Dulcea - Gabrielle Fitzpatrick

In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, Dulcea is a master warrior on the planet Phaedos.  When the Power Rangers landed on the planet, Dulcea watched them silently.   The Tengas attacked the Power Rangers and they were in trouble, when Dulcea appeared.  She twirled the two pieces of her staff, causing the Tengas to cringe at the sound the staff made.  The Tengas flew away.  Dulcea was wary of the newcomers, assuming that they were looking for the great power for themselves.  She warned them to stay away and knocked Tommy off his feet when he tried to approached her.  It took Aisha mentioning Zordon, before she paused.  Dulcea learned that Zordon was in trouble and that Ivan Ooze had been set free.  She knew that their world was in trouble and took them on a journey with her to the ancient Ninjetti ruins.  With a fire blazing, Dulcea asked each Ranger to close their eyes and concentrate on their animal spirit within.  She blew some sparkly dust and the Rangers were transform from civilian clothing to ninja clothing.  Dulcea stood before each Ranger and told them their animal spirit.  She also told the Rangers that she could not travel with them to the monolith - where the great power was.  Dulcea could not leave the plateau or she would begin to age as rapidly as Zordon outside his time wrap.  She then reverted to her animal sprit of an owl.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie