Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy - Paul Norrell

Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy arrived at SPD's Earth station ready to prove that he is a better leader than Commander Cruger.  He got off the transport and Commander Cruger greeted him with welcome to SPD's Earth station.  Supreme Commander Birdy walked at a face pace and headed straight for the SPD staff gathered and standing at attention.  Supreme Commander Birdy asked Commander Cruger where are the Power Rangers - although they were standing right in front of him.  Commander Cruger pointed them out and Supreme Commander Birdy was not impressed.  He asked in disdain if these were the Rangers he was always bragging about and added that he had expected more.  Supreme Commander Birdy then asked to see the command center.  There he was impressed with all the high tech equipment and commented on how nice it must be to work here.  Commander Cruger told him that he had no complaints and gave full credit for all the technology to Dr. Manx.  Supreme Commander Birdy suggested that maybe Dr. Manx's should work for him, Dr. Manx quickly told him no thanks as she was happy where she was.  Supreme Commander Birdy was not happy with Dr. Manx's reply.  The alarm went off and the Rangers were sent to battle a giant robot that had entered the city.  Supreme Commander Birdy, Commander Cruger, and Kat monitored the battle on the computer screen.  Supreme Commander Birdy continued to be unimpressed with the Rangers' abilities.  During the battle, he thought Red Ranger should have seen one of the blows coming.  Commander Cruger replied that there were procedures to be followed and they had to be patience.  Supreme Commander Birdy sneered and told Commander Cruger like you were patience on Sirius.  Commander Cruger turned around and told him that was uncalled for.  Although the Rangers' destroyed the robot, Supreme Commander Birdy was not pleased.  He told Commander Cruger that the robot should have never made it into the city.  Supreme Commander Birdy wanted the Ranger team split up.  Commander Cruger told him that sometimes he does split the team, but not today.  Supreme Commander Birdy insisted that the team be split up on a permanent basis.  Commander Cruger told him that would be their downfall as Emperor Gruumm would pick them off one by one.  Outrage, Supreme Commander Birdy told Commander Cruger that this was not a discussion, it was an order.  Commander Cruger refused and was relieved of his duties.  Supreme Commander Birdy and Commander Cruger entered the transport area.  All of SPD's staff was gathered to see Supreme Commander Birdy off.  Jack stepped forward and told him that on behalf of all of SPD, they hoped he had a pleasant visit.  Supreme Commander Birdy thanked "Sky".  Jack told him it was Jack, but Supreme Commander Birdy didn't care.  He told the group that Commander Cruger had an announcement.  Commander Cruger told them that it had been his privilege to work with them and that he had been relieved from his duties.  All orders were to be taken from Supreme Commander Birdy.  Supreme Commander Birdy looked smugly on.  Later, Supreme Commander Birdy was in the command center.  Kat walked in, unaware of his presence.  He startled her when he stood up and told her that he was just going to call for her.  Supreme Commander Birdy was ready to make changes and make his presence known.  He told Kat that he wanted another monitor installed, microphones on the Rangers' suits and he wanted to start replacing the current Rangers.  The alarm went off and Supreme Commander Birdy demanded to know what was going on.  Kat told him that there had been a large energy surge.  Supreme Commander Birdy told Kat to bring in the Rangers.  He lost his patience as pushed Kat's hand away as he called for the Rangers.  The cadets quickly entered the command center.  Supreme Commander Birdy told them of the energy surge and, seeing them as tools and not as beings, he told them he wanted Red, Blue, and Green Rangers to investigate.  Z asked him only three.  Supreme Commander Birdy menacing asked Z if she had a problem with that and Z replied no.  Jack, Sky, and Bridge left to investigate.  Later, Sky, Bridge, and Jack returned to the command center.  Supreme Commander Birdy waited to hear their report.  Jack told him that the energy surge was Gruumm.  Supreme Commander Birdy was startled to learn that Gruumm was on Earth and angry that the Rangers did not capture him.  Kat tried to defend the guys, but Supreme Commander Birdy dismiss what Kat had said.  He asked the guys if there had been anything else.  Bridge was about to say something, but Sky replied that there had been nothing else and that they were lucky to get out of there alive.  Disgusted, Supreme Commander Birdy dismissed them.  Supreme Commander Birdy sat alone in the command center.  He thought that Commander Cruger could not defeat Gruumm on Sirius and the Rangers could not defeat Gruumm on Earth.  If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.  Supreme Commander Birdy got his sword and prepared himself for battle.  Kat entered and asked him what he had wanted.  Supreme Commander Birdy told Kat that a wanted criminal was seen in c sector and he wanted Pink and Yellow to investigate.  Kat told him that she would like to analyze the situation to determine the best person suited for the job.  Angry, Supreme Commander Birdy told Kat to not question his orders and to do what he says.  He stormed out of the command center.  Supreme Commander Birdy entered the empty stadium where Jack, Sky, and Bridge had battle Gruumm.  Soon Gruumm appeared, but Gruumm was not happy to see Supreme Commander Birdy.  Gruumm wanted Cruger, but the bird would do.  Supreme Commander Birdy and Gruumm battle and to his cost, he discovered that Gruumm was not easy to defeat.  Eventually Gruumm had him in his clutches and called him a foolish, old bird.  Gruumm was about to deliver a fatal blow when Shadow Ranger appeared and fired at Gruumm.  Supreme Commander Birdy was released, but he was not happy about it.  He was angry that Shadow Ranger soon proved that he was the more powerful warrior.  The rest of the Rangers joined Supreme Commander Birdy on the sidelines.  He pointed out that Shadow Ranger had disobeyed his orders.  Red Ranger pointed out that if Shadow Ranger hadn't, he wouldn't be here right now.  Eventually Shadow Ranger had Gruumm retreat.  Shadow Ranger joined the rest of the Rangers on the sidelines and lead a cheer for SPD.  The rest of the Rangers joined in.  Supreme Commander Birdy reluctantly joined in as well.  Later, Supreme Commander Birdy faced all of the SPD staff.  He was preparing to leave.  Supreme Commander Birdy told the group that he was giving them his highest recommendation.  He walked along with Commander Cruger and told him that he would no longer interfere with his best commander.  Before Supreme Commander Birdy boarded, he told Commander Cruger that they were counting on him to bring it home.  Commander Cruger vowed that he would.  Supreme Commander Birdy left.

An urgent message arrived at Galaxy Command and it was from Commander Cruger.  The most wanted criminal in the galaxy, Devastation and his brother Shorty, the second most wanted criminal were attacking Earth with Morgana.  The Rangers were not doing well and Commander Cruger had asked for assistance.  Supreme Commander Birdy replied in the form of a hologram at the command center.  He told them that:  SPD is aware of your plight.  We regret, at this time, it would take too long to get to you.  Supreme Commander Birdy also feared that depleting their forces would make them fall into Gruumm's trap.  He told them that they were on their own before signing off.

The monitor beeped and Supreme Commander Birdy appeared on screen.  The monitor was in Kat's lab and Commander Cruger, Kat, and Boom were there.  Commander Cruger acknowledge Birdy's presence:  Commander Birdy.  Kat:  Hello sir.  Supreme Commander Birdy acknowledge each one:  Cruger, Dr. Manx, Bang.  Boom replied:  Boom.  Commander Cruger asked him:  What can I do for you Commander?  Is there a problem at headquarters?  Supreme Commander Birdy replied:  On the contrary, I have good news.  I'm calling to offer Dr. Manx's a top level position here at the SPDHQ as Chief of Technology.  Kat was stunned and asked Supreme Commander Birdy if she could think about it.  Later, Supreme Commander Birdy contacted Commander Cruger and asked him if Kat had made a decision yet.  Commander Cruger did not know and went to find Kat.  Kat accepted the position and left for headquarters.  Kat was looking around the building when Supreme Commander Birdy walked up.  He told Kat that he was very pleased that she accepted the position.  Kat told him that she was happy to help S.P.D. in any possible.  Kat asked him what should she start on.  A young girl walked up and Supreme Commander Birdy told Kat that her new assistant could help her.  Supreme Commander Birdy walked away, but Kat soon caught up with him.  Kat questioned him about the staff meetings her new assistant had just told her about.  Supreme Commander Birdy told Kat that she would have the top people working for her.  He continued that she would never have to get her hands dirty.  Kat replied that she liked to get her hands dirty.  Supreme Commander Birdy told Kat that was not the way things were done at headquarters and walked away.  Later, Kat found Supreme Commander Birdy.  Kat had seen on her screen that the Rangers, in their zords, were battling a robot powered by an unstable power source.  Kat was worried.  Supreme Commander Birdy was not and told her that Cruger's Rangers had battled before and have always won, and that the Rangers were no longer her concern.  Kat told him about the unstable power source and she knew a former classmate who had been developing the technology.  Kat stressed that the Rangers could be destroyed.  Supreme Commander Birdy was stunned.  Kat wanted to help the Rangers and Supreme Commander Birdy asked her what she could do.  Kat told him that maybe she could talk to him.  Supreme Commander Birdy was skeptical.  He told her that he found, sometimes, that actions were better than words.  Supreme Commander Birdy handed her a small silver case.  Kat opened and was surprised to see a morpher inside.  Kat was about to refuse, but Supreme Commander Birdy wouldn't let her.  He told her that it would only work for an hour and to use it wisely.  Kat nodded her head in agreement.

Headquarters sent Supreme Commander Birdy, Sergeant Silverback and others to Newtech City to help them in their battle against the Troobian invasion.  Omega Ranger and Nova Ranger were thrilled with their arrival.  Supreme Commander Birdy and the rest went immediately into action and battle the numerous Krybots, Blueheads, and Orangeheads on the ground.  Omni arrived on Earth and claim it as his own.  The rest of the Rangers were in their zord and they battled Omni.  Supreme Commander Birdy and the rest of the crowd watched from below as the Rangers maxed out their lasers and fired at Omni.  Moments later, Omni erupted into pieces.  Supreme Commander Birdy, under Kat's direction, began helping the injured.  Kat also wanted anyone report missing.  Supreme Commander Birdy and the rest of the crowd were stunned when Commander Cruger arrived, with Isinia at his side, and B Squad behind him.  Commander Cruger lead a cheer for S.P.D. and Supreme Commander Birdy and the rest of the crowd repeated the cheer joyfully.  In the midst of their celebration, Gruumm arrived.  Supreme Commander Birdy, along with the rest of the crowd, watched anxiously as Commander Cruger and Gruumm battled.  Eventually, Commander Cruger knocked off Gruumm's other horn and contained him.  Commander Cruger faced the crowd and told them that justice had been serve.  Supreme Commander Birdy and the rest of the crowd cheered.  

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