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Alpha 5 has been watching the Rangers on the viewing globe and he becomes alarmed.  Alpha 5 informs Zordon that the Power Rangers are in trouble and we can't get through.  Zordon replies they will be both brave and clever and break the cocoon.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to contact Tommy.  Alpha 5 tries, but Tommy is not answering.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to keep trying.  Eventually the Rangers use their Blade Blasters to break free of the cocoon.  Alpha 5 is watching the viewing globe and becomes very excited.  he tells Zordon, they're break through the cocoon!  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to teleport them to their zords as soon as they escape.  Zordon also instructs Alpha 5 to warn the Rangers that Goldar has sent down Babe Ruthless, the baseball monster.  After awhile, Zordon is able to get a hold of Tommy.  Tommy asks Zordon, what's happening?  Zordon tells Tommy, the Rangers need your help.  They are at the industrial complex, in downtown Angel Grove.  Hurry!  Tommy responds, he's on it.  Babe Ruthless is destroyed by Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.  Scorpina's Pet Worm is destroyed by Megadragonzord.

Zordon contacts the teens.  Zordon tells them teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Jason replies, we are on our way.  Billy, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason teleport out.  Billy, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason arrive in the Command Center.  Jason immediately tells Zordon that Tommy doesn't answer his communicator.  Zordon replies, that is why I have called you here.  Zordon instructs them to observe the viewing globe.  It shows Tommy being captured by the Putties.  Zack immediately states, we got to help him.  Zordon replies, not so fast Zack.  There is another problem.  Rita has released a gnarling fang monster, who intends to destroy the Earth.  The viewing globe is now showing images of Fang.  Zack comments, man, he's ugly.  Billy agrees.  Kimberly is at a dilemma.  Zordon, shouldn't we help Tommy first?  Zordon replies, Tommy is capable of handling his situation.  Your first priority must be to destroy Fang, before he can release his awesome power.  Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Zack morph and teleport out.  Later, Tommy escapes and joins the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Fang.  Fang is destroyed by Ultrazord.  After the Jason contacts Zordon.  Jason tells Zordon, good news.  We destroyed Rita's plans again.  Zack adds it was morphinomenal.  Zordon congratulates them on a job well done.    

Kimberly and her friends went to the Command Center where Kimberly told them that Goldar and several Putties had captured Tommy and vanished.  Kimberly is pacing back and forth. Kimberly is convince this is another one of Rita's wicked plans.  She's going to try to regain control of Tommy.  I just know it.  Billy is working on the computer with Alpha 5.  Zordon tells the teens, I can't get a lock on him.  Rita must be holding him in her dimensional prison.  Jason asks Billy if he has come up with anything?  Billy replies, not yet.  Still trying to tune in to the frequency of his morpher.  The alarm goes off.  Kimberly notices the image on the viewing globe first and directs her friends to look.  The viewing globe shows Dragonzord attacking Angel Grove.  Zack concludes it can only mean one thing.  Zordon continues, Rita has regain control of the Dragonzord.  The five teens are alarmed. The teens continue to watch images of Dragonzord attacking Angel Grove as the alarm continues to go off.  Jason tells his team, we got to stop it.  Kimberly is worried about Tommy and asks, what about Tommy?  Zack replies, we have to take him down too.  Zordon tells the teens to wait, his sensors tells him the Dragonzord they see is an imposter.  Trini asks, one of Rita's creations?  Billy concludes, she's trying to lure us into a trap.  Jason tells his team, we don't have a choice.  It's got to be stopped.  Zordon warns the teens to be careful.  Trini, Billy, Kimberly, Jason, and Zack morph and teleport out.  The Rangers battled imposter Dragonzord with Megazord.  Eventually Tommy was able to escape the dimension and join the rest of the Rangers in their battle.  With the real Dragonzord's help, Cyclops was badly hurt and unable to hold it's form.  Cyclops retreated.  The teens returned to the Command Center after the battle. Alpha 5 runs a scan on Tommy.  Kimberly wants to know what Alpha 5 is doing.  Billy replies, checking Tommy for internal damage due to crossing dimensions.  Alpha 5 announces the results, all clear.  Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Tommy, Billy, and Trini are very relieved.  Tommy thanks Alpha 5.  Tommy is thankful that he was able to get out of the dark dimension.  Jason remembers Rita's secret dimension, it's one bad place.  Kimberly points out to Tommy that the important thing is that he is okay.  Tommy has his doubts, am I?  According to Rita, my powers are going to be gone soon.  Trini is convinced that Rita is just bluffing, trying to scare you.  How will she be able to take away your powers?  Zordon tells the teens, he's afraid that it is possible.  The teens face Zordon.  Tommy asks Zordon if he found out something about the green candle he had told him about.  Zordon replies yes.  Rita has a special form of wax from the Gamma Tri system.  Once touched, it retains a person's body energy.  Tommy tells Zordon, but I never touch anything.  Zordon replies, you did when you worked for Rita.  Kimberly is in disbelief.  No way!  And she's been saving the wax all this time!  Zordon replies, yes.  And now she has made a candle from the wax and cast a spell over it.  Connecting the Green Ranger's powers to it's flames.  Tommy is stunned.  Then Rita wasn't bluffing.  Once the candle burns out.....I'm history.  Green Ranger is....finished.      

Tommy, Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack are in the Command Center.  Tommy is still having difficulty accepting the fact that Rita can take his powers.  I don't believe this.  Rita has linked my powers to a candle.  Zordon confirms it.  And if the flames burn out while in her possession, you will be stripped of those powers and they will belong to Rita forever.  Kimberly steps forward and asks Zordon if there is anything we can do?  Zordon tells them someone must journey into Rita's dark dimension and get the green candle before it burns out.  Tommy immediately asks, how do I get there?  Zordon replies, you don't.  Your presence will only accelerate Rita's spell.  Another Ranger must go in.  Jason immediately volunteers.  Tommy tells him to forget it.  Jason tells Tommy, it's makes sense.  I'm the only other Ranger that has ever been there.  Tommy replies that it's dangerous.  Billy reminds Tommy, that it's his only chance.  Tommy still refuses, there is no way I'm going to risk something happening to Jason because of me.  Jason tells Tommy, he is one of us.  You're a Power Ranger.  I'm not going to stand by and watch as we loss a teammate.  Trini adds that Jason speaks for all of us.  Tommy is overwhelmed by their concern and thanks Jason.  Alpha 5 exclaims, Zordon, I found it!  Tommy asks, found what?  Tommy, Kimberly, Jason, Trini, Billy, and Zack gather around Alpha 5.  Alpha 5 answers, the molecular energy patterns left by the Putties in the park   Zack has no idea what Alpha 5 is talking about.  Billy explains, Alpha's found the doorway to Rita's dark dimension.  Billy gets to work.  Soon, Billy announces that the molecular decoders are ready.  Alpha 5 hopes it works.  Jason is ready to teleport.  Trini, Billy, and Zack are all ready to go.  Kimberly feels bad about leaving Tommy behind.  Tommy tells her thanks, he doesn't know what else to say.  Kimberly reassures him that he doesn't have to say anything.  Just know that you mean a lot to us.  Kimberly joins the rest of the team and they teleport out.  Tommy sends good luck wishes out to his friends.  Later, Alpha 5 tells Tommy the portal will appear immediately, once the decoders have been activated.  Tommy feels bad that he is not with them.  Zordon tells Tommy, he must trust in his friends.  Tommy does trust his friends.  If Jason can get into the other dimension, I just know he will get that candle.  The alarm in the Command Center goes off.  Tommy asks Zordon, what happened?  Zordon replies there's been an attack in a city near Angel Grove.  Alpha 5 and Tommy look at the viewing globe.  It shows Dragonzord in Fighting Mode attacking the city.  Tommy doesn't understand - all our zords are on standby.  Zordon informs them that it can only be an imposter.  Rita's Cyclops monster posing as Dragonzord in Fighting Mode and assuming Dragonzord in Fighting Mode's power.  Alpha 5 asks Zordon if he should contact the Rangers?  Zordon replies, that is what Rita hopes we will do.  While the Rangers are occupied, the green candle will burn down.  Tommy wants to take on Cyclops.  Zordon is hesitant, Tommy would be all alone against Cyclops.  Tommy wants Zordon to give him this chance.  I can handle it.  Zordon decides to let Tommy into battle.  Tommy morphs and teleports out.  Unfortunately Green Ranger needed the help of the rest of the Rangers before Jason was able to retrieve the green candle.  Cyclops was destroyed by Ultrazord.  After the battle, the Rangers returned to the Command Center.  Green Ranger gave his power coin to Red Ranger to prevent Rita from obtaining them.  Zordon told Green Ranger he was a courageous fighter and an honorable man.  Green Ranger soon demorph.  His friends reassured him that he was still one of them.

Zordon contacts Jason.  He tells him Rita has sent a monster to Earth.  Teleport to the Command Center right away! Jason tells him he will get the other Rangers.  The teens teleport to the Command Center.  Jason asks Zordon what's happening?  Zordon informs them that Rita has buried a bird like monster named the Hatchasaurus in the ground near the power plant.  Zordon instructs them to observe the viewing globe.  It shows a very ugly monster.  Zordon tells them not to be fooled by it's appearance.  It is controlled by an ultra intelligent internal computer called Cardiatron.  Your mission is to get inside the Hatchasaurus and disconnect the Cardiatron.  Trini and Kimberly are not looking forward to that.  Zack asks how?  Zordon tells them to have confidence in your skills.  I know you will find a way and wishes them good luck.  The teens morph and teleport out.  The Rangers had thought they had destroyed Hatchasaurus, but they had not. The next day, Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to bring the Rangers here at once.  The Earth is still in danger by Rita's monster.  Alpha 5 quickly does so.  Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Jason, and Billy are teleported to the Command Center.  Zack asks what's wrong?  Zordon informs them that the Hatchasaurus has not been defeated.  Kimberly can't believe it.  We totally shredded that thing!  Zordon reminds them that they still have to destroy Cardiatron, it's computer.  Zordon instructs them to observe the viewing globe.  The viewing globe shows images of Hatchasaurus pieces reforming. Trini can't believe what she is seeing, this is impossible.  Jason thinks they will need the Megadragonzord to take this monster down.  Billy, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, and Jason are worried.  The viewing globe shows images of Cardiatron.  Jason comments, if we don't stop this thing, it's going to destroy the Earth. The teens continue to gaze at the viewing globe until Zordon reminds there is only one way to defeat the Hatchasaurus.  Billy adds we must disconnect the Cardiatron.  Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly, and Zack morph and teleport out.  Eventually Cardiatron is destroyed by Red Ranger and his Power Sword and the Dragon Dagger.  Hatchasaurus is destroyed by Ultrazord. 

Alpha 5 is working in the Command Center when the teens arrive.  Jason tells Zordon that horse thing is too much.  The Rangers had been battling Polluticorn.  Zordon confirms the monster may prove difficult to defeat. Zordon asks Billy to help Alpha 5 with the analysis while he briefs the others.  Billy walks over to Alpha 5 to help.  Alpha 5 tells him the data printout is coming out.  Zack asks Zordon, what's up with this new monster?  Zordon replies, it's all part of Rita's latest plan to destroy Earth.  Zordon has the teens observe the viewing globe.  Billy joins them.  Rita has created this monster, the Polluticorn, to fill the Earth with pollution.  Trini tells her friends, we can't let that happen.  Jason adds, there's got to be a way to stop that thing.  Kimberly agrees, but how?  Alpha 5 is wrapped up in sheets of data and spinning in it.  His cries catch the teens' attention as Alpha 5 falls to the floor.  Billy and Trini help Alpha 5 back up on his feet.  Trini uncovers Alpha 5 as Billy takes a look at the sheets of data.  Billy tells everyone that Polluticorn gets his power from his horn.  Zordon tells Billy he has done well and brings up the image of Polluticorn on the viewing globe.  Billy, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason take another look at the viewing globe.  Zordon informs them that Polluticorn is attacking the Angel Grove recycling plant.  On the viewing globe, Polluticorn gloats that he can pollute the planet faster than they can clean it up.  Trini tells her friends, we can't let him wreck that factory.  The teens morph and teleport out.  Polluticorn is destroyed by the Megazord.

Alpha 5 is watching the viewing globe which shows a news report with the Power Rangers attacking Angel Grove.  Alpha 5 is convinced that the Power Rangers would never, in a million magnitude, join the forces of evil.  Zordon replies, of course not.  This is Rita's doing.  She's reached a new low this time.  The "Power Rangers" attacking the city were actually four Putties and Twin Man.  The real Power Rangers arrived and battled their counterparts.  As each "Ranger" was defeated, their true form was revealed.  The four Putties were destroyed.  The Rangers continue to battle Twin Man and eventually destroyed him with the Power Blaster.

Jason contacts Zordon and tells him they have an emergency.  Zordon responds that he is already picking it up.  A dimensional vortex beam, emitting from the moon, appears to have enveloped everyone in Angel Grove.  Alpha 5 is working on the computers when he announces, he's got something.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to lock the scanner on the dimensional beam and track it's coordinates carefully.  Look towards any movement towards Earth.  Alpha 5 looks at the viewing globe.  Alpha 5 asks, how can the moon move?  Zordon replies, the moon cannot, but Rita's palace can.  Zordon informs the teens, if she brings it to Earth, as I fear she may, it will greatly increase her powers.  Alpha 5 tells Zordon with Rita's palace right in down town Angel Grove, Rita will be ten times more powerful.  Zordon asks Alpha 5 to activate the viewing globe.  It shows Goldar, as Zordon had suspected.  Zordon tells Alpha 5, with the power from Rita's palace, they have activated Cyclopsis, the war zord.  It looks very bad indeed.  Alpha 5 notes they hadn't seen Cyclopsis in ten thousand years.  Zordon contacts the teens, and tells them they must morph to down town Angel Grove and activate Megazord.  The Rangers have a difficult battle against Cyclopsis.  Eventually Cyclopsis is defeated by Ultrazord.  In retaliation, Rita blasts Titanus and it sinks beneath the ground.  The teens retreat to the Command Center.  The viewing globe shows Rita bringing back Cyclopsis and Lokar's return.  Jason comments that Lokar is out of control.  Zack adds it looks like Rita has reconstructed Cyclopsis.  Kimberly asks Zordon, what are we going to do?  Zordon replies, nothing until your zords are reenergized.  Only then can you battle Lokar.  Zack concludes if we stop him, we stop Rita and the others.  Zordon has Alpha 5 scan the data banks for more information on Lokar.  It may provide a clue to help you defeat him.  Billy asks about all the people.  Where are they?  Zordon replies, our sensors indicate they are safe but out of reach in Rita's vortex.  Jason realizes they are their only hope.  Zordon tells them if they lose this battle, the citizens will be trapped in Rita's vortex forever.  This was not news Jason wanted to hear. 

Billy and Alpha 5 work at the controls as Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason watch the viewing globe.  It shows images of Cyclopsis attacking the city with Goldar inside.  Zordon informs the teens, Cyclopsis is one of Rita's most terrifying creations.  You have to defeat him in order to release the population of Angel Grove from the dimensional vortex from which Rita has them trapped.  Goldar has taken over piloting Cyclopsis with backup from Lokar.  This situation is grave.  If you don't win this battle soon, Angel Grove and the entire world is doomed.  Jason tells his friends, we got to stop that thing.  Jason walks over to Billy and asks him what's the update on the zords?  Billy informs him the zords are not fully energized.  Alpha 5 adds the zords need another twelve hours to be at full power.  Jason is very agitated.  We can't wait that long.  Jason gives the order that we'll take them at half power.  Billy is stunned.  He turns around and faces his friend.  Billy tells Jason, if we do that, we risk doing serious damage to the zords.  Jason doesn't think they have a choice.  Zordon tells them there is too much danger in what they propose.  Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Jason, and Billy stand in a line in front of Zordon.  Kimberly asks him, what about our city?  We have to stop it from being destroyed.  Zack adds, not to mention rescuing all those people trapped in Rita's dimensional vortex.  Trini also voices her concern.  They are safe right now but, if we wait twelve hours, it may be too late.  Zordon tells them that what they are asking has never been tried before.  If the zords backups fail, you and everything in the morphing grid could vanish forever.  Do you really want to try this?  Jason replies, you know we do.  Trini and Billy add their agreement as well.  A few moments later, Alpha 5 puts in the coordinates and asks the teens if they are ready to morph to the city?  Jason confirms that they are.  Zordon tells them good luck and may the power protect you.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy morph and teleport out.  After awhile, Zordon asks Alpha 5 for a status report.  Alpha 5 tells him, the zords are safe and being reenergized.  Zordon asks about the Power Rangers?  We haven't heard from them in awhile.  Alpha 5 informs Zordon that they have lost contact with them.  Their communicator frequency is being blocked.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 to keep trying.  We must establish contact with the Power Rangers.  Without their zords, they are vulnerable to Rita's attacks.  Alpha 5 becomes alarmed and starts the frequency search.  More time passes.  Zordon asks Alpha 5 if he has had any success in finding the Rangers?  Alpha 5 replies, it's impossible with their Communicators down.  Alpha 5 has a piece of paper in his hand.  He tells Zordon, he just found some fortunate information.  It appears because Rita's palace is on Earth, our computers has been able to penetrate her data base.  Zordon is pleased with this information.  It means we have access to her book of spells and secrets.  These files can help us reduce her power or even stop her all together.  Alpha 5 gets to work right away to tie into her system.  Later, the teens arrive in the Command Center and Alpha 5 is very happy to see them.  Zordon asks them if they are alright?  Zack replies, yeah, we're all in one piece.  Zordon tells them there is no time to waste.  We may finally have a way to defeat Rita.  Jason asks how?  Zordon informs them that Alpha 5 has tapped into Rita's data storage and discovered a weakness in Cyclopsis we can use.  Trini asks, what do we do?  Cyclopsis will adjust to whatever it fights.  Change battle modes frequently and it will not be able to keep up.  Zack asks if the zords are powered up?  Alpha 5 replies, ready and waiting for you.  Zordon continues, each time you change, Cyclopsis will weaken as it tries to adjust.  Use this to your advantage Rangers.  Titanus is now reenergized and ready for action.  When the time is right, call on the power of Ultrazord.  If you fire at Cyclopsis in it's moment of weakness, you will be able to destroy it.  Jason tells his friends, there's no time to lose.  Zordon tells them, may the power protect you.  Remember the quicker you change modes, the weaker Cyclopsis becomes.  The teens morph and teleport out.  The plan works.  Cyclopsis is eventually destroyed by Ultrazord.  Lokar vanishes and his whereabouts are unknown.  After the triumph appearance at the park, the teens return to the Command Center.  They are in high spirits.  Zordon tells the teens they have dealt Rita a serious blow and proven themselves to be the mightiest heroes on Earth.  They had gone beyond the call of duty and saved the world from a terrible fate, and that although the danger had not passed completely, the teens could now choose whether they wished to remain Rangers or return to their regular lives.  There was no question between.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy all wanted to continue as the Power Rangers.  Zordon was very pleased.

The teens had been in the park working on their tree planting project when they spotted Squatt.  Before they could do anything, they were attacked by several Putties, during which Squatt vanished.  Suddenly the Putties vanished too.  The teens teleport into the Command Center.  Alpha 5 is in a panic.  Zordon greets the Rangers and informs them that his senses detect a major disturbance in the morphin grid.  He instructs them to observe the viewing globe.  Trini, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, and Billy walk over.  The viewing globe shows all of Angel Grove is shaking and the ground cracking.  Kimberly comments, great, Rita is having another one of her temper tantrums.  Zordon tells them as soon as Alpha has entered all the data, the computer can search for the source of the disturbance.  Alpha 5 is overwhelmed.  Billy offers to help him.  Zack comments, sounds like we need to work fast.  Zordon confirms that time is of the essence.  We may be able to stop what Rita has planned, if we can catch it in time.  Jason tells Zordon, he wants to go back to the park.  See if I can figure out why Squatt was there.  I mean, it may tied into all of this.  Zordon thinks this is an excellent idea.  Jason tells his friends, I'll let you know what I find.  Zack wishes Jason good luck and Trini cautions him to be careful.  Jason teleports out.  After awhile, Zordon contacts Jason and informs him, we've traced the energy disturbance to the park.  Rita apparently has planted some powerful seeds there.  Jason comments, so that's what Squatt was doing here.  Zordon agrees.  He tells Jason that he must find the seeds.  If the bulb is allowed to bloom, the monster will quickly reach full power.  Jason starts to search the park.  Meanwhile, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini have gathered around Alpha 5 as he works.  Alpha 5 has almost finished entering all the data when the alarms go off.  Trini, Kimberly, Zack, and Billy hurry over to the viewing globe.  It shows Red Ranger trapped within Octoplant's roots.  Zack points out that thing's got a hold of him.  Kimberly asks, what is it?  Zordon informs them it's one of Rita's monsters, known as the Octoplant.  Zack tells his friends that we got to help him.  Trini, Kimberly, Billy, and Zack morph and teleport out.  The Rangers are able to free Red Ranger.  The Rangers are kept busy battling Putties, and Goldar and Scorpina.  Alpha 5 is watching the battle on the viewing globe.  Alpha 5 becomes alarmed as he tells Zordon the Power Rangers are in terrible trouble.  Zordon agrees and informs Alpha that Rita's Octoplant is about to bloom.  Octoplant blooms.  The Rangers battle and destroy Octoplant with their Megazord.

Zack was about to battle Pudgy Pig at the Youth Center, when Pudgy Pig vanished.  Zack contacted Zordon.  Zordon responds and tells Zack that the rest of the Rangers are in the Command Center, waiting for his arrival.  Zordon continues, prepared for teleportation to the Command Center.  Zack replies, you got it.  Zack is teleported out of the Youth Center.  Zack teleports into the Command Center.  Zack apologizes, sorry guys, he got away.  Zordon tells them, it's apparent that once again we faced Rita's evil Pudgy Pig.  We must stop this overweight menace and stop it once and for all.  Trini tells Zordon, we can't hurt it.  It's a real pig.  Kimberly adds, are you ready for this?  It's name is Norman.  Zordon replies, this is indeed most unfortunate.  Do your best to bring him under control.  At all cost, you must keep Pudgy Pig from running free.  Billy, Zack, Trini, Jason, and Kimberly morph and teleport out.  The Rangers battle Pudgy Pig, but once again, Pudgy Pig vanishes.  Red Ranger contacts Zordon, and tells him, we lost him.  Zordon replies, understood Power Rangers.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to use the geomoleculer scanner to find the location of Pudgy Pig.  Alpha 5 tells Zordon the scanner is running, but he could be anywhere.  Zordon is certain Pudgy Pig is still in Angel Grove.  Within a few moments, Alpha 5 announces the scanner has picked him up.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 to transport the Rangers immediately.  The Rangers do find Pudgy Pig, who is in love with a pig on the farm.  Soon the Rangers are alerted that giant Goldar is attacking Angel Grove.  Pudgy Pig was a diversion.  The Rangers defeat Goldar with the Megazord.  After the battle, the teens are able to transform Pudgy Pig back into Norman.  Norman is adopted by the farmer.

While on a picnic in the park, Kimberly and Billy were surrounded by Putties.  The two teens battled and defeated the Putties.  Afterwards, Billy contacts Zordon and tells him, my intuition tells me Rita is up to something.  Zordon confirms that Billy's suspicions are correct.  Zordon tells them to come to the Command Center immediately.  Alpha 5 is happy to see Billy and Kimberly arrive safely.  Zordon informs them, our sensors detect a disturbance in the ocean, near Angel Grove beach.  Kimberly quickly becomes alarmed and tells Zordon, oh no!  Zordon, Zack, Jason, and Trini are down there scuba diving.  Zordon is aware of the situation.  Rita has unleashed the terrible Goo Fish upon our shores.  It's harmful venom immobilizes anyone or anything it touches.  Alpha 5 adds, look at the mess it's making.  Kimberly and Billy turn around and face the viewing globe, which shows Goo Fish.  Zordon instructs them, there is no time to wait for the others.  You two must deal with the Goo Fish before it's too late.  Kimberly and Billy morph and teleport out.  During the battle, Rita casts a spell on Blue Ranger that intensifies his fear of fish.  Alpha 5 has been watching the viewing globe and he becomes alarmed.  Alpha 5 tells Zordon, something's wrong with Billy.  The viewing globe shows Blue Ranger crouching down in fear.  Zordon tells Alpha 5, Rita has cast a spell on him.  He cannot control his fear.  During the battle, Pink Ranger contacts Zordon and tells him they need help as Goo Fish walks towards them.  Elsewhere, Jason's communicator goes off.  It is Zordon.  Zordon tells them, Rita has trapped the other Rangers with a venomous Goo Fish.  You must help them immediately.  Jason tells Zordon, we are on the way.  Zack, Jason, and Trini morph and teleport to the battle.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrive and soon Goo Fish retreats.  The teens teleport into the Command Center and Billy is feeling pretty bad about what happened.  Jason tells Zordon that they had a lot of trouble with that Goo Fish.  Zack adds, that was one of Rita's worst monsters ever.  Billy blames himself - I couldn't even bring myself to get close to that thing.  Alpha 5 has sympathy for Billy, as does his friends.  Trini tells Billy, don't blame yourself.  Everyone has something they are afraid of.  Kimberly asks Zordon if there is anything they can do to help Billy?  Jason adds, we're really going to need him.  Zordon replies, Billy, Rita has cast a spell on you by using your fear of fish.  If you face your fear and overcome it, her spell will be broken.  Billy doesn't think he can face that sea monster.  Zordon tells him he has no choice.  Zordon instructs the teens to behold the viewing globe.  The viewing globe shows Goo Fish.  Zordon continues, as you can see, the Goo Fish is craving a terrible path of destruction.  It's toxic venom will immobilize anything it touches.  Humans and sea life alike.  You must overcome your fear Billy.  The other Rangers need you.  Kimberly is concern and asks Billy if he is sure he is ready for this?  Trini adds, we're going to need you.  Billy replies, I'll try not to let you down.  The teens morph and teleport out.  The Rangers face down another battle with more Putties and Goo Fish.  Soon the Putties are defeated.  During the battle, Blue Ranger overcomes his fear and breaks the spell.  Goo Fish is eventually destroyed by the Megazord.

Alpha 5 becomes concern and tells Zordon that everything has suddenly gone haywire.  Zordon tells Alpha 5, that this disturbance is familiar.  I believe Rita has summoned her lion goat to attack Angel Grove.  Summon the Power Rangers, for Goatan, the lion goat, brings terrible storms.  Alpha 5 panics as he looks at the viewing globe and it shows a storm.  Zordon adds, if Goatan is allowed to control the weather, the entire Earth will be at peril.  Jason's communicator goes off and Jason responds.  Zordon tells them, Rita has unleashed another of her monsters.  You must teleport to the Command Center at once.  Jason tells Zordon that Zack is not with them.  Zordon replies, Alpha will contact him from here.  Hurry Rangers.  Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason teleport out of the Youth Center.   Alpha 5 is working at the control panels when Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason teleport in.  Zordon informs them, we have a dire situation on our hands.  Rita has used your Noble Lion trophy to summon evil Goatan, the lion goat.  Disgruntled, Trini remarks, so that's what happened to the trophy.  (Earlier the teens had won the trophy in the Oddball games, and then it was stolen by Bulk and Skull.)  Zordon instructs them to observe the viewing globe.  Trini, Kimberly, Jason, and Billy walk over.  The viewing globe shows Goatan.  Kimberly remarks, man, that dude is bad news.  Zordon informs them that Goatan has the power to create blizzards, tornadoes, and even hurricanes to destroy the world.  This creature must be stopped quickly.  Trini asks Alpha 5 if he has managed to contact Zack yet?  Alpha 5 replies, no luck yet.  I can't understand why he's not responding.  I'll try again.  At the movie theater, Zack doesn't hear his communicator.  Zordon tells the four teens, Alpha will continue to try and raise Zack.  You four must go ahead and battle Goatan.  Good luck Rangers.  The four teens morph and teleport out.   Eventually Zack hears his communicator and steps out of the movie to respond.  He checks in with Alpha 5.  Alpha 5 tells Zack that the Rangers need your help.  They've been trapped inside a tornado by Goatan, Rita's evil Chimera monster.  Zack replies, I'm on the job.  Zack vows the Chimera monster will pay.  Zack morphs and teleports out.  Black Ranger is able to free his fellow Rangers from the tornado.  Eventually Goatan is destroyed by the Megazord.  After the battle, the teens return to the Command Center.  Zordon congratulates them on a job well done.  I regret your trophy was destroyed.  Zack tells him, it's alright.  We don't need a trophy to prove that we're winners.  Alpha 5 adds, another happy ending.  Zack suddenly realizes he's in trouble.  Trini asks him what is wrong?  Zack replies, speaking of happy endings, I left Angela sitting back at the theater!  If I don't get back before the curtain goes down, it's going to be curtains for me.  I'm out of here.  See ya!  Zack teleports out of the Command Center.  Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Jason laugh along with Alpha 5.

Goldar had come up with a plan to destroy the Rangers' self confidence.  While the teens slept, Goldar used the Crystal of Nightmares to give the teens bad dreams. Billy, Kimberly, Trini, Jason, and Zack all had various nightmares.  At one point, their nightmares merge into one.  In it, the teens were at the Command Center.  Zordon tells them it's become obvious you are no longer capable of performing your duties.  I have no choice but to strip you of your powers forever.  Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini wake up and sit straight up in bed - very upset over the outcome of the nightmare.  The following morning,  Zordon tells Alpha 5 an event I have been fearing has finally occurred.  Goldar has called forth the magic of the Crystal of Nightmares to destroy the Power Rangers' self confidence.  Summon them at once.  Alpha 5 does so, but there is no response. Alpha 5 informs Zordon that the teens are too scare.  Zordon tells him to keep trying.  Jason's communicator goes off again.  Jason reluctantly responds this is Jason, Zordon.  Zordon tells them he is aware of their terrible nightmares.  Billy tells Zordon they have lost all confidence in their abilities.  Zordon tells them, this was exactly Rita and Goldar's plan.  Without self confidence, your powers are completely useless.   Zack assumes this means they are through.  Zordon continues, fortunately Alpha has located the Crystal of Nightmares that Goldar used to manipulate your minds.  You must destroy it and it will release you from your fears.  Kimberly adamantly replies, no way!  I'm hanging up my communicator!  Trini gets off the bed and walks over to Jason.  She tells Zordon, I don't know if we can do it Zordon.  Zordon tells them, you can and you will.  Believe only that and you will succeed.  The teens are teleported out of the cabin.  They land a small distance away from the cave, guarded by Putties.  The Putties soon spot the teens and fight them.  The teens are easily defeated.  Jason manages to run inside the cave, outwits Goldar, and destroys the Crystal of Nightmares.  Goldar vanishes.  With Crystal of Nightmares destroyed, Jason immediately feels his confidence returning and grins.  Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini's self confidence returns as well.  They all hear Zordon's voice tell them, Power Rangers, you've destroyed the Crystal of Nightmares and broken Rita's spell.  You've regain your self confidence.  May the power protect you.  The teens easily defeat the Putties.  Another battles follows with Goldar and Scorpina giant size.  But the Rangers quickly have them retreat with their Megazord.

Jason had found a lost dog, which Rita had cast a spell and place a tiny Fighting Flea on.  When Jason scratched the dog, he got an unbearable itch.  Kimberly was worried and the two went to the Command Center, where the rest of their friends were waiting.  Kimberly stands next to Jason as Alpha 5 declares that is one heavy duty rash!  My epidural scanner is going haywire! Trini asks Zordon, what could it be?  Zordon replies, I'm afraid it's quite serious Rangers.  Rita has finally hatched her evil Fighting Flea.  Jason is agitated, man I should have known that Rita was behind this.  Kimberly comments that she must have planted it on Jason's dog somehow.  Zordon agrees.  And as you discovered the flea's bite is extremely contiguous.  Be careful, not only will the itch spread all over Jason, but also to anyone who touches the rash.  Trini asks if there is anything they can do?  Zordon informs them, this spray will temporally stop the itching.  However, any contact with Rita's monster will immediately neutralized the formula's power.  Billy walks over to the control panel and picks up Alpha 5's scanner.  He tells them, I'm going to take the data in Alpha's scanner back to my lab.  Perhaps I can come up with a permanent antidote.  Zordon thinks that's an excellent idea.  Jason tells Zordon he wants to go back to the park.  I got to find that dog.  Alpha 5 tells Jason, no, it's too dangerous.  Wait until Billy finds the antidote.  Zack agrees.  Rita could be waiting for you.  Jason holds out his arm and tells them, look, someone else could pet that dog and the same thing could happen to them.  It would be my fault.  Kimberly decides she is going with Jason.  Trini tells them that she and Zack will check around back at the Juice Bar.  Zordon warns them to be careful and stay in close contact at all times.  Billy, Kimberly, Jason, Trini, and Zack teleport out.  Later, in the park, Fighting Flea, now normal size, confronts Jason and Kimberly.  The two morph and battle Fighting Flea, which reactivates the itch for Red Ranger.  Zordon contacts Billy.  Zordon tells Billy, as soon as you finish the antidote, hurry to the old junkyard behind Angel Grove park.  Kimberly and Jason need your help.  Billy replies, right, I read you Zordon.  Zordon then contacts Trini and Zack.  Zordon tells them, Jason and Kimberly are in trouble.  You must morph immediately.  Billy successfully makes an antidote.  The rest of the Rangers arrive to help Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The antidote works on Red Ranger.  Eventually Fighting Flea is destroyed by Megazord.

The alarm goes off in the Command Center.  Alpha 5 tells Zordon there is trouble in Angel Grove park.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to activate the viewing globe.  The viewing globe shows Jellyfish.  Zordon comments, as I suspected, it's another one of Rita's monsters.  A very dangerous one, I'm afraid.  Contact the Rangers immediately Alpha.  Alpha 5 responds, right Zordon.  Patching you through.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason responds, we read you Zordon.  Zordon tells them, Rangers, Rita's latest creation is terrorizing Angel Grove park.  Jason replies, we're on it.  Billy, Kimberly, Jason, Trini, and Zack morph and teleport to where Jellyfish is.  The Rangers battled Jellyfish, but they soon had to retreat back to the Command Center. Red Ranger asks, what's the story with this Jellyfish, Zordon?  Black Ranger adds, whatever it was that he was shooting, nearly burn right through us!  Zordon tells them the Jellyfish is equipped with a toxic spray that can eat even through your special suit Rangers.  Pink Ranger asks, how do we fight him then?  Zordon replies, Alpha has been working on a chemical coating that will shield your suits.  Alpha 5 announces, I have it here.  Alpha 5 sprays the Rangers with the chemical coating.  When he is done, Alpha 5 comments, that should do the trick.  Black Ranger is eager to take on Jellyfish.  The alarms goes off.  Alpha 5 announces there is an attack in Angel Grove park.  Yellow Ranger turns around to look at the viewing globe and notes it's Jellyfish and several Super Putties.  The rest of the Rangers turn around to see Jellyfish and the Super Putties in the viewing globe.  Zordon tells them the Jellyfish must be stopped.  With his toxic spray, he can destroy the Earth.  May the power protect you.  Black Ranger replies, we'll squish that fish!  Yellow Ranger adds, we're on it Zordon!  Red Rangers tells his team, let's do it Rangers!  Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger teleport out of the Command Center.  Alpha 5 monitors the battle between the Rangers and Jellyfish.  After awhile, Alpha 5 informs Zordon that the Power Rangers have vanished from his scanner.  Zordon replies that he has lost contact as well.  The monster must have transported them to another dimension.  I'm afraid the Rangers are on their own.  Eventually the Rangers were able to break out of the dimension and destroy Jellyfish with their Megazord.

Alpha 5 informs Zordon that some unidentified energy source has landed in the park.  Zordon replies, Trini is nearby.  I will have her investigate.  Zordon tells her, Alpha has detected something suspicious in the woods near you.  Trini replies, I'll check it out.  Trini walks along until she spots Mantis arriving in the woods.  Trini contacts Zordon and tells him, it's one of Rita's monster.  Alert the other Power Rangers.  Zordon replies, I shall Trini.  Be careful.  Trini morphs.  Zordon contacted the rest of the team, and they arrived to help Yellow Ranger.  Mantis retreated, telling Yellow Ranger, it was not a fair fight.   In the Command Center, Trini is troubled and paces back and forth.  Kimberly tells Trini not to be so hard on herself.  We're going to get the Mantis.  Trini knows, but she wonders if it would have been more honorable to face him on her own.  Zack quickly tells her it was a monster bug - no way.  Zordon asks Alpha 5, what information do we have regarding Rita's Mantis?  Alpha 5 replies, I'll punch it up on the viewing globe.  Trini, Kimberly, Billy, Jason, and Zack turn around and face the viewing globe which shows images of Mantis.  Alpha 5 informs them that Mantis is an expert on praying mantis kung-fu.  Very dangerous.  Billy concludes perhaps Mantis challenged Trini because she is the kung-fu expert.  Kimberly adds, if the Mantis takes her out, he is going to have an easier time with us.  Trini tells them she is going to put in some extra practice.  Next time that Mantis shows up, I'll be ready.  Jason adds, and we'll nail him.  Later, Trini is lured away by a fake note from Master Li.  Instead of practice, Trini finds herself facing down Mantis.  Yellow Ranger and Mantis battle.  It is made more difficult when Mantis summons several Putties. Alpha 5 is watching the viewing globe, which shows Yellow Ranger surrounded by Putties.  Alpha 5 informs Zordon that Mantis has Yellow Ranger outnumbered.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to contact the other Rangers.  Jason is fighting the Putties when his communicator goes off.  It is Zordon.  Zordon tells them, Trini is in trouble and needs your help at the quarry.  Kimberly shouts, we got to get to Trini!  Zack adds, let's squash that bug!  Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly morph and arrive to help Yellow Ranger.  The battle continues and eventually Mantis is destroyed by Megazord.  After the battle, the teens return to the Command Center. Zordon tells them, good work Power Rangers.  And Trini, you did the honorable thing.  You tried to be fair.  Trini thanks Zordon.  Kimberly adds, it's not your fault Rita cheats.  Billy tells her, at least all your practicing paid off.  Jason reminds her, we're teammates.  We'll always be there to watch your back.  Trini knows and tells them they are the best.  Zack adds besides we showed Rita we're not afraid of her big bug.  Zack can't help but to give a small shudder.  Everyone, including Alpha 5, laughs.

Kimberly and Trini were outside the Youth Center when several Putties arrived.  Alpha 5 has been watching the fight on the viewing globe.  Alpha 5 tells Zordon that Kimberly and Trini are under attack.  They need help!  Zordon tells Alpha 5 you must hurry.  Alert the other Rangers at once.  Alpha 5 replies, right away!  Zack and Jason are talking inside the Youth Center, when Jason's communicator goes off.  Looking cautiously around, Zack and Jason walk over to the locker area.  Jason responds, we read you Zordon.  Zordon informs them, right outside the Youth Center, Kimberly and Trini have been attacked by Putties.  They need your help.  Jason lets Zordon know that Billy is not with them, but Zack and I are on our way.  Zordon tells them that Alpha will contact Billy.  Hurry!  Moments later, Alpha 5 is working in the Command Center, when Billy suddenly appears.  Zordon immediately detects something is amiss.  Billy threateningly walks towards Alpha 5.  Alpha 5 protests and Billy calls him a poor excuse for a transistor radio.  Alpha 5 continues to protest, telling Billy that he is his friend.  Billy disables Alpha 5 without hesitation.  Zordon tries to reason with Billy and tells him he is under Rita's influence.  Billy doesn't care.  Billy yells at Zordon, you're nothing but an inflated wind bag of a head!  I have a mission to complete for my mistress.  The Dragon Dagger appears in Billy's hands.  Zordon orders Billy to stop.  Billy responds, order all you want!  It's not going to help you once I return this to it's true, rightful owner.  Billy teleports out.  Meanwhile, Jason, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack have discovered the Youth Center is empty and their parents are missing.  Jason contacts Zordon and tells him something terrible has happened.  Can you tell us what's going on?  Zordon tells them, I am aware of the situation.  Teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Zack, Jason, Kimberly, and Trini arrive in the Command Center and immediately bombard Zordon with questions.  Jason asks, where are our parents?  Kimberly asks, are they alright?  Trini asks, what is Rita up to now?  Zack asks, what can we do?  Zordon instructs them to calm down.  My sensors tell me your parents are safe for now.  This upsets Kimberly.  For now?  What do you mean for now?  For how long?  Zordon replies, for the time being.  It's all I can tell you at this point.  Jason becomes upset as well, but tries to keep his composure.  Trini asks, where's Billy?  Zordon replies, I'm afraid Billy has fallen prey to the Dramole monster that Rita used to kidnap your parents.  While under the influence of the monster's noxious gas, he came here, deactivated Alpha and stole the Dragon Dagger.  Trini thinks she can reactivate Alpha.  Trini gets to work and soon Alpha 5 is reactivated.  Kimberly asks if Billy is alright?  Zordon informs them that Billy has been engulfed in the gas of the dangerous Dramole monster, which has allowed Rita to control his mind.  Jason asks, what exactly is a Dramole monster.  Zordon instructs the four teens to observe the viewing globe.  Kimberly, Trini, Zack, and Jason walk over to the viewing globe and it shows an image of the Dramole monster.  Zack warns, if he hurts our parents!  Kimberly can't believe this is happening.  Jason asks Zordon, what is Rita up to this time?  Zordon replies, destruction using the Dragonzord.  You must reclaim the Dragon Dagger.  Jason comments, if we don't, there will be no more Angel Grove.  Trini asks Zordon, where's Billy now?  Zordon informs them, Billy has taken the Dragon Dagger to Rita's dark dimension.  You must find him and try and stop him before it's too late.  I'll keep trying to locate your parents.  Zack, Jason, Kimberly, and Trini morph and teleport out.  Unfortunately, Billy gives Goldar the Dragon Dagger.  Once Goldar has the Dragon Dagger, the spell is broken for Billy.  Goldar immediately uses the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord.  Dragonzord begins attacking Angel Grove.  The Rangers try to stop Dragonzord with their Megazord, but they are unable to.  The time is up and the Rangers face down Goldar once more.  They have no idea if they should give up their power coins to Goldar for the release of their parents.  The Rangers decide to contact Zordon.  Red Ranger asks, what do we do?  Zordon replies, I cannot tell you what to do Rangers.  This decision affects your parents.  You alone must make the choice.  The Rangers make the painful decision to give up their power coins, only to find out that Goldar intends to keep both the power coins and their parents.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5, teleport the Power Rangers to the Command Center immediately.   The viewing globe shows images of various people from the Youth Center, walking aimlessly around in the dark dimension.  Kimberly comments, they all look so strange.  Trini reassures her.  At least Zordon was able to locate them and we can see that they are unharmed.  Zack is still upset.  I can't believe we trusted Goldar!  He tricked us.  Billy asks, what else could we have done?  Zordon tells them they made the right choice.  You should be proud of yourself.  Alpha 5 agrees.  It was such a hard decision.  Kimberly is concern.  So what do we do now?  Goldar has all the power coins.  Jason pulls out the dragon coin and comments, not all the coins.  We still have one.

Zordon tells the teens, that coin may help you defeat Rita.  Kimberly doesn't understand.  What good will be Tommy's power coin do if he doesn't have his powers anymore?  Alpha 5 points to the viewing globe and announces, we've located your parents.  The teens gathered around the viewing globe and watched the images of their parents and teachers wandering around aimlessly.  Jason tells his friends, we have to try.  Trini agrees, we can't give up now.  Zack just hopes they are alright.  Zordon reassures them that their parents are safe for the time being.  Billy asks, what can we do?  Zordon replies, first we need Tommy.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to locate and teleport Tommy to the Command Center immediately.  Tommy is teleported into the Command Center and is surprised and happy to see his friends.  Jason walks up to him and tells him welcome back old friend.  Jason gives the power coin to Tommy.  Tommy looks at his friends puzzled.  Tommy's friends explained what was going on.  Tommy tells them, I'll do anything I can to help, but how?  How can I without my powers?  Zordon states, I believe the only way possible is to infuse Tommy with an enormous amount of my own energy.  Billy becomes alarmed.  That could be extremely dangerous for both you and Tommy!  Jason agrees.  What happens if these temporary powers give out during a fight?  Kimberly feels they can't ask Tommy to take that risk.  But it is a risk Tommy is willing to take.  When do we begin?  The energy transfer from Zordon to Tommy begins.  Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, Jason, and Alpha 5 watched the process anxiously.  Billy warns Zordon to be careful.  If you drain too much of your energy, you will cease to exist.  Alpha 5 agrees.  Zordon replies, Rangers it's our only chance.  You worry too much.  After awhile, it begins to work.  Tommy morphs into Green Ranger.  Green Ranger is teleported out and is soon battling Goldar and several Putties.  Zack, Trini, Jason, and Kimberly are watching the battle on the viewing globe.  Billy and Alpha 5 are at the control panels.  Alpha 5 is worried.  Zordon's energy level has dropped dangerously low.  Zordon tells them, just a little more.  Billy is worried too.  This can't go on much longer.  Kimberly points at the viewing globe and tells her friends to look.  The viewing globe shows Green Ranger having a difficult time against the Putties.  Kimberly states, there's way too many of them.  Jason is confident that Tommy can do this.  Jason tells Alpha 5 to turn up the power.  Alpha 5 reluctantly turns up the power.  It works and Green Ranger is filled with renewed strength.  Green Ranger battles the Putties with ease.  Zack happily tells Zordon, he's back in!  Trini adds, you did it!  But after awhile, Green Ranger begins to lose his strength.  The teens are watching the battle on the viewing globe.  Jason tells Zordon, he's too weak.  He'll never make it.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to bring Tommy back.  Alpha 5 informs Zordon that he is fading.  Alpha 5 panics.  Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Trini, and Billy hurry over.  Kimberly becomes alarmed when she notes they have lost Zordon.  Billy asks Alpha 5 if he can still bring Tommy back?  Alpha 5 replies, I'll do my best.  Green Ranger is brought back to the Command Center.  Green Ranger managed to retrieve the Dragon Dagger and the power coins.  Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Kimberly use their power coins to bring back Zordon.  Everyone is thrilled.  Zordon thanks them.  Alpha 5 is overcome with emotion.  Billy just wishes they could bring back their parents just as easily.  Jason vows we will think of something.  After awhile, the alarm goes off in the Command Center.  Zordon informs the teens that the Dramole monster has come up from beneath the surface.  Jason states, we got to stop him.  Zordon continues, once this monster has been destroyed, your parents will be free.  Kimberly tells her friends, let's go get that disgusting rat.  Zordon warns the teens, Dramole is very dangerous.  Avoid the mind controlling gas that emits from his nostrils.  Billy tells his friends, Zordon is right.  Remember what happened to me.  Trini asks Alpha 5 if Tommy will be alright?  Alpha 5 replies, I will watch over him.  Zack is anxious to go.  What are we waiting for?!  Let's go get our parents!  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason morph and teleport out.  Soon the five Rangers confront Dramole and Dramole releases his gas.  Alpha 5 is watching the events on the viewing globe and he becomes alarmed.  He informs Zordon that four of the Rangers are under the monster's spell.  Zordon replies, there is very little we can do to help them.  Suddenly Tommy is encased in green electric currents and lifted off the cot.  Alpha 5 notices and points it out to Zordon.  Tommy recovers and is ready to help his friends.  The Rangers destroy Dramole and their parents and teachers are returned to the Youth Center with no memories of what had happened.  Tommy is ready to be the Green Ranger again, although with limited powers this time.

On the viewing globe is an image of Grumble Bee.  Alpha 5 asks Zordon, what are we going to do?  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to contact the Rangers immediately.  After a few moments, Alpha 5 tells Zordon, I don't understand, Jason's not responding.  Zordon replies, the Rangers are in trouble in Angel Grove park.  The viewing globe shows Jason, Zack, and Kimberly struggling to free themselves from a magic rope.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 to locate Trini and Billy at once and send them to rescue their friends.  Alpha 5 tells Zordon, he'll get right on it.  Billy's communicator goes off.  Billy contacts Zordon.  Zordon instructs them to teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Billy asks Zordon, what's happening?  Trini asks, where's everyone else.  Zordon replies, your friends are being held by a magnetic force field in Goldar's rope.  Observe the viewing globe.  Trini and Billy turn around.  The viewing globe shows Jason, Zack, and Kimberly struggling to free themselves from the rope.  Alpha 5 tells them he can't figure out how to free them.  This is an awful mess.  Billy states, we have to go to them.  Zordon asks them to wait.  There's even a more serious problem.  Zordon asks them to turn their attention to the viewing globe once more.  This time it's an image of Grumble Bee.  Zordon informs them, Rita's monster Grumble Bee.  It's spouts lethal venom and shoots poisonous stingers.  Left uncheck, he could destroy mankind.  Trini responds, we got to stop it.  Billy is concern about Kimberly, Zack, and Jason.  We just can't leave them there.  Zordon tells them, Alpha will continue working on a solution to that problem.  It is up to you to head off Rita's monster.  Trini and Billy morph and teleport out.  After awhile, Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger have to retreat from Grumble Bee.  Billy informs Zordon that the ultra sonic waves are too powerful.  We have to find the monster's weakness.  Zordon replies, Alpha 5 is creating a special weapon for that purpose.  Behold the viewing globe.  Trini and Billy turn around and look at the viewing globe, which shows images of Grumble Bee.  Trini asks, what about the others?  Billy replies, we have to try and free them.  Zordon wishes them good luck.  Trini and Billy teleport out.  Billy and Trini are unable to free their friends.  Moments later, Zordon informs them, the situation has gotten worse.  You and Trini must morph and battle the Grumble Bee again.  Reluctantly they leave their friends to battle Grumble Bee.  The viewing globe shows Zack, Jason, and Kimberly still struggling to free themselves from the rope.  Alpha 5 informs Zordon that he has managed to loosen the force field, but they are still tied up.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to focus your energy beam on one small part of the rope.  Alpha 5 does so and exclaims, there, that did it!  The three teens are freed.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Zordon tells them, hopefully Alpha has freed you in time.  You must morph at once to help Trini and Billy.  As the Rangers battle Grumble Bee, Alpha 5 works diligently on getting the special weapon for the Rangers.  Double checking the blue prints, Alpha 5 realizes he had put in a part backwards.  Alpha 5 runs another scan on the weapon, which causes it to spark and smoke.  Alpha 5 steps back for a moment.  When the smoke clears, Alpha 5 picks up the weapon.  Alpha 5 announces, it works!  This should do the trick Zordon!  Zordon replies, good Alpha.  Let the Power Rangers know that help is on the way.  Alpha 5 contacts Billy and tells him, he is sending him some back up.  This ought to even up the score.  Alpha 5 teleports the weapon to Blue Ranger.  The weapon appears in Blue Ranger's hands.  Blue Ranger thanks Alpha.  Blue Ranger uses the weapon against Grumble Bee and sprays him with a glue substance, which renders him helpless for a bit.  Soon the Rangers are battling Grumble Bee once more and defeat him but soon Grumble Bee is giant size.  Another battle follows and the Rangers destroy Grumble Bee with the Megazord.

Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to teleport the Rangers here at once.  Alpha 5 immediately does so.  Once Billy, Kimberly, Tommy, Jason, Zack, and Trini arrive, Zordon informs that Jason and Tommy were just attacked in the park by Rita's latest monster, the Two Headed Parrot.  Zack, Trini, Jason, Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy turn around and face the viewing globe, which shows images of Two Headed Parrot.  Zordon continues, with two heads working together, the parrot becomes twice as intelligent and twice as dangerous.  Jason comments, it shoots feather shaped darts.  Tommy adds, and missiles.  Zordon tells them, the key to the parrot's power lays in both brains cooperating with each other, in order to launch it's attack.  The teens turn around and face Zordon.  Kimberly comments, I guess Rita finally learned how to use a little teamwork.  Zack adds, man, that is one bad bird.  Trini asks, how can we stop it?  Billy suggests they distract it with it's favorite food.  Parrots do love fruit.  Alpha 5 tells them the data on the parrot shows it likes pamangos.  Tommy tells his friends, there are a lot of fruit trees in the park.  I'll go find one.  Zordon tells Tommy, good thinking.  But be careful, your powers are limited.  Tommy responds, got it.  Zordon tells the rest of the teens to stay here and study Alpha's data on the Two Headed Parrot until Tommy gets back.  Jason agrees.  Tommy teleports out.  A few moments later, Billy looked at the data he retrieved and then told his friends, well parrots are rather intelligent to begin with.  By doubling it's cranium capacity, Rita created a monster that....the alarms went off.  Zordon informs them that the Two Headed Parrot has appeared in the park once again.  Zack, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Kimberly turn around and look at the viewing globe, which is showing images of the Two Headed Parrot.  There are also images of the Putties, which alarms Alpha 5.  Kimberly concludes they are going to ambush Tommy.  Trini tells them, we got to stop them.  Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Billy, and Trini morph and teleport out.  Later, Alpha 5 is watching the viewing globe.  As Alpha watches the fight, he shouts, look out Tommy!  The viewing globe switches scenes to Two Headed Parrot fighting the rest of the Rangers.  Alpha 5 informs Zordon that the Rangers have been cornered.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to contact Tommy right away.  He must find the pamango fruit and join the other Rangers as soon as possible.  Tommy is contacted.  Zordon informs Tommy, the other Rangers have been cornered by the Two Headed Parrot.  Tommy replies, it gets even gets worse.  The Putties stole all the pamango fruit.  Zordon responds, how unfortunate.  It was our best chance of defeating Rita's monster. Tommy suddenly gets an idea and tells Zordon to trust him.  Zordon urges Tommy to hurry and tells him, may the power protect you.  Eventually the Rangers destroy Two Headed Parrot with Ultrazord.

Peckster had been sent down to Angel Grove and was attacking the city.  Zack's communicator goes off and Zack replies, let me guess Zordon.  Rita has hatched another bird brain beast.  Zordon informs Zack the creature you are referring to is called the Peckster.  And he's on a deadly mission to destroy every building in Angel Grove.  You must stop him before he causes any more damage.  Zack asks, where are the other Rangers?  Zordon replies, they are fighting the Putties and will join you soon.  Zack morphs and teleports out of the Youth Center.  Alpha 5 is watching the viewing globe.  After awhile, Alpha 5 informs Zordon that Peckster has pulverize Zack.  What should we do to help him?  Zordon replies, don't worry Alpha.  Zack is safe.  Contact him immediately.  Black Ranger responds, come in Zordon.  I can't find the others.  Zordon informs him, your friends can handle the Putties themselves.  You must go back to the Youth Center.  The children need you.  You don't want to arouse suspicion by being away too long.  Black Ranger agrees.  In the park, the Putties suddenly vanish.  Jason, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy gather together.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Zordon informs them, Rita is up to her old tricks again Rangers.  You must act quickly to save Angel Grove.  Teleport here at once and I'll explain.  Jason replies right and tells his friends, let's go and they teleport out of the park.  Billy, Jason, Trini, and Kimberly arrive at the Command Center.  Alpha 5 immediately tells them, you won't believe what Rita has been up to!  Zordon instructs them to behold the viewing globe.  The viewing globe shows images of Peckster.  Zordon informs them that Rita has sent down the dreaded Peckster, who's mission is to destroy every home and building in Angel Grove city.  Billy notices the abundance of feathers on Peckster.  Zordon tells them the Peckster's powerful wings can cause wind storms, adding yet another evil dimension to it's fighting arsenal.  Jason states, man, that's just what we need.  A wacko woodpecker full of hot air.  Kimberly is ready to go.  Trini asks, where's Zack?  Zordon tells them, Zack will join you later.  Right now he's needed at the Youth Center with the children.  Kimberly asks about Tommy.  Zordon replies, remember Kimberly, he must conserve his powers.  I will contact him if you need him.  Billy, Jason, Trini, and Kimberly morph and teleport out  The four Rangers battle Peckster.  Soon Black Ranger joins them in their battle.  Peckster is destroyed by Megazord.

Tommy had been walking through the park, when he discovered a smelly pumpkin patch.  Suddenly he was attacked by several Putties.   Tommy fought and defeated the Putties.  Afterwards, Tommy contacts Zordon.  I think Rita's up to her old tricks.  Zordon replies, your suspicions are correct Tommy.  But go on to your karate match.  We will contact you there if the other Rangers should need you.  Tommy replies, got you Zordon and takes off.  While Tommy is at the karate match, the rest of the teens are at the game show, Trick or Treat where Kimberly is a contestant.  Alpha 5 watches the game show on the viewing globe.  Alpha 5 can't stand the excitement.  Suddenly the viewing globe goes fuzzy and the alarm goes off.  Zordon tells Alpha that Rita is up to something.  You must contact the Power Rangers immediately.  Alpha 5 feels bad.  Just when Kimberly was about to win.  Oh well, I guess that's showbiz.  Alpha 5 is very worried when Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly teleport in.  Zordon informs them that they have a dangerous mission ahead of them.  Behold the viewing globe.  Kimberly, Zack, Jason, Billy, and Trini turn around and face the viewing globe which is showing images of a pumpkin patch.  Zack doesn't get it, it's just a bunch of pumpkins.  Zordon tells him, no Zack.  They are Rita's evil doings.  These pumpkins can attach themselves to your head.  Making it impossible for you to see or breathe.  Kimberly becomes alarmed and places her own hand close to her neck.  Zordon continues, when the biggest of them ripens, it will turn into Rita's newest creation, Pumpkin Rapper.  Trini asks, what can this monster do?  Zordon replies, it will try to distract you with it's clever raps and rhymes.  It will wrap it's mind around you and destroy you.  The viewing globe now shows images of Pumpkin Rapper.  Jason comments, Rita's got some evil tricks going on this time.  Zordon informs them, they have to find this monster before he ripens.  Billy asks about Tommy.  Zordon replies, Alpha will contact him if you need him.  Remember Rangers, Tommy must conserve his powers.  Jason is ready to tackle the monster.  Trini, Billy, Zack, Jason, and Kimberly morph and teleport out.  The five Rangers have a difficult time against Pumpkin Rapper.  Alpha 5 is watching the battle on the viewing globe.  He informs Zordon, they can't take another shot like that.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to contact Tommy immediately.  At the competition, Tommy's name is called.  Tommy steps forward, but stops when he hears his communicator.  Tommy mutters, oh man, I'm history.  Tommy discreetly walks over to the lockers as the announcer states, apparently Tommy is a no show.  Tommy looks around and then contacts Zordon.  Zordon informs Tommy, Rita's Pumpkin Rapper monster is overwhelming the Power Rangers.  You must get to the park immediately.  Tommy morphs and teleports out of the Youth Center.  Green Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Pumpkin Rapper.  Eventually Pumpkin Rapper is destroyed by Power Blaster.

Bulk and Skull were horsing around with a soccer ball in the hall of Angel Grove High School.  The teens ducked out of the way of the flying soccer ball.  Tommy's communicator hit the lockers as Tommy tried to stay out of the way.  Miss Appleby came by and her papers were knocked out of her hands.  Miss Appleby put an end to the horse play.  Everyone left for their classes.  Tommy's next class is with Bulk and Skull.  Tommy waits for them to pass by and is about to enter the classroom when his communicator goes off. Tommy finds a quiet place in the hall and contacts Zordon and asks you call?  Zordon replies, no Tommy, you contacted me.  Tommy is surprised.  Really?  There must be a problem with my communicator.  I'll take it to Billy as soon as I can.  Zordon replies, acknowledge.  Zordon out.  Tommy gives a small nod and then heads to class.  Later that day, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy are sitting at a table at the Youth Center.  Ernie brings over drinks for them.  Trini asks Ernie if he is ready for the tryouts?  Ernie replies, it was such a strain to make a choice the first time, I don't know how I'm going to do it again.  Suddenly the teens' communicators goes off.  Ernie looks around, asking what is that?  Kimberly asks, what is what?  Ernie dismisses it.  I'm so concern over these tryouts, I'm hearing things.  Ernie walks over to another table as Trini, Kimberly, and Billy hurry over to the locker area.  Billy contacts the Command Center.  Zordon?  Alpha 5 informs the teens, Jason and Zack are under attack by Putties in the park.  Roger is with them.  I've arranged to teleport you there to a spot hidden from view.  Kimberly glances around as Billy tells Alpha 5 they are ready.  Trini, Billy, and Kimberly are teleported out of the Youth Center.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy battle the Putties and a ball shape Soccadillo as Trini stands with Roger.  Eventually the Putties and Soccadillo retreat.  After making sure Roger is okay, the teens teleport to the Command Center.  Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack and Trini are looking at the viewing globe.  Kimberly asks, what is that thing?  Zordon replies, behold the Soccadillo.  Billy is impressed.  Trini points out this isn't the same creature we saw at the park.  Zordon informs them that Rita is feeding him energy to enable it to change form and increase it's power.  In less than an hour, it may be invincible.  Alpha 5 adds, I've been trying for some time to contact Tommy.  Jason asks, any luck?  Alpha 5 replies no.  Nothing.  Zordon tells them, without the Green Ranger, you can not defeat the Soccadillo.  The teens exchange concern looks.  After awhile, Zordon informs Trini, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason that Soccadillo has just appeared, just outside of Angel Grove.  Kimberly tells Zordon, we still can't reach Tommy.  Jason decides they can't wait any longer.  With or without Tommy.  The five teens morph and teleport out.  Meanwhile, Tommy manages to convince Miss Appleby to give him back his "pager" (it had gone off several times in class).  Tommy is walking down the halls of Angel Grove High School, when his communicator goes off.  After a quick look around, Tommy walks over to a corner.  Tommy speaks into the communicator, Zordon come in.  The communicator makes odd sounds but there is no response from Zordon.  Tommy tries Alpha next, but gets the same response.  Tommy concludes that his communicator still doesn't work.  Tommy taps it and is surprise to hear Alpha 5 trying to contact him.  Alpha 5 to Tommy!  Come in!  Tommy quickly replies, Alpha, this is Tommy.  Alpha 5 informs Tommy the Rangers need you immediately in the rock quarry!  Tommy replies, I'm on my way.  Tommy morphs and teleports out.  The Rangers battle and destroy Soccadillo with Megazord and Dragonzord.

Alpha 5 informs Zordon, that his warning sensors are going crazy.  The location of the monster is impossible to pin point.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 to keep trying.  Alpha 5 does so and thinks he has the location, but quickly realizes now it's gone.  This is weird.  This is really weird.  After awhile, Alpha 5 is busy working when the teens teleport in.  Jason and Tommy land in back of the group, but they push their way towards the front.  Tommy pushes Alpha 5 out of the way.  Alpha 5 tells him to slow down.  There's plenty of room for everybody.  No need to push.  Zordon informs them, we're attempting to track Rita's latest monster.  Behold the viewing globe.  Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini turn around and face the viewing globe.  Jason and Tommy glare at each other before turning around and facing the viewing globe.  The viewing globe is showing images of Rita's latest monster.  Zordon continues, this is Rita's Slippery Shark.  It's extremely elusive and hard to pin point with our equipment.  Trini is impressed with it's speed.  Wow, look at it go.  Zordon adds, not only can it fly through the air at incredible velocity, but it's able to travel underground with it's exposed fin tearing into anything in it's path.  Zack comments, man, talk about a nightmare for a dentist.  Look at those teeth.  Billy adds, I'm certainly glad I got over my fear of fish.  Tommy tells Jason, you might as well forget it.  This is too much for you to handle.  Jason responds, man, why don't you give it up?  You don't stand a chance because you're too slow.  Tommy asks, who're you calling slow?  Before Jason can respond, Zordon interrupts them.  He tells them they must listen to him very carefully.  Your anger is not real.  Rita has used the shark's special powers to cast a spell on the two of you.  Turning you against one another.  Billy adds, of course.  Now that Jason and Tommy are enemies, Rita is using that power struggle to destroy our team spirit.  Kimberly asks if there is any way to break the spell?  Zordon responds, there is only one way to reverse the effect of the shark's evil power.  Jason and Tommy must put aside how they feel about each other right now and work together to capture this dangerous creature.  Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini exchange skeptical looks.  Trini asks, isn't there anything the rest of us can do?  Zordon replies, unfortunately no Trini.  You and the other Rangers must stand by.  This is not the answer Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini wanted to hear.  Zordon adds, ultimately it will take all of you to destroy this monster.  Tommy tells Jason, I will take care of this part.  Jason quickly replies, don't even think about it.  Eager to prove who is better, Jason and Tommy morph and teleport out as their friends can only shake their heads.  Alpha 5 and the rest of the teens watch the Red Ranger and Green Ranger continue to argue and several failed attempts to defeat Slippery Shark.  Eventually they decide to work together, capturing Slippery Shark in a net and breaking the spell.  The viewing globe shows Green Ranger and Red Ranger giving each other a high five.  Kimberly is very happy.  Yes!  They did it!  Billy tells them, it appears Rita's spell has been broken.  But soon Slippery Shark breaks free of the net.  Billy, Kimberly, Zack, and Trini continue to watch the fight on the viewing globe.  When Red Ranger comments, we're going to need some help here, they are ready.  The four teens morph and teleport out.  The battle continues until Slippery Shark is destroyed by Megazord and Dragonzord. 

Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Tommy are already at the Command Center when Jason arrives.  Kimberly quickly tells Jason that Rita has taken Kelly.  Jason looks over at Zordon as he informs him that she also released another monster.  Zordon replies, yes I know.  The Lizzinator.  Jason continues, and he's super strong because I was way outmatched.  Billy states, we'll have to combine our powers.  Tommy tells them, count me in.  The rest of the team is concerned.  Zack points out, what about your limited power supply?  Tommy replies, it's one of the times I got to use it.  Zack reluctantly tells him, alright man.  But you got to be careful.  Zordon warns them, I'm afraid all six of you may not be able to destroy the Lizzinator.  Trini is in disbelief.  He's that powerful.  Zordon informs them that Alpha will show you the computer analysis of this new creature.  Alpha 5 gives the device to Billy, telling him to take a look at it.  After pressing a few buttons on the device, Billy informs the team that apparently the Lizzinator's outer body is made of super metals from another galaxy.  Virtually impossible to penetrate.  Kimberly states, well we got to try.  If we don't stop him, I'll never find Kelly.  The alarm goes off.  Trini quickly turns around to look at the viewing globe, telling her friends, guys, look.  The viewing globe is showing images of Lizzinator on a rampage.  Trini states, that creepy lizard is tearing another building apart.  Alpha 5 becomes alarmed.  He's going to destroy the world!  Zack quickly responds, no way.  Zordon, we're on it!  Kimberly asks Alpha 5, could you try and find Kelly?  Alpha 5 replies, I'll do my best.  Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, Tommy, and Trini morph and teleport out.  The Rangers have a very difficult battle against Lizzinator.  Eventually Ultrazord is formed and fires all weapons at Lizzinator.  Lizzinator is destroyed.  Red Ranger reports, we got him Zordon!  Pink Ranger reminds them they still have to find Kelly.   Zordon informs them that Alpha has located her.  Her coordinates are being transmitted to you now.  The Rangers teleported to Kelly's location and rescued her.

Zack, Trini, Kimberly, Jason, and Billy are at the park playing flag football when several Putties suddenly appear.  After defeating the Putties, Jason's communicator goes off.  Zordon tells them to teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Jason responds, we're on our way.  Billy, Jason, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack teleport to the Command Center.  When the teens arrive, Zordon tells them, as you can tell by her latest Putty attack, Rita has planned a football game of her own.  The teens gathered towards the viewing globe.  Zordon continues, and this is her quarterback.  The viewing globe shows images of Rhinoblaster.  He is quick on his feet and very cunning.  You must be careful.  Trini comments, that monster looks mean.  Kimberly adds, and strong.  Zack also adds, a cruel looking rhino.  Zordon tells them they are all correct.  The Rhinoblaster is vicious and very strong.  Rita plans to pit her evil team against yours.  The teens turn to face Zordon.  Zordon continues, if they defeat you, her evil will be unleashed on Angel Grove.  Alpha 5 becomes alarmed, but Billy is quite calm.  I believe our team is stronger.  Jason agrees.  Come on, we have a score to settle!  The teens morph and teleport out.  After awhile, the alarms go off.   Alpha 5 is upset.  He has lost contact with the Rangers.  Zordon tells Alpha 5, that his worst fears have been realized.  Rita's monster has banished the Rangers to a multi dimensional vortex.  Neither their communicators or morphers will function while they are trapped.  Alpha 5 exclaims, we have to do something!  Zordon tells Alpha 5 to calm down.  Try to reconfigure the teleportation mechanism.  Maybe we can pull an end run around Rita's monster.  And contact Tommy right away.  He may be their only hope.  Alpha 5 gets to work right away.  It's takes a bit, but Tommy finally responds.  Tommy states, I read you Zordon.  Zordon instructs Tommy to teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Tommy responds, you got it and teleports out.  As soon as Tommy arrives, Zordon informs him that his power is limited, but the other Rangers need you.  They are trapped in another dimension.  Tommy insists that he's got to go there.  Zordon warns him to use caution.  Each time you use your powers, you'll weaken even more.  That's a chance Tommy is willing to take.  Tommy morphs and teleports out.  Green Ranger battles Rhinoblaster.  Meanwhile, Alpha 5 looks at the sheet of data and informs Zordon there is no other way.  Green Ranger must use his Dragon Dagger to free the other Rangers.  However, if he fails, the dagger will be lost forever.  And so will the Rangers!  Zordon responds, we have no choice.  I'll contact Green Ranger. Green Ranger responds, I'm here Zordon.  Zordon informs him that the only way to save your friends is to outsmart the Rhinoblaster.  Green Ranger replies, tell me what to do. Zordon tells Green Ranger to throw the Dragon Dagger into the multi dimensional mist.  If the Rangers can reach it, they may be able to free themselves. Green Ranger states, I'll do whatever it takes to save them Zordon.  Zordon tells Green Ranger to be strong and may the power protect you.  The plan works and Megazord steps out of the vortex.  The battle continues with Megadragonzord destroying Rhinoblaster.        

Kimberly and Tommy had been attacked by Pink Mutant Ranger and Green Mutant Ranger.  Afterwards, Kimberly and Tommy went to the Command Center.  Jason, Zack, Trini, and Billy are there as well.  Zordon tells them that Goldar has distributed the Badges of Darkness to four Putties to become the Mutant Rangers.  There is no evil Red Ranger at this time.  Unable to do anything at this time, the teens return to their lives.  Later, Alpha 5 is staring at the viewing globe.  Zordon asks him, when did this crayfish creature appear?  Alpha 5 replies, just two minutes ago.  Zordon concludes, I believe this means that Rita has found a leader for her band of Mutant Rangers.  Monitor their movements closely Alpha.  The next day, Alpha 5 informs Zordon that it's Rita.  She's making her move.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to contact the Rangers immediately.  Alpha 5 concludes this is one fishing trip that won't be any fun.  Zack, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason walk down the halls of the school.  They don't like waiting around and their anxious to get started.  Suddenly Jason's communicator goes off.  They find a quiet spot and gather round.  Zordon tells the teens that Rita Repulsa had selected Commander Crayfish to be the leader of her Mutant Rangers.  Jason responds, we'll take care of it.  Zordon continues, Commander Crayfish is at the Angel Grove shoreline.  You must stop him before he heads inland.  Kimberly asks about Tommy.  Zordon tells them that Tommy is not answering his communicator.  The teens morphed and teleport out.   After awhile, Tommy races back to school and his locker.  Tommy finds his communicator going off inside the locker and contacts Zordon.  Zordon tells Tommy he must hurry to the Angel Grove shoreline.  The other Rangers need your help. Tommy morphs and teleports out to help the Rangers.  The Rangers have a difficult time against the Mutant Rangers and Commander Crayfish.  They retreat back to Command Center.  Zordon gives them weapons that looks like their old ones, but more powerful.  The new weapons are a big help.  Eventually Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers are destroyed by Ultrazord.    

Alpha 5 has been watching the viewing globe.  Rita summoned the Ecocide Pearl and awakened the Oysterizer.  Zordon tells Alpha to pinpoint it's present location.  Not only can he destroy all ocean life, he is the keeper of Rita's Magic Pearls of Stillness.  They can render anyone near enough to them as still as statues.  You must warn the other Rangers.  In the park, Jason, Trini, and Billy had just defeated several Putties when Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason responds, Zordon we read you.  Zordon informs them that Rita has called for the Ecocide Pearl and started her Oysterizer monster on a path of destruction.  Trini becomes alarmed.  We got to stop her.  Zordon tells them your greatest danger is Rita's magic pearls of stillness.  Jason quickly asks didn't Zack buy a pair of pearls for Angela?  Billy confirms it.  He showed them to us after he bought them.  Zordon continues, those pearls will render all life forms motionless.  You must tell Zack and the others.  Jason tells Zordon, we're on our way.  Billy, Trini, and Jason teleported out of the park.  But they are too late.  Just as they reach the restaurant, Angela tries on the earrings, making everyone motionless.  Fortunately Zack and Tommy had stepped out and were not effected.  When they returned and saw their friends still as statues, they became alarmed.  After quickly checking that their friends are okay, Zack and Tommy teleported to the Command Center.  Zordon informs them that Rita intends to destroy the sea which in turn will destroy the planet.  The Oysterizer and the Ecocide Pearl must be stopped.  Tommy asks about the others.  How do we break the stillness spell?  Zordon replies, it won't be easy.  Observe the viewing globe.  The guys turn around and face the viewing globe which is showing images of Oysterizer and his pearl.  Zordon continues, to break the spell, lure the Oysterizer out of the sea and destroy his pearl.  Caution.  He may try to return to the sea and lure you into an underwater battle.  Alpha 5 adds, that could be dangerous.  Your zords may have to function in deep water.  Zack comments, man, that would be a first.  Zordon reminds Tommy that his powers are still temporary.  Are you certain you want to take this risk?  Tommy replies, I have to.  Zack adds, I say we make oyster soup out of this guy.  Tommy and Zack morph and teleport out.  Black Ranger defeated Oysterizer and broke the spell.  With the rest of the team, Megazord destroyed the Ecocide Pearl.  Together, Megazord and Dragonzord destroyed Oysterizer.   

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