soon pursued by Velocifighters.  Astronema had learned that Storm Blaster had escaped, and wanted to captured Storm Blaster for herself.  Storm Blaster outmaneuvered the Velocifighters and landed in Angel Grove.  Just outside an warehouse, Quantrons attempted to capture Storm Blaster once again.  The Space Rangers appeared and T.J. urged Storm Blaster to run as they battled Lionizer.  Storm Blaster took off again and headed for Justin's home.  Outside Justin's house, Storm Blaster turn on his headlights and revved out his engines.  Justin eagerly climbed out his bedroom window when he saw Storm Blaster.  Justin was happy to see Storm Blaster and asked about Lightning Cruiser.  Storm Blaster communicated to Justin that he needed his help.  Justin climbed in and they took off.  They returned to the warehouse, where the Space Rangers had been captured.  Storm Blaster had Justin's Turbo key and morpher and revealed it to Justin.  Justin morphed and the two smashed through a wall to rescue the Rangers.  The Rangers were soon freed and Storm Blaster helped the Rangers by protecting them from blasts from Lionizer.  Storm Blaster also fought back with a blast of his own, and aided by T.J. and Justin.  After the defeat of Lionizer, Storm Blaster, Justin, and the Space Rangers went to the planet were Lightning Cruiser was still captured.  They freed Lightning Cruiser and defeated the Piranhatrons that were still guarding him.  Storm Blaster helped Justin return back to Angel Grove.

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