Captain Smoothie

Captain Smoothie is standing on stage in an auditorium.  Ziggy was holding auditions for candidates who wanted to become the Green Ranger.  At a table in front of the stage, sat Summer, Flynn, and Scott.  Ziggy:  And for our next Green Ranger candidate, allow me to present Captain Smoothie.  Now he's mostly been working birthday parties and bar mitzvahs, but he could be ready to take it to the next level.  Ziggy looked over at Captain Smoothie.  Ziggy:  Alright, you're on.  Captain Smoothie went through his routine.  He made a jump and got caught up in the ceiling fan.  Captain Smoothie kept going around and around.  His costume was in shreds as he suddenly dropped back to the floor.  He stood only in his green underpants.  Shaking his head, Captain Smoothie walked off the stage.  He was not chosen to become the Green Ranger.

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