Lightning Cruiser

Lightning Cruiser was hidden in an asteroid field along with Storm Blaster.  Divatox had sent Dreadfeather to find them - declaring Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster to be the most powerful vehicles in the universe.  Lightning Cruiser, along with Storm Blaster, left the asteroid field and headed for Earth.  They landed on Earth and were pursued by Elgar, Dreadfeather, and several Piranhatrons.  They were unable to captured them at this time.  Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster almost hit Justin and T.J.  T.J. walked up angrily to the cars and discovered there were no drivers.  Elgar, Dreadfeather and several Piranhatrons appeared again and told T.J. and Justin that the cars were theirs.  Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster began to go in reverse.  A battle broke out and Justin and Storm Blaster were captured.  Elgar and his crew vanished.  Lightning Cruiser put T.J. through a test, before allowing him in the driver's seat.  Lightning Cruiser had the capability to fly.  Lightning Cruiser communicate through flashes of headlights and sounds of the engine.  Lighting Cruiser and T.J. rescue Storm Blaster and Justin.  Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster became part of the Turbo Power Ranger team and helped them whenever they could.

Lightning Cruiser went to the aid of the Rangers and Mad Mike threw pizzas at Lightning Cruiser.  The pizzas landed on Lightning Cruiser's hubcaps and steering wheel.  The pizzas turned Lightning Cruiser evil.  Under the evil spell, Lightning Cruiser's headlights went from white to green.  Lightning Cruiser tried to destroyed the Power Rangers and Blue Senturion.  Blue Senturion was able to break the spell, by destroying the pizzas attached to Lightning Cruiser.

Wild Weeder had vines full of flowers wrapped around Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster.  Wild Weeder then summon mutant bees to attack the vehicles.  The Rangers battle Wild Weeder to freed Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster.

Divatox was attacking the Power Chamber with hundreds of Piranhatrons and Elgar.  Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster appeared firing lasers at the Piranhatrons.  Despite their attempts to help the Rangers, Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster were captured.

Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster were kept under heavy chains and constantly guarded by several Piranhatrons.  They were forced to drag heavy loads for Divatox.  Lightning Cruiser pretended he was having difficulties.  A couple of Piranhatrons released some of the chains and unlock his blaster to take a closer look.  Lightning Cruiser fired at them and took off.  Lightning Cruiser fired at Storm Blaster, setting Storm Blaster freed.  Storm Blaster escaped while Lightning Cruiser was recaptured.  The following day, Storm Blaster returned with the Space Rangers and Justin.  They fought off the Piranhatrons and soon Lighting Cruiser was freed.

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