Commander Kinwon - Jack Donner

Commander Kinwon is the leader of the rebels from KO-35.  Commander Kinwon, along with Tykwa, helped the rebels leave KO-35 and eventually ended up hiding on Centaur B.  The planet's atmosphere was so dense, Commander Kinwon figured Dark Specter would never find them.  Commander Kinwon and Tykwa were summoned by Yatru.  Yatru had captured four young people (T.J., Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos) and claimed that they were spies.  One of the young people, T.J., told Commander Kinwon and Tykwa that they were Power Rangers.  Yatru placed a container by Ashley and asked why Power Rangers would have it.  Yatru then dramatically tossed the container against a wall.  The container shattered and then a dangerous coral appeared on the wall.  The rebels of KO-35 had been suffering from outbreaks of coral on themselves and they immediately wanted vengeance on the four young people.  Yatru continued to stir the rebels up and even Tykwa wanted vengeance.   Commander Kinwon calmed everyone down.  Commander Kinwon told the rebels that if they forgot their laws, then chaos would result.  Commander Kinwon granted the Ashley, Carlos, Cassie and T.J. a trial and to be placed in a cell until that time.  Later, Commander Kinwon overheard Yatru speaking with Dark Spectre.  Commander Kinwon confronted Yatru.  Yatru had another container of dangerous coral and released it on Commander Kinwon.  This greatly weaken Commander Kinwon and he tried to make his way back.  T.J., Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos had escaped their cell and ran into Commander Kinwon.  They stopped to help him.  Yatru appeared and made it appeared to the rebels that the four young people had done this to Commander Kinwon.  Commander Kinwon was unable to tell them differently.  Commander Kinwon was taken to an infirmary.  Tykwa quickly held a trial and the rebels all agreed that Cassie, Ashley, Carlos, and T.J. were guilty.  Before the four were taken away, two more clocked figures walked in.  The cloaked figures revealed themselves to be Andros and Zhane.  Tykwa recognized the Andros and Zhane.  Andros and Zhane told the rebels that the four were their friends.  Yatru insisted on taking the four prisoners.  Andros and Zhane pointed out that it would be difficult for one person to take the four prisoners.  Yatru told them all he needed was a monster and Coralizer appeared.  Mayhem broke out as the rebels ran from Coralizer.  Some of the guards freed Ashley, Cassie, T.J., and Carlos.  Tykwa tossed the Rangers their morpher.  All of the Rangers left to continued the battle with Coralizer in their zord.  Zhane stayed behind to pursue Yatru.  Once Coralizer was destroyed, the rebels inflicted with coral returned to normal.  Commander Kinwon recovered quickly and went searching for Yatru himself.  Zhane had found Yatru and was battling him, when Yatru revealed himself to be Darkonda.  Zhane morphed and the battled continued.  Zhane had his Silverizer knocked away from him.  Commander Kinwon found the Silver Ranger and Darkonda.  Commander Kinwon tossed the Silverizer to Zhane and Zhane took another life from Darkonda.  Commander Kinwon gave the Silver Ranger a hug in gratitude.  Later, the rebels were busy packing.  Commander Kinwon feared that Dark Spectre would come after them, now that he knew where they where.  The Rangers helped the rebels evacuate.  Zhane decided to stay with Commander Kinwon, Tykwa, and the rest of the rebels.

Tykwa entered a tent to tell Commander Kinwon and the others that Astronema was invading KO-35.  She handed documents to Commander Kinwon and the situation was grave.  Commander Kinwon told them that if they did not receive help soon, they would not be able to hold off Astronema's forces.  Zhane was there in the tent and began to leave.  Commander Kinwon and Tykwa wanted to know where Zhane was going.  Zhane announced he would be returning with help, as he left to get the rest of the Rangers.

Zhane never returned with the Rangers - they were busy trying to save Earth.  Eventually the rebels surrendered to Astronema.  Soon afterward, a golden energy wave swept through the universe and turned evil to dust or back to human form.  Zhane, Andros, Cassie, Ashley, Carlos, and T.J. went to KO-35 and helped the rebels settle back home.  Eventually their job was done and several people help load the Astro Megaship with crates.  Kinwan and Tykwa walked up to Carlos, Cassie, and T.J.  Tykwa suggested that they stay, stating that they deserved a vacation.  Carlos replied that they appreciated the offer, but they were feeling a little homesick.  Kinwan understood the feeling.  Kinwan and Tykwa watched as Ashley, Cassie, Carlos, and T.J. board the Astro Megaship to leave.

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Commander Kinwon