Lerigot - Jon Simanton
Voiced by: Alexis Lang

Lerigot is a wizard from the planet Liaria.  He holds a key that is capable of opening intergalactic portals throughout the universe.  Lerigot was chased by several Piranhatrons on orders from Divatox.  Divatox is an evil pirate who wanted the key to reach the island of Muiranthias and marry Maligore.  Using the power of the key, Lerigot managed to escape the Piranhatrons.  Lerigot wanted to find Zordon, but he landed in a bird's nest in Africa.  The baby birds did not care for this new creature and pecked him.  Lerigot stumbled out of the next and landed on the ground.  Lerigot also encountered a lion, but his key chased him off.  The sun's rays began to effect Lerigot and he was having a difficult time.  A group of monkeys befriended the wizard.  The monkeys brought Lerigot to two young people, Tommy and Kat.  Kat's leg was hurt and Lerigot fixed her leg.  Tommy and Kat supported Lerigot as they teleported back to the Power Chamber.  At the Power Chamber, Lerigot was placed on a bed to regain his strength.  Divatox contacted the Power Rangers.  Divatox was aware that Lerigot was with the Power Rangers.  Divatox threaten the Power Rangers that if they did not return Lerigot to her, she would do away with two humans - former Rangers Kimberly Hart and Jason Lee Scott.  Lerigot became upset when he received Yara's (his wife) signal.  Divatox had also captured Lerigot's family, wife Yara and little baby Bethel.  Divatox threaten Lerigot with harm to his family.  The Rangers agreed to the deal.  They left the Power Chamber with Lerigot.  Lerigot performed the Liarian prayer of guidance before surrendering himself to Divatox.  Lerigot was placed on Divatox's sub craft.  The sub craft also held Yara and Bethel - both with mind controlling devices on their heads.  Lerigot was placed in a cell and his head also had a mind controlling device.  Divatox prepared to entered the Nemesis Triangle.  Divatox demanded that Lerigot perform his magic, which Lerigot refused until Divatox threaten his family once more.  Once through the Nemesis Triangle they headed straight for the island Muiranthias.  Lerigot's health continued to fail.  On the island the group was threaten by the islanders.  Divatox removed the mind block device and once again forced Lerigot to perform his magic.  The islanders did not threaten them once they had witnessed Lerigot's magic.  Divatox kept Lerigot's key, once the door to the cavern was opened.  The group entered the cavern where Maligore was contained.  Divatox shoved Lerigot to the ground, no longer needing him.  He landed close to his family and they gathered together in fear. Lerigot was a descendent of the race that had imprisoned Maligore.  Lerigot and his family watched as the two humans (Kimberly and Jason) were prepared to be sacrificed.  They also witnessed the entrance of the Power Rangers.  Kimberly and Jason were lowered into the lava and when they reappeared, they were evil.  Lerigot and his wife Yara turned Kimberly good and then Jason.  Later, Kimberly and Jason would help Lerigot and his family escape the cavern.  The Power Rangers defeated Maligore and Divatox vowed that she was not finished with the Power Rangers.  Lerigot, his family, Kimberly, Jason, and Bulk & Skull were all given a ride back in the Turbo Megazord.  Lerigot and his family returned to Liaria.

Lerigot returned to the Power Chamber once more.  This time he had good news for Zordon.  Lerigot gave Zordon his freedom.  A wormhole had opened that lead to the planet Eltar.  Zordon and Alpha 5 bid farewell to the stunned Power Rangers.  Lerigot instructed the Rangers to form a circle around him.  Lerigot held his key up and golden sparkles began to form.  The process was stopped when Elgar release an evil fleet of vehicles.  Divatox also attempted to destroyed the wormhole.  The Rangers were able to defeat the evil fleet of vehicles and they returned to the Power Chamber.  Lerigot performed the ritual once more and Zordon and Alpha 5 were engulfed in golden showers.  Zordon and Alpha 5 left the Power Chamber and entered the wormhole.  The Rangers had to leave once again to stop the device that had been planted to destroy the wormhole.  When the Rangers returned to the Power Chamber once more, Lerigot informed them that Zordon and Alpha 5 had arrived home on Eltar.  Lerigot himself left soon after for his planet Liaria.

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